Support Judge Sotomayor

Yesterday’s vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee to approve the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor moved the nominee one step closer to becoming the 111th justice to serve on the Supreme Court.  Despite her  overwhelming support by members of the Committee, only Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) crossed party lines to endorse the nominee.  Judge Sotomayor is expected to win confirmation, as Democrats have 60 votes in the Senate and four other Republican Senators have said they would vote for her.  Care2 would like to help make that happen.

Even with broad endorsements from the legal and criminal justice communities, Senate Republicans spent most of the contentious public hearings attacking the nominee for her extra-judicial statements concerning race and affirmative action.  Even though Senate Republicans on the Judiciary Committee conceded that Judge Sotomayor is exceptionally well qualified they voted against her nomination.

Judge Sotomayor’s record at both the district court and the appellate court speaks for itself.  Her rulings are well within the mainstream, siding with law enforcement or government actors over 90% of the time.  As a practicing attorney she prosecuted criminals and litigated business disputes.  Senate Republicans cannot attack her record so they chose instead to distract from any substantive debate on legal issues, focusing instead on a handful of statements that bear little, if any relevance, to Judge Sotomayor’s rulings.

Considering the issues expected before the Court in the coming term–more fallout from executive abuses in the war on terror, campaign finance reform, additional voting rights cases, it would be wise for Senate Republicans to focus on the issues and set aside divisive cultural rhetoric.  Let’s get the conversation back on track.  Petition your Senator and urge they vote in support of Judge Sotomayor’s nomination.

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Barry B.
Past Member 7 years ago

Carol H--Espero que usted no es una aficionada de futbol americano porque, come sabe, los malditos cubanos Estefan poseen gran parte de los Dolfins.

Ray Ables
Past Member 7 years ago

Just to set the record straight, Castro was helped into power by the United States.

Carol H., no digas cosas racistas y xenofobicas porque aparentas ser recontra ignorante cuando lo haces.

Ray Ables
Past Member 7 years ago

Mark G., I have a theory that you are actually Glenn Beck. Am I right? If not I suggest you find something else to watch as you sound like him on every issue.

Past Member
Maria C.7 years ago

According with an interesting article from Newsweek I have understand this:
Judge Sotomayor is Puerto Rican, therefore she comes from a "Free associated state", thus is understable she has the same "privileges" of a citizen of USA of vote and be voted.
Also, she was studying in Princeton and she, like many lawyers of USA have a background and a politics agree with the system. But curiously, she is the judge, but not only the woman, THE JUDGE, who has done a higher amount of condemns, as well as a higher amount of time for these condemmns, and not only for the "white neck" stealers even also for immigrant gangs and "hispanics", therefore I do not why so much problem about it. People say that she has a skew toward the "hispanic people", but this is not also true.
I think the value of her career is that she is a woman in a world of men and she completely deserves the right to be voted and have their role in the Court.

roberto c.
roberto m.7 years ago

Judge sotomayor is a great person and i will continue to support her she will do an excellent job as always and people im tire of your bigotry and all your racism and descrimination towards most races including hispanics and about imigration im sick and tire of people not getting the messege clear california has gone way to far out of the line with this and im SICK and disgusted and thanks all of you WONDERFUL people for understanding

Mark G.
Mark G.7 years ago

"Judge Sonia Sotomayor is by FAR the most qualified person to be nominated to the Supreme Court EVER" Wow - not very educated are you Barbara?
Roberts - AD and JD from Harvard, clerk for US Court of Apeals 2nd Circuit, clerk for US Supreme Court, Special Assistant to the Attorney General - Justice Dept., Associate Counsel to the President, served in the US Dept of Justice, and the US Court of Appeals in DC.
She may turn out ot be a fine justice, but she is generally known to not even be in the same league as many of the other justices.

Blue Bunting
Blue Bunting7 years ago

Carol H., I'm sorry to read about your skewed perception regarding Cubans; when my relatives escaped from Castro, both my cousins and my aunt were strip searched at the airport and only permitted to leave with the clothing on their backs, one watch, one pair of earrings, one bracelet and one necklace. They got nothing FREE when they made it to NYC; our family members supported them until my aunt and uncle could find jobs.
There are people in Brooklyn, NYC who feel about Russian immigrants ... much the same way you do because NYANA gives every Russian claiming to be a Jew an apartment, a job, a social security card and food stamps ...
So it is all about perception and the different ethnic groups entering the U$A ...
Judge Sotomayor studied and worked hard to attain her position in life and she deserves our support.

Barry B.
Past Member 7 years ago

I guess we know where Carol H stands on immigration issues. Since you are so incensed by the "Cuban Invasion," you must, like me, be one of those European Americans (maybe even a dreaded British American). Recall how we swarmed across the ocean like locust in the 16th & 17th centuries and usurped this continent from its original Native American owners. Since they weren't civilized like us, they didn't deserve to live here anyway. Of course, once we were in control, we had to defend ourselves against invasions by the Irish--who built our cities--and the Poles and Russians--who built our farms--and that horror of horrors, the Chinese--those little guys with the pigtails who built the railroads and opened up this continent from sea to shining sea so you can get from Florida to Disneyland and rub elbows with Mexican Americans riding in carnival-style canoes in Frontierland, paddled by the few remaining Native Americans. And don't forget those horrible Vietnamese back in the 70's & 80's who brought absolutely nothing to this country except exceptional intelligence. So, by all means, we--you, me. Jim N, Beverly C, and all the other jingoistic xenophobes in this country--have to join forces to drive these "Latins" back into the sea before they, too, contribute something of value to America. And, by the way, next time you drop a bundle at the casino, don't get too upset. Just think of it as paying past-due rent on this country to the Native Americans who run the tables.

Carrie Burton
Carrie B.7 years ago

Unfortunately Carol I am one of many Hispanics in this country who does NOT speak spanish! I am saddened by that but not for any of the reasons you stated. Tell me Carol, is your biogtry limited to Hispanics, or are you an equal oppurtunity bigot?

Carol H.
Past Member 7 years ago

I do not trust you at all I have seen first hand what latins do to Americans so don't even go there.
Americans that only speak English are looked upon as though we have two (2) noses and three ears (3) like from what planet did you come from. Before the Cubans invaded Florida it was considered perfectly fine that you only spoke the language of the United States now that the Cubans have taken over we are looked as though we garbage. How dare you don't speak Spanish and we are looked as though we are nonhuman so don't even tell me OK.
When my family had to come back to the United States because my father became ill in Central America working for the United States the same time the Cubans started their invation in 1955 we couldn't get the help that Cubans got freely such as housing, food, medical help but these invaders got everything free but us as Americans got nothing so don't tell me anything because I have been there and done that.
So anything you say falls on deaf ears because all of you latins know how to steal when you need to and that is a fact. OH by the way you are American because you were born in Puerto Rico and they don't have to pay taxes there so mainland United States has supported you all of your life so please don't expect me to feel sorry for you because that will never ever happen.