Senator Who Said Mentally Ill Should Be “Shipped to Siberia” Resigns

It’s been two days since news broke that New Hampshire state Senator Martin Harty told a mental health advocate that the mentally ill should be “shipped to Siberia” and alluded supporting eugenics.  Now, Sen. Harty has announced his resignation.

Via the New Hampshire Union Leader:

Harty apologized in his letter to Speaker of the House William O’Brien, , citing “slightly unfavorable publicity” over his remarks. “Sorry my big mouth caused this furor,” he said.O’Brien said in a brief announcement that Harty’s seat will become vacant Tuesday after his letter of resignation is read to the House of Representatives. He said he will ask for a special election to fill the vacancy.

O’Brien met with Harty today to offer his resignation.

“We both agreed that this is what is best or the House to move forward and focus on critical issues, like balancing our budge without raising taxes and giving voters an opportunity to pass a school funding amendment to ensure local control,” O’Brien said.

Harty, who was elected to his first term as a senator this November, had been accused even by his own party as being “confused” and “easily swayed” and complained that he didn’t always know what was going on during the sessions.

photo from wikimedia commons


Angela Burrow
Angela Burrow5 years ago

He should not have been allowed to resign, he should have been sacked straightaway.

jane richmond
jane richmond5 years ago

One down. How many more must go before Washington can claim intelligence? Or heart?

Shelly Smith
Shelly Smith5 years ago

Good f'n riddance a-hole, no one wanted your old useless ass anyway...the citizens of the town that elected you must have hit the crack pipe WAY 2 hard that day..oh wait, it's Barrington right? Ya, make that EVERY day!!

Walter G.
Walter G.5 years ago

He should have shut up and concentrated on stealing from us like the rest of them.

Walter G.
Walter G.5 years ago

Poor Siberia! Look what happened when we loaded Washington DC with them!

Walter G.
Walter G.5 years ago

Why Siberia, we have some states here which resemble it a lot, after all. Not to point any fingers of course.

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.5 years ago

it's about time

RyAnn K.
RyAnn K.5 years ago

Michigan's new governor is no better. His Plan: " I have the right to deny funds to any city in need. Then, because they are in need, I have the right to declare that city in a "financial crisis" and send corporations to take over all public offices, remove their police force, disband all unions and public/private contracts said city entered into...

Our new governor is a dictator who is planning for Corporate America to own our state, leaving us with NO elected representation.

200+ years ago settlers created a nation apart from Europe for the betterment of themselves; see now what greed and ignorance have wrought...we handed our money back to the banks, allowed our "representatives" the privilege of creating laws/taxes/etc. without our direct vote. Federal Income Tax was originally written for Wartime only, now we are in constant wartime just to keep those taxes rolling in for the Feds. We can no longer afford our government, their arrogance and greed. It's been long past time for an overhaul, and our economy proves it.

Debra Van Way
Debra Van Way5 years ago

Frightening knowing just exactly the kind of people running this country. "Slightly unfavorable publicity"? You think? This is a face palm moment if ever I heard of one. Makes me feel all tingly knowing what an "upright" kind of person gets elected in this country. Maybe we should fire all of them and start over. Actually, maybe vote some gorillas into office. They are at least intelligent and incapable of lying. I am sure they would do a much better job and they would be happy working for bananas unlike the overpaid folks in charge now.

Michelle K.
Michelle Knight5 years ago

Apparently this no one ever told this idiot, that it is always better to remain silent & be thought a fool, than to speak & remove ALL doubt!