Success! Howley Feral Cats Safe From Gas Chamber

If officials in Howley, Newfoundland had their way, the town’s feral cats would all have been gassed and buried, but that was before animal welfare advocates stepped in and showed them a better way. 

For years, the town suffered from a feral cat problem. The situation frustrated the mayor and city council so much that they proposed killing all the cats via gas chamber. By then, though, S.C.A.P.A. had already trapped, spayed or neutered, and then released many of the cats to live out the rest of their lives without contributing to the growing cat population, but the town leaders were determined to get rid of the cats immediately.

That’s when animal lovers in Howley jumped to the cats’ defense. Johanna Tito created a petition on Care2 to help save the cats. The petition was online for only a few weeks, but over six hundred people from around the world stood up for Howley’s feral cats. Johanna posted it to the Howley Facebook page, making sure that the council members and the mayor could see it. 

In the end, the town’s officials saw the light, and the mayor assured the community that the cats would not be gassed and that the problem seemed to be clearing up on its own. 

Johanna and the other animal lovers in Howley wanted to thank all of the Care2 members who helped make this success happen.

Johanna writes, 

“A new article appeared in the Western Star on May 12 in which the Mayor was quoted as saying that it is ‘important for the community to find as humane a solution as possible’ and that he ‘does not advocate killing animals in any way.’ He had never said anything like this before and I attribute this change of heart directly to the pressure put on the mayor and town council by the Care2 petition.”

The cats of Howley, Newfoundland, are safe thanks to hundreds of caring and compassionate Care2 members! On their behalf, thank you for making a difference in their lives!

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Photo Credit: andrewXu via Flickr


Jeannet Bertelink
Jeannet AWAY B2 years ago

Thanks, Thanks, THANKS!

Barbara Peterlin
Barbara P.2 years ago

Thank God thst the feral cats are safe

fatima r.
fatima r.4 years ago


Frederico D.

Muito bom.

Wendy Mason
Wendy Mason5 years ago


Brenda Towers
Brenda Towers5 years ago

Thanks for all your efforts!!

Elsie Au
Elsie Au5 years ago

Thanks for this wonderful news and of course, big thanks to everybody who help making this happened.

Jeanne B.
Jeanne B.5 years ago

Great advertizing for Howley! Good job!

Kelly M.
Kelly R.5 years ago


Luisa A.
Lisa a.5 years ago

thats awsome! the gas chambers need to be ban around US, how is this still being done to the animals? very sad gas chambers are still being used. Gas chambers need to be ban!!!! is so cruel, how would humans like to die being put in a gas chamber this is awful! sad no one has prohibit there use......