Success! 5 Reasons We Won’t Miss Bill O’Reilly

Hooray – Fox News’s longstanding pundit Bill O’Reilly has finally been fired, after multiple sexual harassment allegations piled up to the point where his misdeeds could no longer be ignored.

Thank you to the over 30,000 Care2 members who signed this petition urging advertisers of The O’Reilly Factor to pull their support of the show. Within a week, the show had lost over 50 percent of its advertisers, convincing Fox News to fire the media personality for business reasons.

The truth is that O’Reilly should have been canned long before these sexual harassment claims surfaced. Here are a few of the reasons we won’t miss him on our TV screens:

1. Anti-LGBT Viewpoints

Throughout his time on his show, O’Reilly has “warned” his viewers that same-sex marriage will lead to some outrageous things, namely people marrying various animals like turtles, ducks, goats and dolphins. It’s a dehumanizing fear tactic.

He also ranted about the TV show Glee for promoting “alternative lifestyles,” alleging that teenagers might then try to copy the show. While his panel didn’t go so far as saying the show could turn someone gay or transgender, they thought it would inspire experimentation.

Furthermore, on the subject of Caitlyn Jenner, O’Reilly said, “From the waist down, [Jenner] is a he.” Really respectful!

2. He Screamed at the Son of a 9/11 Victim

Back in 2003, O’Reilly invited Jeremy Glick, the son of one of the victims in the World Trade center terrorist attacks to his show to discuss why he opposed the Bush administration’s military inventions. O’Reilly was so infuriated that Glick didn’t buy into Bush’s approach that he continually screamed “shut up” at him until deciding to ultimately cut off his guest’s microphone out of supposed “respect” for the man’s dead father.

Even years later, O’Reilly said this interview continued to infuriate him, quipping, “If I could have whacked him, I would have.” Is it any surprise that O’Reilly is pro-violence and couldn’t get behind not fighting a war?

3. A Problem With Facts

When O’Reilly’s co-authored book Killing Lincoln came out in 2011, some bookstores declined to sell it after historical experts pointed out that it was “riddled with factual errors.” O’Reilly made historical claims that were demonstrably false.

At another point, he bragged about reporting from a warzone when there’s literally no documentation of his presence there. In fact, the network denied sending any reporters to that particular region, so it seems like O’Reilly fabricated this experience in a story similar to the Brian Williams fiasco.

He’s also ignorant to facts that many middle school science students could answer. In trying to argue why God must exist, he insisted that people can’t explain how the tides work, so a higher power must be at play. Except that scientists already know that movement of the oceans is created by the moon and gravity.

4. He Didn’t Seem Much Fun To Work With

This leaked clip (warning: there’s plenty of profanity) from O’Reilly’s days on Inside Edition shows that he can be not such a pleasure to work with.

5. Racist Ideas

Most recently, O’Reilly caught some heat for comparing Congresswoman Maxine Waters’s hair to a “James Brown wig,” but this bigotry gets a lot less abstract than that.

For example, he invited Martin Luther King Jr.’s son onto his show to tell him how he should better inspire the black community. One of his suggestions was to hand out t-shirts that say “Don’t get pregnant at 14.” On a separate show, he equated the Black Lives Matter movement with Nazis.

More than anything, he riles up the prejudices of his white viewers. Last year he claimed that liberalism is attempting to take power away from the “white establishment.” Previously, he lamented that the white establishment was now in the minority with Obama as president. He’s implicitly telling people that America will change for the worse as diversity, particularly diversity in our leadership, takes hold.


O’Reilly may be off of television, but he still has a five-city tour planned. Now the Care2 community is petitioning the venues hosting O’Reilly’s tour to cancel the event in order to stand up to his misogyny. If you agree that it’s time for O’Reilly to go away for good, lend your signature here.

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Kathleen E
Kathleen E3 days ago

He sounds a charmer! He should have gone a long time ago.

heather g
heather g3 days ago

Good riddance!

Past Member
Past Member 3 days ago

Deborah W. You are sick in the head if think we are not going to judge this pos. Not only this garbage but the garbage that was invited to the White House by pos trump. PEDOPHILE AND DRAFT DODGER TED NUGENT. Facebook page he has calls blacks n***ers and Jews c***ts. Speaks volumes about YOU AND TRUMP SUPPORTERS.

Past Member
Past Member 4 days ago

pam w. And we still have FEMALE nitwits who are upset about this. Demented. Biggest liars and sexual predators on Fux News. More will be charged. Next is pig Sean Hannity.

Past Member
Past Member 4 days ago

Deborah W. Your pussy grabber in chiefs next buddy, Nazi and fellow pussy grabber Sean Hannity, will be getting a lawyer. CONSERVATIVE women will be coming forward. Lol!!! Too bad. So sad.

Past Member
Past Member 4 days ago

Fux News watchers. DUMBER THAN A ROCK.

Past Member
Past Member 4 days ago

Deborah W. MORON!! Not over by a long shot.SEAN HANNITY IS NEXT!!!

Deborah W
Deborah W4 days ago

O'REILLY'S GONE ... but they're still at work debasing Fox News. Try as you might, right is might ... and will survive as the only counter-balance untoppled throughout soft media and all its growths. Dealing with the best and brightest common sense and truth groups gathered will take more brainware than "the other" has available. Deal ...

Margie F
Margie F4 days ago


Brett Cloud
Brett C4 days ago