Taking Action at Home for Oil Spill Disaster: Environment America Launches Gumbo for the Gulf

The Washington Post is featuring a story on the potential long term impacts of the BP oil spill, looking to the largest rig spill ever, the 1979 Ixtoc I blowout in the Southern Gulf of Mexico, for guidance.

Even though Ixtoc I sat in 150 feet of water, rather than 5000 like Deepwater Horizon, operators had the same problems plugging the leak, with caps, mud, and junk shots all failing.  A relief well finally stopped the oil 290 days later.

If BP manages to plug Deepwater Horizon by August, that will be dramatically faster than Ixtoc I, but the spill may be even worse. Makes the claims that we’ve come a long way in oil rig technology and that “modern oil drilling” is clean and safe ring hollow, no?

The continued news from the Gulf has left sympathizers all over feeling angry and helpless.  Several organizations working in the Gulf have offered would-be activists a channel for their energies.  One such group is Environment America.

This week, they launched Gumbo for the Gulf.  Participants will host fundraising houseparties throughout the week of June 14th to draw attention to the plight of communities, fishermen, and wildlife affected by the disaster and provide relief funds and resources to advocate for policies to prevent future disasters.

The Gulf spill has become largest spill in U.S. history, with at least 18 million gallons of oil released into the ocean so far. As the 2010 shrimping season opens, boats sit idle and entire communities worry for their future.  The toll on wildlife an the environment is only just beginning to become apparent and BP estimates oil will continue leaking into the Gulf of Mexico until August. 

Find out more and how to sign up to host a Gumbo for the Gulf event.

Photo from the The International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) flicker page via Creative Commons License.


Colin Hope
Colin Hope6 years ago

Noted and signed!!

Dixie L.
Dixie L.6 years ago

I love the idea of Gumbo for the Gulf. We love our gumbo and our gulf shores.

Chinmayee Jog
Chinmayee Jog6 years ago

Yes, I must say, since this spill has occurred, every time I hear about it, I have felt nothing but anger, frustration, and sadness about the situation, the wildlife that has been killed or wounded, and the families of the men that died when the accident happened. I'm glad that someone has come up with some solution, although no matter how much fundraising is done, sometimes it just seems futile...because too much damage has already been done that cannot be undone.

Barb Mathews
Barb M.6 years ago

tony hayward reminds me of baghdad bob, from the iraqui invasion, who insisted baghdad wasnt falling --when one could plainly see tanks in the background............ many of the government spokesmans remind me of him too when they refuse to answer reporters questions

Lynn C.
Lynn C.6 years ago

The ONLY positive thing that I can see happening because of this spill, would be that the environmentalists groups may use this to stop the pollution in ALL arenas. You go, guys...we're with you!

Linda Mills
Linda Mills6 years ago


Linda Mills
Linda Mills6 years ago

thanks for the post

Paul H.
Paul H.6 years ago

Good to hear from people like Fred H. with proactive idaes and possioble solutions to this catastrophe. Thanks Fred and lets not forget the power of positive collective thought or some call it prayer.

Paul H.
Paul H.6 years ago

Good to hear from people like Fred H. with proactive idaes and possioble solutions to this catastrophe. Thanks Fred and lets not forget the power of positive collective thought or some call it prayer.

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

As long as 1 barrel of oil a day keeps gushing from BP's well in the Gulf of Mexico, the job of stopping the oil-spill has NOT YET been done. It must be stopped and stopped absolutely. No more talk about this or that percentage of oil being "recovered". IT"S STILL LEAKING, PEOPLE, AND STILL ADDING TO THE POLLUTION OF THE ENTIRE AREA.

BP should be made to remove whatever "solution" they currently have in place - a pipe within a pipe, they say - and they should cork the well up so that no more oil can escape.

How to cork the well? Why, use a very strong cone-shaped or other magnet fitted with a welded-on handle at the wider , top, end, and a 21" "O" ring. Suspend the magnet by the handle from a mile-long cable hanging from a top-side crane. Using an undersea robot, direct the magnet towards the top end of the well-pipe projecting from the ground. Aim the lower, pointed end of the magnet into the top of the pipe, and let it fit snugly into the pipe, with the "O" ring around the middle of the magnet. Natural magnetic attractive forces should take over and allow the magnet to fit perfectly over the pipe, preventing any further possibility of a continued spill.

I've made this suggestion to BP's "Hot Line", so they know all about it. But why not try it? A simple enough solution, I think. And I've also suggested the same to the White House.

Comments, anyone?