Success! Over 218,000 Care2 Members Help Save St. Kilda Little Penguins

About 1,000 adorable little penguins, known as the St. Kilda penguins, have made their home in the breakwater that protects the harbor of St. Kilda, in the city of Melbourne, Australia.

Little penguins, which are only found in southern Australia and New Zealand, are the smallest penguins in the world at a height of only 13 inches and a weight of around 2.2 lbs.

Unfortunately, it seems that their tiny size has made them an easy target for the bullies of this world.

Earlier this year, a St. Kilda penguin was brutally kicked to death on the pier, and two weeks later another penguin was cruelly crushed and kicked. 

Here’s how Australian newspaper The Age described the attacks:

“Two little penguins from the famous St Kilda colony have been brutalised and left for dead in separate violent attacks in the past fortnight, volunteers say.

A penguin with a bloody face and chest was discovered inside the fence meant to protect the colony around St Kilda Pier, about 1.30am on Good Friday, by a volunteer.

It follows an attack a fortnight ago where German tourists saw a young man kick a penguin repeatedly, also inside the fence. The penguin’s dead body was found soon after and reported to police.”

When Michael Taylor learned about the attacks, he was furious and decided to create a Care2 petition, demanding that these tiny creatures be protected.

More than 218,000 Care2 members around the world added their name to Taylor’s petition.

Huge Success!

Taylor received a tweet from The City of Port Phillip acknowledging his petition. Thanks in part to everyone who signed the petition, the Andrews Labor Government announced that they would provide $250,000 to help protect and monitor St. Kilda’s iconic little penguin colony.

Here’s their announcement:

“The funding will be spread over four years and will ensure visitors can continue to enjoy the penguins who call the St Kilda Pier and breakwater home.

Parks Victoria and the Phillip Island Nature Parks, together with community group Earthcare, will make sure the penguins can safety continue their nightly stroll along the beach.”


Photo Credit: thinkstock

In his petition Taylor explained why these penguins are so important:

“Often sought out by tourists and locals alike, this small colony of just 1000 penguins have become synonymous with the historical pier. A Melbourne landmark, the pier is a popular destination for anyone who wants to go for a walk, cycle, rollerblading and even fishing. St Kilda Pier has nearby barbeque, picnic and playground facilities. This is not a setting where one can even imagine this sort of grotesque violence. 

These little penguins are defenceless and have grown to trust, not fear humans. Unfortunately, this trust has proven to be misplaced – they need to be protected, from us.”

“This Is Absolutely Disgusting”

Reacting to the gruesome details of the penguin attacks, Care2 activists left some powerful comments:

“This is absolutely disgusting. No animal should be subjected to such cruelty. Whoever is responsible needs to be taken off the streets and face severe punishment for this.” – Alison Baker

“These poor animals put their trust in us, we are here to either protect and help them, or leave them alone!!!!!!this makes me so sad that there are people like this on this planet who are allowed to socialise in public.” – Hannah Boyle

“It is disgusting to see what so-called humans are happy to do to animals for their own sick pleasure.” – Steven Pidgeon

Taylor is thrilled that his petition was so successful. With the support of so many Care2 members, he was able to get the protection and care that these smallest of penguins need.

Congratulations to Taylor and to all the over 218,000 Care2 activists who signed his petition.

Maybe you too have a cause that really concerns you? If so, you can start your own Care2 petition. This handy guide will help you get started, and pretty soon you’ll find the community of Care2 activist signing up to support you.


Photo Credit: By JJ Harrison ( - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Nellie K Adaba
Nellie K Adabaabout a year ago


candy peters
candy petersabout a year ago

thanks to those who signed the petition.what a great outcome!

Siyus Copetallus
Siyus Copetallusabout a year ago

Thank you for sharing.

Lynn Coetzee
Lynn Coetzee1 years ago

Thank you Taylor for Caring for the St. Kilda penguins!

Summerannie M.
Summerannie M1 years ago

I signed the petition too and it is quite distressing to know that there are such terrible people who only know in their saddened life is to live a life of brutality towards ALL living beings. These Fairy Penguins are tiny. Very tiny and have lived their lives there for generations and to think they are there as their chosen home or colony is quite remarkable however, those who come from all over the world I guess and hope by and large sit or stand there in awe of these little penguins making their way back to their nests for the night but some who visit choose to be violent towards them is sickening. Thousands of people locally and beyond have heard of our beautiful tiny weeny penguins and enjoy them right in the city of Melbourne. Where they are is in a beach suburb which attracts tourists because what you can see, do and wander and look at. Its a great place to go. Im glad this petition attracted many to sign and the right people to do something. I was so upset upon hearing that sad news. Thanks Michael and everyone who signed the petition. You HAVE made a difference. Again Thanks Michael. :o)

ANA MARIJA R1 years ago

YES, Another reason to be thankful for this morning, day... at 6:06 a.m.
More than 218,000 blessings & thanks... :))))

Christine J.
Christine J1 years ago

Well done everyone. It's awful that we need to protect them from these horrible men, but we do.

Inge R.
Inge R1 years ago

Thank you, Taylor! Until now I just can't get it how anybody can only think about hurting these wonderful creatures. Can somebody be that small in mind to kick the even smaller ones? I wish they had sharp teeth to bite back.

sandra vito
Sandra Vito1 years ago

GRANDIOSA NOTICIA! Gracias Taylor por lanzar la petición para proteger a estos bellos pequeños pingüinos indefensos de la maldad inhumana!!

Kathleen England
Kathleen E1 years ago

Great news! It just shows how taking just a few seconds to sign a petition can do a lot of good! Carry on signing people!