Supermarket Chain Ends Factory Farming One Year Ahead of Schedule

Australia’s leading supermarket chain Coles announced it is phasing out the use of factory farms one year ahead of schedule. The grocery made the declaration in support of Animals Australia’s largest campaign to end factory farming practices.

Coles reported their pledge means it will “free 34,000 mother pigs from cramped stalls and 350,000 hens from cages.”

Animals Australia blames factory farming “as the single biggest cause of cruelty to animals in the country” and they want to see it end. The animal rights group has developed a very effective campaign which includes a TV ad, featuring flying piglets that tell the hellish story of animals sentenced to life in cramped cages.

Animals Australia is counting on the fact that consumers will demand more humane conditions for farm animals when they are informed and see how the food on their dinner plates were treated during their lifetime.

“We know that factory farming only exists because their secrets are secured behind high walls and closed doors – and that an informed community would not knowingly support such cruelty,” said Lyn White, Animals Australia Campaign Director.

“This campaign will inform, inspire and empower Australians to make compassionate choices that will improve the lives of these animals, by refusing factory farmed products, buying fewer animals products, or by going meat free,” she added.

The campaign has worked so well Cole’s main competitor, Woolworths has also pledged to phase out factory farmed animals. The company said all of its “fresh pork” will be produced by farmers who operate stall-free farms by mid-2013.

More grocery stores are making the change to humanely raised meat products. In 2011 Whole Foods Markets started a 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating System that informs consumers how chickens, pigs and cattle were raised. All of the 1200 farms that supply to Whole Foods participate in the program. has a list on their website of national and regional food companies that label meat: grass-fed, pasture-raised, free range, organic or humane certified. Their suggestion is to shop at co-op grocery stores and natural food stores for the best source of food raised by individual farmers.

Some of the stores listed on their site are: Hannaford, Organic Prairie, Whole Foods, Murray’s and Vermont Smoke and Cure.

Below is a non-graphic video from Animals Australia which explains the “Make It Possible” campaign. Famous Australians such as former tennis star Pat Rafter, singer Missy Higgins, TV host Rove McManus and comedians Dave Hughes and Judith Lucy are featured. The first two minutes of the video shows the TV ad, “Pigs Fly” which was aired across Australia and led to a change of policy for the two grocery giants.


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Elizabeth Brawn
Elizabeth Brawn5 months ago


Elizabeth Brawn
Elizabeth Brawn5 months ago

That was a very effective and compaasionate add i remember watching it on tv

Fred Hoekstra
Fred Hoekstra3 years ago

Thank you Sharon, for Sharing this!

Carrie Anne Brown

great news thanks for sharing :)

Katherine Wright
Katherine Wright3 years ago

To the rest of the world...................are you paying attention???? Now you need to step up to the plate and do likewise. Bring an end to all cruelty NOW.

We cannot rest on our laurels as long as there are any animals who are suffering.

Sue McGuey3 years ago

YESSSSS!!!!!!!! It's a wonderful start!:)))))) Posted toFacebook....thanx Sharon for the article!:))

Dallas E.
Dallas E.3 years ago

This cannot happen fast enough, and it should be made mandatory everywhere in the world. People who operate these tombs of cruelty belong in jail, period. I will never eat meat again.

Diana Roth
Diana Roth3 years ago

Good for them. I hope some of the US ones will do the same.

Pamela Tracy
Pamela Tracy3 years ago

If you have had real farm raised pork like I did this year...I dont even want to buy pork in the store...this farm raised pork was so well cut...and it hit the intestines gently and easily not like the crap we buy in the stores...

Altho i cant understand why more farmers here dont try to sell farm raised pork to us daughter and her friends went in on the farm raised pig and once you have the real thing you would not believe the difference.

Susan Griffiths
Susan Griffiths3 years ago

Further proof that our efforts make a difference: The UK is putting its controversial plans to kill thousands of wild badgers on hold until summer 2013. Nearly 75,000 signatures were gathered on three Care2 petitions targeting the UK government on this issue and our collective voice has been heard!

We will succeed, if we work hard and work together.