Ending Animal Agriculture: The Real Solution to the Food Crisis

Scientists are saying that new technology needs to be developed to produce enough food for the ballooning human population.

Some of the solutions being offered: growing meat in labs, using nanosensors inside animals’ bodies to determine their health and help target drug treatments, and genetic manipulation of livestock.

If you think this sounds completely insane, you’re not alone. It will never cease to amaze me how people are so dedicated to the idea of eating animals. We’re looking at a global food crisis by 2050 and instead of discussing how livestock and meat production are exasperating the problem, we’re trying to George Lucas our way out of it with prototypes, science fiction, and undeveloped technology.

With any discussion of food shortages, the 800 lb gorilla in the room is animal agriculture. Seventy percent of all agriculture land is used to raise livestock, and a third of land used for growing crops is used for growing feed for livestock. You simply can’t talk about increasing food supplies without talking about eliminating animal agriculture.

The article from the CBC says the scarcity of farmland would “lead to much higher prices for meat, milk and eggs in coming decades”; in fact the only “foods” mentioned in the entire article were animal products.

It doesn’t take a scientist to see the common sense that feeding plants to animals, and then eating the animals, is a horribly inefficient way to produce food. Depending on the animal, it takes between four and ten pounds of feed to obtain one pound of meat from an animal raised for food. That means between 75% and 90% of the gross weight of the food in the scenario is being completely wasted.

Many of the scientific fixes to this problem are going to require ten or more years to become feasible options. That’s ten more years of wasting water, misusing farmland, and exponential growth of the human population. Instead of spending a decade researching solutions that will only postpone the inevitable, if they even work at all, we should be looking at a lasting solution.

The only solution to the global food crisis is the end of animal agriculture. Freeing up that much farmland would not only increase food supplies by incalculable amounts — which would inevitably all but end hunger in the third world — it would benefit the health of everyone in the western world. And at the same time, it would finally end the era of modern agriculture — the bloodiest and most violent era in human existence.

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Bill K.
Bill K.6 years ago

Speaking of charitable events, I went to a puppy mill rally a few years ago. Ironically the first thing I saw when I got there was a hot dog stand. The sign didn't specify what breed of dog was being sold but from what I've learned the best tasting dogs are the ones with yellow coats weighing less than 30 pounds.

I found a tasty-sounding dog meat recipe on the internet if anyone's interested - Stir-fried Dog With Coconut Milk. It can't be any worse than a hog roast.

Victoria B.
Victoria B.6 years ago

It's Summer Bank Holiday here in the UK with loads of village events getting people out and about. We have our ever popular Hog Roast Tonight (Sat)and the local farmer (Hi Mike) gives the pigs to the Village Hog Roast as each year it raises copious amounts of money for Several Charities. The 4 Charities benefiting from tonight's event are Air Ambulance, National Dogs for the Disabled, an Animal Rescue Charity and the Village Playground, we are all hoping for a dry day if is not going to be sunny. For those who do not eat Pork for various reasons, there will also be a Burger Grill Going and bread buns for the whole event have been donated by a local Bakery. After the events of the day, there will be a couple of bands playing in the Marquee that would have been used during the day to host teas and cakes and drinks and dining with places to sit and eat if so wished. Before everyone leaves the Hog Roast during the day, at 5:30 there is the Grand Prize Draw and the Local Turkey Farmer not to be outdone by the Swine Farmer, has donated (actually Will donate) to the lucky winner, a Turkey for Christmas, I should imagine that the Turkey will take this long to fatten up in time for Christmas. All in all there has been a great deal of generosity from the local farmers, one of them even donated his old wellies for the Welly Wanging contest!
Always a fun and cheerful local event- OH and I forgot to mention- free local beer at the evening event,I can't stand beer - Pepsi Cola for me!

Victoria H.
.6 years ago

When it comes to urgent matters like this, the "sell" doesn't matter at all, Mary J. Either the heart hears the underlying message... or it doesn't, and a person can either display discernment... or not.

Repulsive on the outside, an oyster shell hides a beautiful pearl inside. The shell never apologizes for what it "appears" to be or how it comes across. It knows that a treasure lies within, and those who are in need of it will find it, regardless of the displeasing presentation.

The shell... never worries about the "sell".

Mary Johnson
Mary J.6 years ago

And here we are.

Same circle.

You keep saying the same things. A little info, a little poke on my intelligence, a little info, same info in a different package.

It is all the same information. Meat is bad. Veggie is good.

I have not asked you to stop eating veggies and suggested you go on a meat-only diet. I am sure I can come up with some reasons eating vegan can be bad for you and the planet if I search hard enough. But I am really getting tired of the subject.

