Swine Flu November Update

The U.S. Government’s top flu monitoring agency, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has provided new estimates for the deaths, hospitalizations and total infections in the United States from the H1N1 flu (Swine flu).  The CDC estimates that 22 million people, or about 7% of the U.S. population, have become infected with the virus between April and October 2009.  During this time there have been nearly 4,000 deaths (540 children) and 98,000 hospitalizations.  While some of those hospitalizations are from recent flu infections and are ongoing, generally, the majority of people hospitalized do fully recover.

While the seasonal flu vaccine is often reccomended for seniors because they are most suseptible to complications and death from the typical seasonal flu virus, the H1N1 flu (Swine flu) has creates different risks in the general population.  Children and pregnant women appear to be at a statistically higher risk of death and complications, while seniors are at a lower risk of serious harm from the H1N1 flu.  As with other flues, H1N1 is also of particular risk for people with compromised immune systems.  Recently, doctors have found increased danger for people with diabetes.

The CDC monintoring for any reports of illness or problems related to the vaccine, but has not found any significant negative consequences caused by the H1N1 vaccine.  The CDC was not anticipating safety issues because of the similarity of the H1N1 vaccine to the seasonale flu vaccine received by millions of Americans each year.

Clinical trials of the vaccine shows that it is effective protection against the H1N1 flu.  It is possible that the virus will mutate at some point in the future, and that the vaccine being given now would not be effective against the changed version of the flu.  However, there is no evidence that this has happened yet.

Everyone can get the flu, regardless of age, and the typcial experience is like other flues, with symptoms such as fever, body aches, sore throat, etc.  But the H1N1 is a new strain and has its own genetic code.  It also appears to have a higher infection rate for the fall season than the typical flu, which is most prevalent during the winter months. 

The vaccine campaign has led to a wide range of reactions.  Some medical professionals have spoken out in concern that they have not been able to get the vaccine immediately, even though they are treating H1N1 cases regularly and are thus placing themselves and their families at greater risk.  Other health care workers have filed suit to stop government health authorities from requiring vaccination of health workers. 

Similarly, public reactions have been diverse.  Some people waiting in long lines in the first days of the vaccination campaign have complained that not enough vaccine was avaiable.  However, in the general population, many people are also expressing hesitattion about getting vaccinated, based on the low statistical chance of dying from the flu and fears about negative consequences from being vaccinated.  Approximately 40 million doses of the vaccine have become available so far, and more will become available until everyone who wishes is vaccinated.

The flu is expected to continue infecting the populations in the U.S. and around the world in coming months.  At this point, H1N1 is being managed as a significant health care event, but not a catastrophic ermegency.   The number of people that become very ill or die from the disease is substantial, but not so strikingly different than that caused by seasonal flues.  If the majority of children and pregnant women are vaccinated now, the death rate per month could even decline significantly. 

It is interesting to think about the impact of modern communications and transportation technology on management of the crisis.  Scientists are able to  devise strategies to protect the public and communicate many times faster than during any previous epidemic.  They will learn from their management of the H1N1 pandemic (yes, it is a pandemic because it has spread widely, even though the mortality rate is low) and incorporate what they learn about managing the crisis into preparations for similar or potentially greater health crises in the future. 

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Photo Credit: John Amis, Associated Press -- from CDC Press Kit


Laura B.
Laura b.6 years ago

What I want to know is why didn't our gov't close the borders when it first started? When you have a sick person, they are quarantined from other patients until they are non-contagious. When you have someone like John Holdren as one of the president's Tsars, you know the guy who wants to make people sterile through our drinking water, I don't put it past our gov't to do something purposely to "thin out" the herd, so to speak.

Laura B.
Laura b.6 years ago

HA! The H1N1 vaccine is bad for you just like the Gardisil vaccine has killed young women and crippled others.It is not tested right and it is dangerous. Build up your immune system and use common sense.

bernard t.
kelvin t.6 years ago

Dear all,

I'm not a great conspiracy theorist but I feel the attached doc (which seems well-researched) is important to circulate... Apologies if it's not of interest.

Some alarming key points:

+ If the swine flu virus has only been known about since May this year when the outbreak occurred in Mexcio; how come Baxter patented their swine flu vaccine nearly one year prior to the outbreak?

+ A total of 37 countries took part in the gulf war. Only 4 countries (UK, USA, Canada and Australia) gave their troops the anthrax vaccination. Only troops from these 4 countries have experienced gulf war syndrome. Discuss!!

bernard t.
kelvin t.6 years ago

This swine flu scare is Problem-Reaction-Solution (or Hegelian Dialectic) event. Create an engineered swine flu virus and release it (Problem), use the media to hype it up so people become scared even though so far it's no more dangerous than regular flu (Reaction). Then they introduce the swine flu vaccine (Solution). Which was what the plan was on the first place. It's a scam. The same goes for the credit crunch, it's all about creating a new global financial system by crashing the existing system by these bail outs. The solutions is the coming global bank and the creation of the North American Union (like the EU and made up USA, Canada and Mexico) and these will all have common regional currency called the Amero just like the Euro. DISCUSS!!!!

Nikola Paganini
John Lost6 years ago

great story-thank you

Nikola Paganini
John Lost6 years ago

great story-thank you

Lynn T.
.6 years ago

I give a big hand of applause to all of you here who have not bought into the H1N1 hysteria! I have made several posts on my page about the lies and cover-ups regarding this "new" virus.

If you look at the flu virus outbreaks over the last couple of decades you should be able to see a pattern here - "someone" wants a pandemic and they are doing whatever it takes to scare the hell out of people. One person posted the link to the CBS article that shows the CDC isn't counting H1N1. Here is another link will take you to a news site with the same article and from there you can read a lot more articles about what people are told/not told: http://www.naturalnews.com/027037_swine_flu_H1N1_vaccines.html

I have been very disappointed about Care2's coverage of H1N1. They seem to be very vigilant about exposing other lies and cover-ups, but unfortunately not here! Perhaps "someone's" finger is on them too????

Frank A.
Frank A.6 years ago

... this is very likely just more B.S. The CDC recently changed their "accounting methods" and boom the numbers jump up by what 6x or so from what they were the day before... Even using their NEW numbers it still doesn't add up to an epidemic plus the gov't and our medical industry & institutions lie so damn much, I don't trust them at all. As no informed person should. They have cried wolf way too many times.

Lionel Mann
Lionel Mann6 years ago

Thanks for your response and this obviously sincerely motivated article, but I have seen so many cases of medical "crying wolf" when in fact nothing serious has eventuated that I have become very cynical regarding medical pronouncements. The number of fatalities resulting from swine flu is still insignificant considered against the regular toll from natural causes. Worry itself lessens resistance to infection and the publicity given to H1N1 is dangerously promoting worry. Since I became old enough to exercise choice I have avoided medical institutions, have missed exactly one half day from work or play owing to illness and am now a quite healthy 82 years old. Medical science is still in its infancy and should be viewed with great caution, especially when accepting a relatively untested vaccination is involved.

leslie c.
leslie c.6 years ago

Last October I was reading an article about the Army lab people in Ft.something Maryland exhuming the virus from a woman who died from the 1914 pandemic because they wanted to improve the vaccine. I told myself this is going to get out to the general public.Sure enough some vials came up missing and lo and behold this last flu had the 1914 virus,avian,and 2 new ones from Eurasia.

This video has to do with the Obama health care thing
Alex Jones TV:Obamas Health Care-No Change

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