Care2 and WSPA Celebrate New Bullfighting Ban

Care2 is proud to announce that Parliament passed a ban on bullfighting, making Catalonia the first major region of Spain to outlaw the old Spanish tradition. So many of our members fought to make this ban — which will take effect January 01, 2012 — happen.

More than 35,000 of you added your name to the bullfighting ban petition on Care2, sponsored by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

Bullfighting has been a part of Spanish culture for centuries — and at the cost of several hundreds of thousands of bull’s lives each year. Outraged by the continuation of this tradition, animal groups have fought hard to stop the cruelties that come along with the “sport”. Although some Catalan’s are upset to see an end to this part of their culture, many others around the world see this as a momentous victory that will likely lead to more bans in the future.

“Catalonia is leading the way for bullfighting countries around the world to embrace a modern culture without cruelty,” said Dirk Jan Verdonk, WSPA’s Programmes Manager.

Verdonk expresses his joy in this video:

Congratulations to the bulls and thank you to the citizens of Catalonia, WSPA, Care2 members and everyone else who fought for this ban. Because of your efforts, bulls will soon be safe from the cruelties of bullfighting in Catalonia.


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Henri D.
Henri DeToi5 years ago

I don't see the point of bullfighting; nothing good can come out of it.

And beef meat is not good for us; too much fat! - There is too much cattle that release a lot of methane, a greenhouse gas thereby making it bad for the environment.

Victoria L.
Victoria L5 years ago

I just wish this would go into effect sooner than 2012.

Angie Green
Angie G5 years ago

It's great for the all the bulls and the beginning of getting it banned everywhere. These updates are wonderful and helps keep the causes going when you here that your contribution helped make it happen. Thanks to all and keep up the good work.

ChanTlalok Rain C.

Bravo, Ole, Ole, God Bless!

annabella g.
annabella g6 years ago

As Catalonian and Spanish I feel very happy for this decision, thanks so much for the support from all over the world. And we've got still a long road to walk, in Spain bullfighting prevents the government to dictate laws for animal protection, and our cats, dogs and other species remain unprotected. Bullfighting is a powerful industry, it makes lots of money, and our government doesn't want to 'touch' that matter.
Fortunately, Catalonian citizens have worked hard for this barbar and sanguinary bull torture and final slaughter to end.
I feel happy, and I do hope the rest of Spain consider animal protection a must.

Michelle BLANC6 years ago

Tous les amis des animaux ne peuvent que se réjouir de l'abandon de la corrida en Catalogne, c'est une grosse victoire toutefois il aurait été plus que souhaitable qu'elle soit effective immédiatement ou début 2011,pourquoi attendre si longtemps, des taureaux et des chevaux innocents vont encore mourrir pour rien avant qu'arrive 2012,Il faut continuer la lutte pour que cette région ne soit pas la seule et que d'autres la rejoignent,en attendant nous menons en France une lutte acharnée pour arrêter ces horreurs, nous avons un très grand rassemblement le 11 Septembre où des associations vont défiler contre la corrida.C'est quand même un grand pas en avant surtout pour l'Espagne, si le massacre des chiens lévriers et podencos martyrisés dans ce pays pouvait également s'arreter,nous reprendrions un peu d'espoir en cette humanité que nous n'arrivons plus à controler.En tous cas merci aux Catalans, ils ont été formidables.

Anne C.
Anne C.6 years ago

congratulations to the Catalonian government for their humanitarian decision. This has been a long time coming, and for some is not enough, but this one act is a huge step forward to educating others that abuse of any creatures on this earth is unnaceptable and has to stop, sooner rather than later.
To the citizens of Catalonia that agree with this ban, I thank you, this is a wonderful thing that you have done!, my heartfelt thanks to WSPA, Care to, and all other organisations who have battled tirelessly for this victory!
God bless you, anne

Bernadette Gilbride


Bernadette Gilbride


Lorraine Lu V.
Lorraine Lu V.6 years ago

im delighted but......why cant it be many more will be tortured in the run up to january 2012......