Standing Up To Illegal Whaling Operations — Care2 Member Takes the Lead!

For years, a portion of the Japanese whaling fleet has engaged in illegal whaling activities in the Antarctic and lack of enforcement and regulation has allowed them to operate largely unopposed. Operating under the Dutch flag, Sea Shepherd, an international, non-violent organization protecting the world’s oceans, has tried to stop these poachers, but have been met with strong resistance.

In fact, powerful resistance from the illegal whaling industry has been on the uptick. Whaling operations have repeatedly complained to the Dutch government about the work Sea Shepherd has done to protect whales because it has cut into their industry. Unfortunately, it appears as though the illegal whalers may have finally succeeded in gaining enough traction to dictate Dutch law and are trying to enact a ban on Sea Shepherd’s work in the Netherlands.

For Care2 member Claudia, from the Netherlands, the thought of losing Sea Shepherd had huge ramifications for the health of whales and other ocean life. Starting a citizen petition, she quickly saw that thousands of people in her country and countries around the world supported the Sea Shepherd’s work. Her petition generated over 7,000 signatures urging the Dutch Government to stand strong and support the international laws protecting whales that the Sea Shepherds standup for.

On Tuesday September 22nd, Claudia went to The Hague (the Netherlands’ seat of government) to meet with two cabinet members — delivering 7,697 signatures urging the Netherlands government to continue to let Sea Shepherd sail under the Dutch flag and not be bullied by the whaling industry.

On behalf of myself and Care2, we’d like to give Claudia and everyone else who’s actively making the world a better place a huge a round of applause! We know there are thousands of you just like Claudia and together we’re making real changes. Please share your success stories by emailing me here:



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