Seeing-Eye Donkey

Rural Iowa Animal Rescue knew their latest arrivals had a special bond, but they weren’t prepared to see how a donkey named Recca skillfully served as the seeing-eye guide for her blind horse buddy, CoStar.


The two animals were surrendered last week because their owner could no longer take care of them.


During their first day at the animal rescue, workers noticed that wherever Recca went, CoStar followed.


Amanda Johnson from Rural Iowa Animal Rescue said in an interview with WOAI news, “We watched as everywhere the donkey went, the horse was right after her.  We watched, if the donkey got too far ahead, she’d slow down and turn around and come back and let the horse know she was there just by touching her with her nose.”


It turns out that CoStar had an accident at some point in her life that left her completely blind in her left eye and partially blind in her right eye. 


And although she is described by the rescue group as sweet and trusting of humans, she relies on Recca to help her get around.  The horse becomes very nervous when she cannot hear or touch her best friend.


Recca is described by the organization as a friendly donkey that is in her teens.  She loves the attention she is receiving at the rescue ranch, but is completely dedicated to CoStar and returns to her often to help her find her way.


Recca is helping CoStar adjust to their new home.


Johnson said, “When we first put the water tank out we tried to show CoStar where it was, but she lost her bearings, so Recca would go over and nudge her until she found it.”


The group has now attached a small pink cat bell to Recca’s halter to make it easier for CoStar to find her.


Rural Iowa Animal Rescue wants the pair be adopted together so they can remain “pasture buddies” for the rest of their lives.  An adoption application can be found on their website.  The organization rescues horses, farm animals and other animals.


Click Here to see a video of Recca and CoStar.

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Ioana Boca
Ioana B.5 years ago

touching,great story

Christopher Webb
Chris Webb , MD5 years ago

A very touching story, thanks for sharing. As a rural veterinarian, I actually have several donkeys as patients and one would be suprised how intellegent and gentle these animals truly are!!

Victoria B.
Victoria B.5 years ago

I am frustrated as it is so difficult to get 'others' to comprehend that we can only move up the spiritual path when we learn how to respect and love animals. That is a secret not many people know.

janet f.
janet f.5 years ago

Beautiful story. Shouldn't this put an end to those who don't believe that animals have feelings, likes, dislikes and compassion? That's more than I can say for most humans.

Angela Burrow
Angela Burrow5 years ago

A lovely story, which makes a great change from some of the heart-breaking ones on here. I've just been crying buckets at an 8-month pregnant Chinese woman who was kicked in the hope she'd miscarried and, when she didn't, had a forced abortion. This story has brought a smile to my face.

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman5 years ago

Awww! touching story. Thanx

J. Goodacre
Janice G.5 years ago

Hope some kind person will give them a home together for life. What a wonderful donkey Recca is to show such love and compassion for his/her friend.

Red Velvet Rose
Red Velvet Rose5 years ago

So sweet.

Deb Hess
Deborah H.5 years ago

What a great story! These two animals could teach a few people about being humane & taking care of each other.

Mary B.
MARY hoover5 years ago

What a beautiful story.