Talking Climate Change with Dr. Molly

By JP Leous

What’s happening on the climate change front? What exactly is climate change adaptation? What’s the difference between “grey” and “green” infrastructure? What’s the most important thing folks can do to address the climate crisis?

These questions, and plenty more, were the topic of recent interview I did on the Dr. Molly Barrow Show. About a year ago I was on Dr. Molly’s show to talk about climate change policy and the BP oil spill.  About a year later Dr. Molly asked me to join her to talk shop once again.

I won’t spoil the interview for you (listen to it online), but I will say in lieu of meaningful Congressional action to address the climate crisis, organizations from the Vatican to San Francisco to Chicago are calling for action and taking steps—and adapting to climate change is front and center. This is great news, but more—much more—is needed if we are to jumpstart the green economy and protect our communities and wildlands. We need to cut greenhouse gas emissions to solve tomorrow’s climate problem – we need investments in adaptation strategies that solve today’s.

Listen to the interview

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