You and your vegans have an opportunity to say some things that matter. You have a chance to change some minds. But all I see is a lot of downing and ridiculous accusations that any of us who eat meat do not care about animals. We do not have compassion, love etc.

You are trying to sell the meat eaters, but let me remind you that the delivery is 90% f the sale. I am left with a sour taste in my mouth for all vegan discussion.

I will leave you vegns to your self-love. Enjoy.

Victoria H.
.6 years ago


Worth repeating YET AGAIN, an alarming report from the World Health Organization came out saying that over 4,000 people die each day from water-borne diseases; most of those are children under 5 years old who have no access to clean (drinking) water. And the death toll is not restricted to Third World nations, but is a problem plaguing all countries - developed and developing. While millions of people across the globe are faced with droughts and water shortages, much of the world's water supply is quietly being diverted to animal agriculture. As the Western diet spreads to the rest of the world, even desert nations in Africa and the Middle East are pouring what little water they have into meat production. And so the water keeps getting bloodier.

Have you ever considered that "forced" act of pouring blood into our waters as one of extreme selfishness and even self-righteousness? It can certainly be seen as such.

I doubt you've ever considered this topic. But now you no longer have an excuse for your oversight.

Thank you.

Victoria H.
.6 years ago


With over 50% of the fresh water supply in the US going specifically to growing crops for "food" animals, as well as the raising of the animals and the trucking / slaughtering / processing / packaging / equipment cleaning methods involved, this is a great concern for vegans especially. For example, slaughterhouse floors are hosed down with water, aren't they? So are the transport trucks. The slaughter tools, machines, and processing vats get quite bloody; they are washed with water. So where does that blood contaminated water go? With over 40% of our groundwater alone now polluted by these and other toxic spill factors, we cannot get the animal BLOOD, feces, disease, death, vaccines and drug residues out of our water supply, thanks to the demand of those who want to exploit animals for food, clothing, and other reasons. There is no magic filter that can perform this "disappearing act". The Earth's water supply is in a constant state of (re)cycling; surely you've been taught about the H2O cycle in school, haven't you?

I ask you, when will you stop forcing your beliefs into OUR water supply? Isn't that literally forcing your beliefs down a vegan's throat? Yes, it is. Because down our throats it goes. Vegans can't remove the blood from the planet's water supply. And even if they could, shouldn't the job go to those that polluted it in the first place? Don't we need to drink clean water? Don't we all have a right to it? Worth repeating YET AGAIN, an alarming report

Victoria H.
.6 years ago

Mary J.---

MURDER is a human word held by ever-changing definitions to suit the circumstances. The earliest known usage of the word that now carries the idea of "murder" as you related was applied to ALL living (breathing) creatures, including man. Study of the archaic etymology of this word would have yielded different results from the ones you provided, which sources are, by the way, considered by some experts to be muddied and of little or no great relevance to the actual subject matter. They are merely relevant to current usages, which as I said, morphs frequently as needed.

Animals can indeed be murdered by humans. And are by the (incomprehensible) masses.

In reply to the vegan "push" you speak of, I wonder if you've ever grasped the "push" that non-vegans give to vegans, day in and day out? I ask you to pay special attention to the disrespect involved in the following discourse, no matter how "uncomfortable" it makes you feel---

For every flesh and blood eater who has said that they "don't have a problem with (plant eating) vegans... but want the vegans to stop "forcing their beliefs onto us", I have a very bold TRUTH to bring to your eyes, and it is this:

Understand that your demands for and indulgence in the flesh and blood of animals has polluted the water supply on this planet, where vegans also live. Vegans who want nothing to do with the purposeful murders of animals and certainly don't want to drink their blood. With over 50% of the fresh water su

Katherine Maar
Katherine Maar6 years ago

If you want, I can also give you the definitions for mercy, humanity, equality, speciesism, love, peace.

Note the sarcasm. Ha-Ha-Ha.

Katherine Maar
Katherine Maar6 years ago

How about this for a definition...

From wiki; compassion is a virtue —one in which the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy (for the suffering of others) are regarded as a part of love itself, and a cornerstone of greater social interconnectedness and humanism —foundational to the highest principles in philosophy, society, and personhood.

dictionary.com; a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.

Mary Johnson
Mary J.6 years ago

Victoria B - I get your sarcasm.

I can not do any animal fur, myself, at all. None of my family likes it. The most I will buy is leather for clothes and shoes and those are for warmth, not style. Same leather coat for 21 years now lol.

My son found a dead raccoon and dried the tail. Our cats play with it. But none of my kids are allowed to kill anything on purpose. Yeah, I guess I do favor the fuzzy furry animals. Sue me.