Subway Goes Vegan, Rolls Out 3 New Sandwiches

Subway, the fast-food restaurant that built its reputation on being better than a burger joint, is taking significant steps to appeal to health-conscious eaters. Faced with thousands of consumers begging for more meatless options and this Compassion Over Killing campaign, the sandwich chain recently announced that it will roll out three new, all-vegan sandwiches in select U.S. stores.

Starting this week, several Subway locations in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia will offer three new savory sandwiches that contain no meat or dairy products: the Sweet Riblet (pictured above), Malibu Greek, and Italian Black Bean. When served one of several vegan bread options, they’ll allow you to pick up some food on the go without sacrificing your vegan diet.

Although we know what won’t be in the new Subway sandwiches, it’s a little bit harder to tell what they will contain. According to several reports, the new subs will be built around the company’s ”Totally Veg” vegan patty that’s said to contain carrots, red pepper, green pepper, onion, water chestnuts, mushrooms, water, soy protein, wheat gluten, canola oil, sugar, modified cellulose, oats, rice, onion powder, garlic powder, modified corn starch, hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat gluten protein, dextrose, salt, potassium chloride, spices, jalapeņo powder, dehydrated lemon peel, dehydrated cilantro, dehydrated orange peel, flavour, spinach powder, dehydrated parsley.

Where available, the sandwiches will cost $4.50 for a 6-inch and $7 for a foot-long sub.

If anyone lives in the D.C. area and tries one of these sandwiches, we’d love to know how it tastes! Share your reactions in a comment.

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Mary K.
Molly D.2 years ago

A better vegan menu would be nicer. A non GMO sandwich would be grand !

Susan T.
Susan T.4 years ago

I don't understand exactly how these threads degrade into discussions of how many serial killers were vegetarians. Agreed there is a tendency of the militant wing of vegans to judge harshly any who are not 100% vegan.

To clarify - Hitler was NOT a vegetarian. The image of Hitler as an ascetic, one who neither smoke nor drank & was vegetarian was promoted by Goebbels. But this image isn't true. Additionally, what was referred to as vegetarian in the 1930's was hardly vegetarian.

"..the April 14, 1996, Sunday magazine edition of The New York Times, celebrating its 100th anniversary, included this early description of Hitler's diet in an article previously published on May 30, 1937, 'At Home With The Fuhrer.' "'It is well known that Hitler is a vegetarian & does not drink or smoke. His lunch & dinner consist, therefore, for the most part of soup, eggs, vegetables & mineral water, although he occasionally relishes a slice of ham & relieves the tediousness of his diet with such delicacies as caviar ..."

More sources busting the Hitler vegetarian myth, the first citing substantial documentation, & several referring to his love for sausage & stuffed squab.

Tammy Andrews
Tammy Andrews4 years ago

NIce that Subway is adding some vegetarian options to their menu. However it is my understanding that they are all Morningstar Farms products which contain GMO soy.

Please support mandatory labeling of GMO foods. This will be on the ballot in California this fall. Visit for more information.

Diane L.
Diane L.4 years ago

I find it almost amusing that when it suits them, vegans deny Hitler was a vegetarian because of his atrocities, so they claim it's all propaganda from the meat eating industry. So now, it's merely propaganda that he personally didn't kill anyone, so that means because he was vegetarian, he was not an evil man? So, should vegans include him or not in their list of those we're supposed to admire for not eating meat?

What does Hitler even have to do with Subway or their menu in the first place?

Carna y.
Carna Yipe4 years ago

Actually Hitler was a vegetarian but he never actually killed anyone, except himself and possibly his mistress, it was his retheric and his ability to convince others who were not vegetarian to do the killing. If you do a little digging the ideas on genetic supremecy and the ways to do it (expeirmentation) came from a Rochefeller think tank. Many Am businessmen and companies were complicit in Hitler's Germany. As for being a vegan or vegatarian, it's a personal choice. I have read the facts and made that decision for myself, been one for 12 years. It helped that I got sick on meat and couldn't eat for two weeks, never touched it again.

Sarah M.
Sarah M.4 years ago

I was excited about this until I read about the processed fake meats they contain. Arg!

Susan T.
Susan T.4 years ago

Ok after some googling it appears that all 3 options will have Morningstar Farms fake meats. Sigh. All 3 will contain GMO soy. Please urge your members of Congress to push for labeling of GMO foods. We are much more likely to get the choice for non GMO soy if they are actually required to label it.

BTW these days more and more foods are GMO so just avoiding corn & soy, which is hard enough, won't cover it. Also remember corn syrup is in tons of products from soda to ketchup.

Susan T.
Susan T.4 years ago

Well I am glad to see Subway will have vegan options. I plan to try the bean one, as I am positive the burger will not be organic therefore will contain GMOs.

It's extremely frustrating as a vegetarian to have so few food choices if you are traveling and did not have time to pack lunch, or even if you just run out of time while running errands and realize you have to grab food on the run. So I am happy to see a new alternative.

Sheri D.
Sheri D.4 years ago

I am eager for them to expand to other areas.

Elizabeth Koenig
Elizabeth Koenig4 years ago

I don't eat a lot of fast food--and Subway is not perfect, but is quite good by fast food standards--so I do have their veggie sandwich once in a while. You can make this sandwich vegan if you skip the cheese and mayo, which I do sometimes.

But it's always good to have more options. Next time I go to Subway, I'll tell them we'd like to see these menu items in California, as well.