Second Advertiser Pulls Out From Limbaugh


Written by Faiz Shakir

Sleep Number, an advertiser on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, announced on Twitter that they are pulling out. “Recent comments by Rush Limbaugh do not align w/our values, so we made decision to immediately suspend all advertising on that program,” the tweet reads. Earlier today, mattress retailer Sleep Train announced that they would be pulling all of its advertisements from the program after being besieged on Twitter by angry customers.

Yesterday, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) said:

So I say to the women in this country, do something about this. I say to the women of this country, ask Century 21, Quicken Loans, Legal Zoom, and Sleep Number to stop supporting the hate-mongering of Rush Limbaugh and if they do not do that, then I ask them to boycott those companies.

Watch it:

We need to take a stand now against his revolting behavior. Sign the petition and let Sandra Fluke know that you are on her side.

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Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin4 years ago

Signed. And, the more pressure we put on all remaining adviser of this aparov (Swedish name for a monkeys behind) the better. Corporations are interested in making money. Boycotts rarely leads to profit.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe4 years ago

I am on Sandra Fluke's side. I signed the petition!! I am glad advertisers are pulling off his show!!

Edwin M.
Edwin Marvin4 years ago

Robert H ..CEO's wanting more and more profit..with little care for the American Worker's, ship their buisness's abroad. I was a Union Foreman, I agree on lazy workers... a fair days work, for a fair days pay! If we make money and keep our union contracrtors in buisness we have job's!
An employer is saying I am going to buy a day in your life! How much do you want? .25 or $25.00 it's up to you! How much is your time on this planet worth! My days are costly, because I only have so many.
When Scott Walker and Republican asholes like him want to cut your pay he is in effect saying "Your life don't mean shit to me!" And to me "That's fighting words!"

Robert H.
Robert Hamm4 years ago

Unions didn't send jobs to China or anywhere else. The unions tried to keep that from happening. They lost that battle. Unions have very little power anymore. The reason your present job is as good as it is iS because they don't want a union there. So they pay you well enough etc to keep them at bay, And thats a good thing. Unions, like every institution in our lives, are both good and bad. Some are better than others some worse. I chastised lazy people that didn't do their share of work, as a union steward. In some businesses the union hire and fired people, and they made no bones about firing lazy people.
of work. There are good unions and bad unions just like there are good companies and bad ones. Saying all unions are evil is just a stupid as saying all corporations or companies are.
There are horrors stories about union shops and horror stories about non union. Vilifying ALL unions because of some bad ones is silly.

Edwin M.
Edwin Marvin4 years ago

john h......forgot! I am sorry to hear about the lost jobs in your family! I sincerely hope better times come your way.We are American,s just hang on! We will be back!

Edwin M.
Edwin Marvin4 years ago

john h....We reached common ground. I my look at a "cup" from the bottom..and you may look at the same "cup" from the top...I say it's say it's concave....but it's the same "cup". Please, consider a second term for President Obama...the other option is not good! Take care!

john hall
john hall4 years ago

Edwin M. on your comment about rush and maher ill agree with yah on that one . on the union they have left a bad taste in my mouth because all of these plants that closed and wife and family lost jobs . i will back you up if you or anyone wants to belong to a union just please give me the same respect if i would rather stay non union the last 23 yrs of working in the petroleun industry has been good to me and the people i work with and for .Let me say one more time yes because of the unions we have what we have today .

Edwin M.
Edwin Marvin4 years ago

john h Now let's get back to what this site is about... I think everybody's moved on except us..Rush would like that!......Let see john h...... stand with your arms extended out from your sides,with palms up. Put Bill Maher in one hand and put (Limp)baugh in the other! The first hand to hit the ground is the piece of shit. Don't tell me I know which one it was!
(Limp)baugh! Wonder if Bill would like it?

Edwin M.
Edwin Marvin4 years ago

Jay D & john h...Jay we are on the same side of this issue. I am the Union Man.. It is because of Corporate Greed that we are in the state we're in. The top 1% make more than the 99% combined! Listen up.. john h.. this is the important part that you just don't get! "Union's" are a part of the 99%! Did you get that? The Koch Brother's make more than the Union's they are trying to bust! You are like the chicken rooting for the butcher! CEO Romney "I love giving "Pink Slips!" Man.. john h... you gott'a vote for that guy!
john h I don't know where you get you information but is far from the truth! Unions have a "pay scale" say $26.00 an hour. that is the minimum they can pay ALL members. The exception is apprenticies which are paid a percentage of the journeyman's scale. There is no $26.00 and $5.00 brother's! That is what CEO's want you to believe it's called "Divide and Conquer", that's where our name comes from "UNION" or United!
Yes union's are under siege from the 1% because they just don't have enough money yet! Reagan started it and they are getting weaker so jump on the bandwagon and jump up and down till the unions are crushed...........and then let's see what kind of wage non-union makes! It will go back to "owe'n the company store"! When the unions are crushed they will start on you! john h!

john hall
john hall4 years ago

Jay D. If thats the case as you say they dont want to pay a fair wage 1 brother union makes over 13$ hr the other 5 siblings non union make more than him . so you can throw unions gets a living wage and non unions dont out the door .