South Carolina Governor Sanford Confesses to Extra-marital Affair

Last week it was Nevada Senator John Ensign who confessed to having an extra-marital affair, this week it’s South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.  Most of us knew this was coming.  The story surrounding the missing governor was just too preposterous to be true–governors just don’t go missing–but this post is not about the sordid details of Sanford’s affair with a woman in Argentina.  If you want the sordid details you can quotes from Sanford’s love emails here.  I must say that Sanford writes well.

Both Ensign and Sanford were considered to be rising stars by the Republican Party and both were exploring 2012 presidential runs.  More importantly, both mixed their politics with “God’s Laws” and attempted to legislate their views against gay marriage and abortion because they “destroy marriage” and American family. 

If it wasn’t clear to some before now, it is becoming increasingly clear to most Americans that the real enemies of marriage and “family values” are those who speak the loudest and most frequently about protecting them.  Cue Ensign and Sanford, Craig and Vitter, Gingrich, etc.

These politicians are not just wrong because they are irresponsible–but irrepsonsible they are. Ensign had an affair with his employee and possibly violated Senate ethics  by making “out of door payments” to his love interest and her husband.  And Sanford left his state without a head executive for six days and lied to his own staff to do so.

They are wrong because they are the worst sort of hypocrites.  They preach to us about protecting marriage and protecting families but do nothing of the sort. Ensign, Sanford and other conservative Republicans choose not to support legislation that would do American families the most good.

They vote against funding to provide health insurance to children and their families who cannot afford it. (SCHIP)

They vote against increased funding for contraception and women’s health.

They vote against health care reform that includes a public option.

They care about families if it helps them get elected.


Mary C.
Mary C.7 years ago

"He who is faithful in a very little [thing] is faithful also in much, and he who is dishonest and unjust in a very little [thing] is dishonest and unjust also in much"
(Luke 16:10, AMP)

Mary C.
Mary C.7 years ago

It IS something that needs to be addressed and if we need to "clear the room" first, then so be it. Its up to the wide to forgive him, but people like that cannot be trusted. Period. Maybe it SHOULD be expected of those we trust to run this country. That could be the first step to another "indiscretion". Nope. I don't want them there. Once we let them know they cannot get away with any kind of bad behavior, maybe they will shape up. Maybe.

Edward T.
Edward T.7 years ago

While I am disappointed at what Governor Sanford did and that his potential run in 2012 is over, I am not such a hypocrite to be demanding his resignation. Many of the people leaving these comments voted for the certified adulterer John McCain. If someone thinks it's Ok for an adulterer to become president, then there should be no problems with letting an adulterer governor finish his term.

In case you didn't know about the affair McCain had

At least Governor Sanford didn't dump his wife and marry his mistress like McCain did.

Charles Temm JR
Charles Temm JR7 years ago

I liked Sanford too and feel he committed a major screw up. However it was against those who trusted him most especially his family. The matter is first between him and his family then next between him and the voters of SC. For those outside of his state, it is not our business.

He didn't lie under oath nor did he bankrupt his state. We have very many officials in our governments that have done far worse and received virtually no scrutiny for it. Wish the media (and Care2) would devote a bit of attention to those violations of trust.

War Monger
War Monger7 years ago

I'm an independent in Ensign's state and liked Mark Sanford for his fiscal conservatism, but both these guys need to resign and put themselves out to pasture. Hypocrites on both sides of the aisle need to go. Unfortunately that would leave an empty room, but we must nail them when they are caught and let our elected officials know they will be held accountable for their actions. On a side note: I see a ton of moral outrage on these boards any time a conservative gets caught doing something hypocritical with strong condemnation of all conservatives and many times religion in general. The two are separate. An individual is never responsible for an entire ideology regardless of the ideology. Individuals are responsible for their actions alone. This is tough for collective minded, emotion based people to grasp. Conservatives try to live life according to their religious beliefs, but inherent in those beliefs is that man is flawed and commits sin. That is the challenge of a religious life. As a result of sin comes the ability to forgive. What conservatives aspire to is an honest, ethical life according to their beliefs. There is no claim of absolute moral perfection. Only the best effort to live by their own moral code and inspire the same from others. I do not identify myself as a conservative on religious grounds, but rather a fiscal conservative. Still I understand religious conservatives do no consider themselves infallible.

Chris Silverman
Chris Silverman7 years ago

Make that hypocrisy. See why I dont run for office? Can't type.

Chris Silverman
Chris Silverman7 years ago

You're all missing the point. It's NOT about hypocrasy. It's about errors in judgement. We all have temptations, but most of us have the character and good sense to resist them. By his inability to resist what would obviously be a career ending and marriage ruining action, he demonstrated that he should not be in office where his actions affect all the people in his state. Who wants someone running the state who is capable of such careless, irresponsible actions?

megan m.
megan m.7 years ago

Jan C, you missed the point of the article. Its about HYPOCRISY.

Carol H.
Past Member 7 years ago

He left his state and nobody knew where he was can you imagine if he were are President?

This man has to lose his job TODAY and that is a fact.

I feel very badly for his children and his wife but she knew for a while but she probably stayed for the children.

Jan C.
Jan C.7 years ago

Bashing the Republicans as usual. Let us not mention Ted Kennedy (not just adultry, but murder as well), Bill Clinton (while in the White House - the Oval Office no less), John Edwards (while his wife was battling cancer), the list goes on and on. All of the people (regardless of political party) are wrong to commit adultry. Get off the "republicans only" stuff.