Should animals activists protest the 2010 Olympics?

It’s fair to say that if you care about animals, you want to see an end to the cruel Canadian seal hunt. Every year fishermen kill hundreds of thousands of baby seals by bludgeoning them. So we have a goal: end the seal hunt. But how is the animal protection movement going to accomplish it? Two major animal welfare organizations are calling for boycotts of specific Canadian products until the government ends the hunt. They are running a boycott of Canadian seafood and Canadian maple syrup. There are many tactics being used to end the hunt, but here’s the big question: what is going to work? Next year, the 2010 Olympics are slated to take place in Vancouver, Canada. Many see this as an opportunity to focus the world’s attention on the Canadian government’s continued support for the bloody and brutal hunt. What do you think? Should we protest the 2010 Olympics in Canada? Would you be willing to trek all the way out there?

There will certainly be demonstrations and media stunts leading up to the Olympics. There are 7 months until the Olympics and I’m excited to see what kinds of things unfold. Will it be mostly quick media events? Or will there be a sustained grassroots effort to bring the seal hunt into the foreground? It has been years since the last major animal rights mobilization in North America. Perhaps this could be the event that brings back the major mobilization model.

There is already a website spoofing the official Olympics site: There you can send a letter or email to the Olympic Organizing Committee and government officials telling them to take a stand against animal abuse and condemn the seal hunt. The world has already decided where they stand. The the United States and the European Union have already banned seal fur. Canada, the ball is now in your court.

care2 readers: How do you think the animal protection movement can use the upcoming Olympics as a opportunity to push the Canadian government closer to ending the seal hunt? Would you protest the Canadian seal hunt at the Olympics? Leave a comment below.

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Blacktiger P.
Blacktiger P6 years ago

Oh and by the way the seal hunt is 5000 miles away, we have the Trophy Hunt of Grizzlies and Spirit Bears to take up our time here. As for boycotting Maple Syrup that just hurts the foresters who are nowhere near the seals either. Somehow people below the 49th have no conception of the size of Canada, and what products the world benefits from. Not enough characters remaining to name them all, except oil, gas, hydro, diamonds. I can't imagine you would stop using the hydro electricity that you buy from Canada.

Blacktiger P.
Blacktiger P6 years ago

I was downtown in the midst of all the huppla today and the tourists and locals have no time for the protesters. They get in the way and with cops from across Canada plus military the security is high. Jail is a possibility, no fun in that!!!

Trish R.
Trish R.6 years ago

Save the seals NOW !!

Laura S.
Laura S7 years ago

Protest against the cruelty, yes, but I don't think a small group of people boycotting the entire olypics will do any good at all. I don't think it is fair to the olympians from our country to not support them.

Sir Walk F.
Sir Walk F7 years ago

i can think of some great reasons to protest the olympics, namely that the IOC steals billions from the locales they set up in... but the olympics and the seal slaughter are not connected in any way. might as well protest the weather.

Sir Walk F.
Sir Walk F7 years ago

Black T says it the best.

Not only would it be inappropriate, it would be ineffective and, with a 900 million dollar 'security' budget (yep!), im-possible.

Chaz Gaily Berlusconi
.7 years ago

Perhaps, the outside world should be made aware of what is happening... it should be done in a manner that is non violent, but one that gets the message across, and into the hearts and minds of people

Black T.
Blacktiger P7 years ago

I know we all want to end the seal hunts on the shores of Canada, Africa, and all other places. I really don't think that the Athletes competing in the Olympics should have to witness the anger of people towards Canada. They are going to be here looking for gold, silver and bronze. Some idiot suggested a sealskin patch on their uniform, and of course that was nipped in the bud.

In the second place the Games will be scattered all across the mainland and parking, hotels, motels, B&B's will all be signed up for months ahead, so the few people who can afford the trip will find they must take care of themselves. There are even going to be cruise ships tied up and working as hotels.

As for boycotts, with the economy in the condition it is, not likely that would even be noticed.

JASMIN HORST S7 years ago

I've heard all the excuses I need to hear for a very long time, the rationalizations of cruelty en large or small, whatever it takes, the sooner the better to stop any of it can't come fast enough, I am getting real tired protesting among nitwit politicians and the common public without result, only one honourable Senator, by name of Mac Harb has the courage to propose a bill to stop this dastardly affair. Would we have not stopped Auschwitz for the sake of hurt feelings of an army training to win at any cost? Yes there were plenty of good people amoung them too that didn't speak up, Oh I see they're just animals, hm, same old story isn't it?

Sandi F.
Sandi Fentiman7 years ago

For God sake, stop mixing two causes in one. First it was Canadian Maple Syrup and the seal hunt/slaughter; now you're doing the same thing with the Olympics! Knock it off!!

The Olympic Association has worked long and hard on building and making the Olympics, in all aspects, environmentally friendly. You will take away that aspect, if you go ahead with the protest and make Canada look bad.

I'll say it again, where as I do agree with protesting the seal hunt, you are treading on thin ice with combining these two matters. I for one will be pleased to see a lot of people arrested if you go through with this protest. Cool it!!!!!!