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Paulette J
Paulette J.2 months ago

Chris B
Chris B.4 months ago

Chocolate labrador getting too excited at dinner

Chris B
Chris B.4 months ago

Chocolate labrador puppy doing a magic trick

Barbara Z
Barbara Z7 months ago

Doing a manicure and feet massage with coconut oil to my Green-winged Macaw Ettore

Past Member
Past Member 11 months ago

My girls did a video on their three adorable Guinea Pigs.

Karina O.
Karina Oabout a year ago

"Love Song To The Earth" - Friends Of The Earth featuring Paul McCarntey, Jon Bon Jovi, Natasha Bedingfield and more! Download and make it go viral!

(More like an environmental video, but of course animals ARE involved!)

Wish I could share it on the C2NN, but unfortunately it doesn't function for me!


Phyllis C.
Phyllis Cabout a year ago

Jonathan L.
Jonathan Labout a year ago

Super cut kitten plush toys 100% undiluted adorable! :)

Kitten vs solid food - who will win?

Slogger V.
Slogger V.1 years ago

Otterly great Juggling Championship. Otter juggling.

Lisa Schaefer
Lisa Schaefer1 years ago

I live in Louisville, KY; the best and easiest way to contact me is via Facbook ID: lisa sc
I had to rent a better conditions apartment but unfortunately, sadly they don't allow any pets. I got got find my precious "Princess Boots" cat a new home. I'm so worried about her - I've been more depressed then ever recently. Can anyone offer advice or help or best take her in and love her, care well for her the rest of her hopefully long cat years. She is 1 years old, full of energy, playful, loves attention and when she's sleepy will let you hold her and even sleep with her with your arm around her. She's a very beautiful, fluffy, black & white cat and doesn't mind if you pet her lots! I got videos of her on my Youtube channel "lisa sc". Sure hope I hear from someone soon. Thank you!