See What Dutch the Service Dog Has Been Up to Since We Saved Him

This year, Care2 members helped save a dog named Dutch because someone started a petition on Care2.

Dutch was going to be euthanized because he bit a woman who was beating him with a pole. But then someone started a petition to save him, and more than 300,000 Care2 members signed it, and together they saved Dutch.

At the end of every year, we think back on the campaigns Care2 members have started and won. When we thought about Dutch, we were just itching to know what he’s been up to since we rescued him — so we sent a message to Dutch’s mom, Heather Aguilar, and she gave us the scoop. Warning: this update contains super cute photos of Dutch.

Dutch was thrilled to get out of court

Dutch the day after court with Jeremy, Heather and his trainer James

so he could play with his new friend Sam

Dutch with his buddy Sam

Dutch with his new buddy Sam

and go shopping for treats.

Shop 'til you drop, Dutch!

When he returned home, Dutch felt like a real celebrity when he got treated to a photo shoot

Work the camera, Dutch!

but Dutch didn’t let his newfound celebrity stop him from the important work of guarding the backyard from squirrels.

Constant vigilance, Dutch!

Now, Dutch is excited to become a big brother! Here he is snuggling with Mom, Dad and his little sis to be:

These happy moments only happened because people in the Care2 community fought to save Dutch. You can make a heartwarming victory like this come true, too. Just click here to start your own petition today.


Hon B
Hon B1 days ago

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Sureya Levy
Sureya Levy2 days ago

I am so glad he could be saved! Thank you!

Carl R
Carl R2 days ago

Thanks very much for sharing!!
The more information I have%2C
the more I can be of service!!

Kazzylee B.
Karen B5 months ago

Breeding dogs for fighting is absolutely appalling and needs to be stopped !

Shiv Kumar
Shivkumar ash5 months ago

I HAVE A PERSONAL SAYING "All my relative became dogs and all dogs are my relative.

Nicole Johnson
Nicole Johnson6 months ago


Eileen C.
Eileen C6 months ago

That was a horrible person who did that to poor Dutch. I hope they were charged with animal cruelty at least

Susie Forbes
Susie Forbes7 months ago

God bless Dutch.

Dorota Mleczek
Dorota Mleczek8 months ago

He looks so happy:) Thanks for sharing!!!!

Jose Maria Olmos Santana
Jose Maria Olmos Santanaabout a year ago