Stop Snapperfest 2012


In Ohio County, Indiana, an incredibly cruel event called Snapperfest has been held for the past 13 years. Wild snapping turtles are yanked by the tail and swung around until contestants can grab hold of their necks and twist it around a person’s arm. Activists nearly stopped the event in 2011, and with your support this torturous “festival” will never be held again.

Snapperfest is held at the end of August at the Campshore Campground in Indiana. It has grown in popularity over the years. It is touted as a wrangling event for wild snapping turtles and participants like Chris Probst call it, “…good, clean fun and anybody from the crowd can participate.”

Snapperfest gets its family friendly reputation because contestants do not try to kill the turtles, but PETA strongly disagrees. The animal rights organization tried to stop the event last month.

“Wild-caught snapping turtles endure terrible violence at the hands of participants. The frightened animals are grabbed by their tails and repeatedly slammed to the ground. Their heads are yanked from their shells, and they are then swung around until ‘contestants’ are able to wrap their fists around the animals’ necks,” PETA stated on their website.

Probst accused PETA of being misleading and told a local radio station, “We do not kill the turtles. They are caught by hand. You can’t pull the head off a turtle.” He also added there is nothing illegal about Snapperfest.

Still many of the animals die each year as a result of the stress they endure or from fatal injuries they sustain from the experience.

Activists contacted local government agencies to stop Snapperfest 2011 and were nearly successful. A new petition has been created to prohibit this cruel event from being held in 2012. Please show your support to Stop Snapperfest 2012.

Action Alert: Please sign the petition - Stop Snapperfest 2012.


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Photo from 75491103@N00 via flickr.


Dale O.

Due to the demands of people protesting against cruelty to snapping turtles, the 'Snapperfest' was cancelled because of the concerns by many people that this event promoted unwarranted cruelty to snapping turtles. It was certainly an event that people should not have brought children to as the children were watching adults take part in nasty deeds against the unwilling snapping turtles.

"Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) stated animal cruelty laws also apply to the humane treatment of turtles."

Dale O.

"It's a very sad statement to humanity, our civilized society, and especially to our children to allow the abject cruelty of grabbing a wild turtle out of a wash tub, yanking her by her head out of her shell, slamming her to the ground, swinging her around by her neck, and calling that "just a little fun the guys have."

I am glad that this 'fest' no longer takes place and people should always be on the alert in case there are similar 'fests' elsewhere. Protesting and signing petitions can certainly help to shut them down.

Linda Jarsky
Linda Jarsky4 years ago

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men. ---St. Francis of Assisi..."

Phyl M.
Pho M.4 years ago

We need laws to PROTECT innocent animals. There is way too much brutality everywhere, not just in America. People don't seem to have common sense of knowing pain exists in all animals. No animal should be abused, especially for brutal "fun" or money. Shame on anyone who promotes animal cruelty...may their cruelty befall those who condone animal brutality.

Matilda W.
Kari J.4 years ago

I am appalled this is legally allowed! This is wicked. Never would be legal here in Britain.

Matilda W.
Kari J.4 years ago

I am appalled this is legally allowed! This is wicked. Never would be legal here in Britain.

Gail Adams
Gail Adams4 years ago

Pretty sad when your "entertainment" involves torturing animals. It makes Indiana look like the hicks that everybody thinks they are. Inbred morons!

Renee Peel
Renee Peel4 years ago

How any "being" calling itself HUMAN .....can go to this FESTIVAL and torture poor helpless Turtles, who have done them NO WRONG ....and call it enjoyment is beyond my understanding. All of you who go and have a DAY OF FUN ......your day of reckoning is coming and you will pay dearly for this torture.

Jeanie M.
Jeanie M.4 years ago

Please, please stop this inhumane torture of these creatures! Being torn apart limb from limb is NOT a sport or fun, especially for the poor turtle! We are human beings, we are supposed to be evolved beyond such behavior toward the creatures we share this earth with. Please....

Susan T.
Susan T.4 years ago

Please stop this injustice. Why do people find that torturing animals is entertainment?