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Should Halloween Be Banned From Schools?

Should Halloween Be Banned From Schools?

School districts across the US are banning Halloween costumes and celebrations. Elementary school students will not be allowed to wear Halloween costumes in Springfield, New Jersey, after the school superintendent, MIchael Davino, and school board said that Halloween is a “social” holiday rather than an educational one:

“I don’t believe that dressing up is something that is necessary to do at school,” he said at the meeting, according to the website Springfield Patch. “I do believe it is something you should do with your friends, something you should do with your family and it is something you should do as an activity that has really nothing to do with school or about school.”

Board of Education President Pat Venezia said the district determined Halloween had become a social holiday, not an educational holiday and acted accordingly.

“It detracts from the educational day,” Venezia said. “I can attest to that. I was once a PTA mom who helped put on those parties. You lose a whole afternoon of instruction, and because kids are anticipating it, you lose part of the morning as well. That’s just how kids are.”

A Portland, Oregon, school’s rationale for not allowing Halloween costumes is not from fears of losing instructional time, but out of concerns that celebrations for the holiday can lead to some students being excluded. Students may not wear costumes due to “social, financial and cultural differences.” The ban on costumes is really intended to serve as a call to students to embrace a “spirit of equality.”

Elsewhere, some MIchigan schools are replacing candy-filled Halloween celebrations with a “fall festival focused on health and wellness.” One Fruitport elementary school is banning costumes and the Halloween parade to “keep children safe and avoid hurt feelings.”

Eliminating Halloween celebrations — costumes, parades and parties — is due to real concerns about learning and health, as well as a wish that students without costumes not feel left out. Certainly it does seem somewhat odd to condone massive eating of sugary items in a day and age when childhood obesity is on the rise amid worries about an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. The ban on Halloween in schools is a sign of the times and reflects changes in society. But while students of course go to school to learn, does this mean that a holiday that was simply meant to be fun should no longer be allowed? Should school only be about learning, forget about anything else, like fun?

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7:23AM PST on Nov 13, 2011

@ Vernon C. Oh, I agree with your points on War.

6:40AM PST on Nov 13, 2011


At least you made it out alive. You are lucky. I agree with you totally about all these senseless wars. Probably the only war which I agree with in that it needed to be fought is WW2. Needed to be fought from the Allied perspective, of course.

6:33AM PST on Nov 13, 2011


Now I will not say that Christianity is the only way to God. Maybe there are more than one way. Maybe every religion is a gate to God. Of course, Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth & the Light. No man goes to the Father except thru Me." That is a very definitive statement. It means that no matter what you believe, if you want to be saved, you have to pass by Jesus. But it does not say that those who do not believe in Christianity will not be saved. It just says that whether you believe in Christianity or not, it is still Jesus who will be doing the judging.

For God never said that only those who believes in the Christian religion will be saved. Instead he gave mankind a list of instructions & said that those who abide by these instructions will be definitely saved. Many of these instructions are duplicated in almost all the other religions. You probably do not even have to be part of a religion to be saved. The criteria is just to follow the instructions. Unfortumnately for some, one of the main items on that list of instructions is to believe in God, love him, & respect him.

John 3:16 says that whosoever believes in Jesus will have everlasting life. Note that he did not say only those who believe. Instead, he said whosoever. Meaning that one sure way to get to God is by believing in Jesus Christ. So while Christianity MAY not be the only way, it is certainly the chosen way.

6:31AM PST on Nov 13, 2011


Well I agree with Ron again in his response to you. But I really dont know about these 2:1 ratio of people turning away from Christianity & half of them becoming pagan or atheist. I really do not see it. The main reason why people become atheist is not because they believe God do not exist. It is because they WANT him not to exist. Some people choose not to maintain the standards that God expect of them & so they look for excuses not to do so. Searching for loopholes to convince themselves that God do not exist is the easiest way. Then they can do whatever they wish with a clean conscience.

