Boehner: Oil Should “Pay Fair Share” But Not Pay Taxes or Lose Subsidies

The Republicans must finally be feeling some serious pressure over their ceaseless support of Big Oil in the wake of soaring gas prices.  Even Speaker of the House John Boehner is stating it may be time to consider cutting the purse strings when it comes to subsidies and tax breaks.

Via Politico:

House Speaker John Boehner says he’s open to calls from the White House to curb some of the $4 billion in oil and gas subsidies and tax incentives, as Washington continues to feel the heat over high gas prices.

Oil and gas producers are “gonna pay their fair share in taxes and they should,” Boehner told ABC News.

“I don’t think the big oil companies need to have the oil depletion allowances. But for small, independent oil and gas producers — if they didn’t have this — there’d be even less exploration in America than there is today.”

But in the wake of needling from Democrats, who congratulated Boehner on finally getting out of the energy industry’s pockets, the Speaker had his spekesperson retract his statement for him.

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel clarified the Speaker’s comments Monday, saying he was avoiding a political trap during the interview.

“The Speaker made clear in the interview that raising taxes was a non-starter, and he’s told the president that. He simply wasn’t going to take the bait and fall into the trap of defending ‘Big Oil’ companies,” he said. “Boehner believes, as he stated in the interview, that expanding American energy production will help lower gas prices and create more American jobs. We’ll look at any reasonable policy that lowers gas prices. Unfortunately, what the president has suggested so far would simply raise taxes and increase the price at the pump.”

So, yes, Boehner wants oil companies to pay their fair share, as long as they don’t have to actually pay anything.  Thanks for the clarification, Steel.


photo from wikimedia commons


Suzy F.
Suzy F6 years ago

We, the PEOPLE, are ignored. Again and again and again. If it weren't so crucial to know, I'd stop watching and reading the news. What a depressing situation!

Jonathan Y.
Jonathan Y6 years ago

A real political boner.

Hope whoever runs against him plays the retraction over and over.

Douglas H.
Douglas H6 years ago

Only a complete moron (or a Republican on corporate payroll) could possibly claim Big Oil NEEDS these tax breaks or subsidies, in the face of such huge oil profits. The claim that without the subsidies, no exploration will take place is ridiculous. That's what profits are for - not for bonuses for executives or payouts to corrupt politicians. Where is the lynch mob when we need one? America needs to stop electing these Republiscum Senate and House gangsters.

Hope S.
Hope S6 years ago

Boner's (sic) got to go. No subsidies or tax incentives for the oil and gas companies!

Another thing that infuriats me are the fees and taxes on the fracking companies but don't require those companies to be responsible for damages to the roads and environment. They also have waivers to the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts which must be repealed.

The gas and oil companies include withholding taxes in what they say they are paying in taxes
at least in PA. What is more shocking is that the withholding taxes is the greatest amount of taxes paid from fracking.

Boo hiss on these companies and their practices.
Nothing fair about them.

Brian P.
.6 years ago

We have similar issues in Canada with our filthy tar sands being subsidized with tax dollars. For profit companies and especially publicly traded companies do not deserve a single penny from the taxpayers.

All oil subsidies should be shifted to education and health care if we want to make the world a better place for EVERYONE not just the few who think they are more equal than others.

Darla O.
Darla O'Malley6 years ago

Of course the big corporations SHOULDN'T get tax breaks or subsidies! I was under the impression that tax breaks were to keep a big company in the area and it was a way of enticing them to hire local people, etc., etc. They aren't doing any of that, of course, so there is absolutely no reason to give them any breaks at all. They are greedy, un-American sociopaths and they need to pay their fair share of taxes like the rest of us. I'm not sure just what the republicans think they are doing, working for the 2% at the top, while convincing the ignorant right wing wacko's and teabaggers that they are actually working for them. So, the republicans are trying to take away social security, medicare, public education, fire protection, police protection, equal rights, women's rights, minimum wages and the right to negotiate wage increases and work place benefits...all to the tune of we are conservative and we are Christians. They are neither, but the wackos keep putting them into office. As soon as the teabaggers and wackos lose all of the above mentioned benefits, they'll wonder what went wrong.....then they'll remember, Oh, that's right, the 2% at the top needed more money!

James B.
Jay B6 years ago

End oil and gas subsidies, NOW!

Christopher Fowler

Hey Boehner: YOU LIE.

ALL companies, corporations and citizens should pay their fair share of taxes. If I can't get free, no repay money from the fed, then shouldn't we all get it?

Companies should certainly not have so many tax loopholes. Let them pay a straight, no loophole tax, just like real citizens do.

Debra Van Way
Debra Van Way6 years ago

Typical, typical-lie through your teeth and have an underling retract it. Wonder how much KY jelly he goes through a month when big oil runs their arm up his rear to move his mouth?

April Thompson
April Thompson6 years ago

No subsidizes for OIl!