Senate Candidate Calls Welfare Recipients “Raccoons” [VIDEO]


Nebraska Attorney General John Bruning is already winning accolades from Tea Party groups as he prepares to challenge Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson.  Now doubt the rabid, anti-entitlements crew will be especially happy with this new video, where he compares welfare recipients to “raccoons,” stating “The raccoons — they’re not stupid, they’re gonna do the easy way if we make it easy for them. Just like welfare recipients all across America.”

Of course, you can’t help but wonder if “raccoons” is meant to be a subtle code for something else…”coons,” perhaps?

Watch the video below:

You tube screen grab


Dale O.

I can see that the Tea Party continues to devolve years after his speech.

Teresa W, you are insulting all good raccoons when you say that the 'Tea Party are raccoons'! Raccoons are soft, fluffly, flexible and have common sense while the Tea Party has none of these attributes.

Ken K.
Ken K4 years ago

Another examle of a "compassionate conservative".

“Compassion is the basis of all morality”
Arthur Schopenhauer

Let this be your guide when you vote

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

There are always those who want to take-- that does no mean everyone does.

Dianne Robertson
Dianne Robertson5 years ago

This guy is a penny ante wise-ass.The Pro Republicans will have to show him the ropes but he does show promise and a willingness to insult his employeers.Maybe when good sense prevails and this guy is OUT OF WORK HE will be spoken of more respectfully than he speaks NOW

Jan N.
Jan N5 years ago

Seriously, "subtle code"? Robin is trying to see something that’s not there. Let’s try reporting without speculating, shall we?

Kimberly Crane
Kimberly Crane5 years ago

I guess I need to correct my comment about AZ taking health care away from all without kids, except HIV/AIDS. In my comment below I made it sound like only cancer patients got coverage. It was mis-written. Cancer was dropped ! These people PAY taxes for LIFE ( working or not) and if this used car salesman actually believes anyone would rather collect welfare than have a job???? Come on! We WILL see when all of the occupiers are out of OUR offices and buildings with NO unemployment, NO health coverage, NO patient.

Kimberly Crane
Kimberly Crane5 years ago

This guy like his whole group think anyone whom becomes disabled ( say from a violent crime etc.) or sick with cancer or grows old they should just go DIE! Like Arizona ( was my family's home since 1800s) they cut off any adults with no kids from healthcare except HIV??? People that get Cancer usually don't get it from having unsafe sex or shooting up drugs, yet ONLY they get coverage in AZ. In other words these people are ass backwards, In fact everything they've done to Arizona ( a ONCE awesome free place) is ass- backwards and they live off of us! Prisons for profit for example...Where do you suppose the "profit" comes from? OUR TAXES! They lie to naive Americans, because they WANT our money for their corporate masters and/or themselves! Don't believe their BS! they are the "useless eaters"!

Kimberly Crane
Kimberly Crane5 years ago

So lets see what do we compare him and his to??? Used car salesmen and women?, Prostitutes ( anything for cash no matter the consequences)?, The American people PAY taxes for representation and that has FAILED us miserably. We now have corporate occupiers in OUR offices doing whatever with OUR money( even with 80% constituents opposing) and that money is also supposed to be for " SAFETY NETS" for say if traitor corporations and their occupiers giving them tax credits to this day to OUTSOURCE jobs! Therefore if this Occupier wants to get rid of the welfare state... We WILL abolish IRS, because IRS and ALL government anything BELONGS to the American PEOPLE!
Of course he is one of the group with the Insanity genes that are INCAPABLE of evolving/growing/learning from past mistakes, they repeat history over and over and over again! He is also one that believes HE is superior to others and we should all go to work at McDonalds , Even if you worked your whole life and PAID into their BS system! They are ALL lying thieves and traitors to America! they ALL make me sick!

Steve N.
Steve N5 years ago

Since the population in the state of Nebraska has less than 5% blacks, I highly doubt he was intending to make a racist remark. He was stating the truth, most of the people collecting welfare are lazy and want everything handed to them. Here in Massachusetts, we just call them Gimmie Girls.

Albert P.
Albert P5 years ago

As a former social worker, it was my observation and experience that people are not generally looking for a hand-out - they are looking for a way to make a living. Recently "elected" repugs campaigned that they would "create" new jobs but they were all talk and hot air. Corporations and businesses are holding on to their millions and very few new jobs have been created. The last thing this country needs is a red-neck, rabid racist, Nebraskan repugnicant who obviously has no regard for people's misfortunes, added to the repug infestation in congress. It is truly disgusting to hear this sob's words of hate and even more disheartening to hear his audience applaud and cheer his words. The spreading of hate from these people has become a disease that threatens the citizens of our country as well as threatening the peace and security of our nation. This idiot should have been booed and run off the stage for his hateful views! Stand up, America!! Don't put up with this type of hate!!