I always try to use the term "spirituality" instead of "christianity". This is because I respect all forms of worship out there...except those relating to satanism. As I said before, I now live in a country a thousand miles or so off the African coast & I have witnessed several practical applications of spiritulity, some of them good, some of them bad. When I was in my late teens & early 20's, out of curiousity I became somewhat involved in the same forms of spirituality & I learned quite a lot about it. I do not need anyone to tell me that spirituality do not exist because I KNOW spirituality. I KNOW the power of God & of the Bible. I KNOW the power of the cross. And because of that power of the cross & of the Bible, I KNOW that Christianity is a very potent & real religion.

Now I will not say that Christianity is the only way to God. Ma

6:17AM PST on Nov 13, 2011

@ Ron G. The reason I don't get into a profane shouting match is that I believe in equality. I also believe that each person has a right to hold his/her values. You say "A" I say "B" so what. We are all humans, we are not perfect. I forget who said it but, "I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it."

6:11AM PST on Nov 13, 2011

@ Vernon C. Vietnam like any other war was pure insanity. Totally without any redeeming value, showing how totally inhuman, humans can be. I can see the same idiocy in the current wars.

1:21AM PST on Nov 13, 2011

William...I would like to add something from a personal point of view.When a true Christian has a firm belief in the meaning of life and that God is the Creator of all things.he wants to share what he has with everyone.For me,it is not about trying to force what I believe onto anyone.Obviously,you firmly believe what you believe and that is your right.And you have been respectable during our conversations.I commend you for that.So often on these forums,just the mention of God brings a barage of insults and profanities from atheists towards Christianity and God but I accept that as part of a public forum.Forgive me if my enthusiasm was a bit over the top.
Hannah S...If the statistics you quote of those turning from Christianity are right ,i must state another truth.Many people are looking for something but they do not know what.They are never satisfied because they expect to find something that conforms to what they want.Invariably those that do leave are not Christian because they never found Christ and do not believe in God( as your comment states they become atheist or pagan),or they are still agnostic,or they are still looking.If A Christian does leave because of disillusionment,there is something seriously wrong with where he was attending or personal problems.But humans being human have many reasons depending on influences affecting their decisions.Those influences affect the decisions coming from the heart.

7:47PM PST on Nov 12, 2011

I don't want to get involved but, Vernon more people might be turning to Christianity but for each one converting at least 2 or 3 are leaving. and more than half that leave usually became pagan of some sort, some become atheist.

And William, Just because you have not experienced the spiritual world doesn't mean it's not out there. and when i say spirit world i dont mean Christianities view on it, there are things that happen all the time that cant be explained. There is just so much that we dont know and may never know, so don't close your mind to possibilities, not the same thing as believing.

now can every one just get along and respect each others views. Everyone believes different things based on how they were raised and the experiences we go though. no one is wrong and no one is right, and if there is a wrong or right, who cares when it disrupts the peace. Just realize that everyone has their own ideas, just respect that, we should be able to say what we believe without someone putting us down or starting an argument.

7:18PM PST on Nov 12, 2011


Just to respond to what you said about needing tangible testable evidence. Once again, tangible testable evidence of the spiritual world is not the same as tangible testable evidence of the physical world. You confuse the two too often. It is almost like expecting the same laws that apply to a solid to apply to a gas. You must understand that that there are two different realms with totally different laws. Evidence of the spiritual world can be found by the fact that people have premonitions, dreams, visions, etc. It can be found by the accounts of people who have had uncanny experiences.

But of course you doubt all this because you are too grounded in the physical world & believe only what you can see, touch, hear, smell & taste.

7:11PM PST on Nov 12, 2011


Well I guess that you have chosen your own destiny. That is the difference between people like Ron & I, & people like you. You admit that you evolved from animals, Ron & I were created. You go back to the dust from where you came & become nothing. Ron & I hope to be chosen to continue to live under the covenant that God made with man. There is hope for Ron & I, there is none for you. Ron & I live with a purpose, you just exist until you are gone.

You are what you have chosen to be. There is no sense carrying on this discussion because you have made up your mind. Unless you see God's face, you will not believe. I guess that is between you & God. I am just glad that I do not have to be hit on the head to make me believe.

On another note, you mentioned that you was in vietnam. How did you serve & how was it over there? I think that it was very brave of you to serve your country.

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