Shelter Dog Rescues Teen Volunteer from Sex Offender

A heartwarming story came out of St. Petersburg, Florida this month, recounting the heroics of a 38 pound Rhodesian Ridgeback mixed breed dog named Mabeline.

Mabeline was a resident of the no-kill Friends of Strays animal shelter, where she was being cared for by shelter staff and volunteers while she waited for her forever home. A 17-year-old volunteer and Mabeline were out on a Saturday afternoon walk, headed down a path behind the shelter when they were allegedly attacked by a registered sex offender who lives in the area. The suspect, who has been identified as Michael Paul Bacon, allegedly pulled the teen’s hair and pushed her to the ground. Mabeline, who has been described as “an absolute sweetheart,” began growling at Bacon. This sufficiently scared the man, giving the teen and Mabeline an opportunity to flee from the area.

The teen could not adopt Mabeline due to a family member’s allergy, but the hero has since found her forever home with adopter Mary Callahan. Mabeline’s new owner was unaware of her dog’s heroic act at the time of her adoption. Bacon has been arrested by the police and charged with imprisonment. Shelter volunteers are no longer walking dogs along the path where the teen and Mabeline were allegedly attacked by Bacon.

Fox News interviewed Friends of Stray’s Executive Director Beverly Passe. “She was a wonderful stray dog who came to us and we were able to place her in a forever home. We have plenty more like her who need homes, too.”

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Doris Khong

See, our furry friends are simply WONDERFUL and they deserve the BEST in every thing; am very happy that Mabeline darling has found a forever home and wish her Good Health, Safety & Protection coming from her loving parent, Mary.

Axa T.
Axa T.2 years ago

Sweet Mabeline!

Jessica Story
Jessica Story2 years ago

A lovely story, I am always reading of dogs protecting owners & children from abusers. Dogs are the most wonderful of animals, they dedicate their lives to us...even if we are not deserving of that..

Chaz Berlusconi
Chaz Berlusconi2 years ago

what a wonderful dog.. they are always so faithful

Mary Donnelly
Mary Donnelly2 years ago


Peter Aldus
Past Member 2 years ago


Sandra Penna
Sandra Penna2 years ago

great story, thank you.

Colin Hope
Colin Hope2 years ago


Lori R
Lori R.2 years ago

A forever home for Mabeline. Fab!

Gail Edenson
Gail Edenson2 years ago

I love this stoy