Stand Up for Bullied LGBT Teens (VIDEO)

Irish advocacy group BeLonGTo has created a powerful video encouraging teens to stand up against homophobic bullying during Stand Up! Week.

The video is a reminder of both the isolating effects of bullying and how it can be stopped by simple acts of solidarity.

This short film was written and directed by Anna Rodgers & Aoife Kelleher and produced by Zlata Filipovic for BeLonG To Youth Services.

Stand Up! LGBT Awareness Week, which runs April 4 through to April 15, hopes to create an understanding of LGBT-youth issues, wider bullying issues and how to tackle bullying in schools with an emphasis on friendship.

Specifically, BeLonGTo describes the campaign as “[promoting] friendship amongst young people as a way to combat homophobic bullying.”

The group has a number of videos and support services on its website, encompassing previous campaigns and advice on topics like how to get help if you are being bulling, information on coming out, parent support, drug issues and more. 

To find out more about the Stand Up! campaign and the various ways you can show your support whether you are an Irish citizen or not, click here.

Photo used under the Creative Commons Attribution License, with thanks to -Marlith-.


Hope Holtum
Hope Holtum5 years ago

The video gave me chills. So sweet :)
We all need to stand up to bullying. I know first hand what an impact bullys can have on their victims

Don Go
Don Go5 years ago

okay it seems posting of certain characters messes up HTML.

I used to be a little homphobic, but it was an insensitive way. Following the trend, going "ew" whenever gay stuff happened.

But now I'm so pro-choice, and it's nice to think some people out there can stand up and say "so what? what's so 'ew' about it?" :')

Don Go
Don Go5 years ago

DUNNO WHAT HAPPENED THERE. Haha. Disconnection makes weird post.

Don Go
Don Go5 years ago

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Judy Wilson

Nobody should be bullied. Period. A person is a person, whether straight, gay, bisexual, or whatever. A person can be judged by how they treat others, treat animals, etc., but should NEVER be judged on the basis of their sexuality, skin colour, etc.

Meme S.
Meme S.5 years ago

We need to stand up for all people who are bullied not only teens and other kids but also elders. There are elders who are being taken away from their homes for no reason even when they have all the help that they need at home.Even if they are not elder orphans (meaning that their families have abandoned them and they are not able to care of themselves at home) They are forced into these nursing home prisons and all their money is taken from them. They will not even give them any money to buy a soda at a soda machine. All their life savings is taken from them to pay for this prison like atmosphere. They are thrown into nursing care where they are forced to live in bed and wheel chairs and diapers. These are people who use the bathroom on their own and walk on their own yet they are being forced into these nursing homes so they can to live like prisoners and more than likely they will be killed by deadly drugs that under no circumstances are supposed to be given to elders. The medicine that they may need is often not given so they can be on these deadly drugs instead. Then they can be sent to the hospital to be given more deadly drugs to disable them. The more disabled the more money the home makes.We need to stand up and fight for all people who are bullied. This is happening in California and the rest of the U.S.A. and the world.

Zulima C.
Zulima Morton5 years ago

Dear Dany: Is very evident that your anger blind you and you did not understand what I said; never sugest to hide behind the door to be who you are or want to be, if you don't know the term PDA I tell you Public Display of Afection (the sexual one) and that is regardless homosexual or heterosexual, when I said behind your door between you and your maker, that He will be the one to judge you, or forgive you, not me (mankind), and yes the Bible said to hate the sin, but love the sinner, and that category goes to every one regardless the sexual preference, and not, I do not practice hipocrecy, what I see in your writing is that you practice hate and verbal agresion, you my dear are so overloaded with anger that you couldn't see the real meaning of my comment. Now bullying should have zero tolerance and gay teens are not the only group that face it. Is very evident that you are holding to much pain I pray that the good Lord heal
your heart and grant you peace, people that have different opinion than yours are not your enemies.

Susan D.
Susan De Lama5 years ago

Awesome. That brought tears to my eyes. There are many ways of bullying and that is one. I wish this was available at schools and public youth facilities.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

Powerful film....Thanks for reminding us diversity makes the world go around.

Haydee J.
Haydee J5 years ago

God has made all people equal and the only thing that makes us different, is how good we behave or how tolerant we are... Equallity should be applied for everything in this world, no one is better or worse than other.