Who Doesn’t the Tea Party Hate? Now It’s Military Families

Republicans’ hostility toward military families continues. It’s not enough that they warmonger without acknowledging the real lives that hang in the balance. Now they are targeting the children of those in service as well.

A provision inserted into the Budget Control Act passed by Congress last year, a provision demanded by Tea Party Republicans, would make large across the board cuts to local school aid that services military families. These dollars are known as Impact Aid. Impact Aid is one of the oldest federal education programs and serves school districts that are especially burdened by activities or commitments of the federal government — like school districts located near military bases.

The problem is a complicated one, which perhaps suggests how not serious the right is about actually governing. A new report by the Center for American Progress details the challenge. According to the reports, there are lots of children on military bases in need of educational services from the local school system, and most of those children live in families that pay little or no local taxes. Military installations, including their housing units, are not subject to local property tax; the post exchanges and commissaries charge no sales tax; and a very large percentage of the families stationed at military installations are not permanent residents of the state in which the installation is located. They therefore pay no income tax in that state. Those tax dollars, of course, traditionally would help fund educational services. Since there is little to no tax revenue, Impact Aid fills the gap.

CAP explains the impact:

Sequestration lops off 9 percent of that money in the same way that it cuts all other programs. But because Impact Aid funds go out in the same year that they are appropriated, the cut to Impact Aid hits this year’s budget—not the one next year. That leaves such schools in a very awkward position. If they cut their payrolls now, reducing the teaching force and eliminating educational resources, they may find out in a few months that cuts have been reversed and that they have unnecessarily shortchanged their students. But if they keep spending at their current rate until they are sure what Congress is going to do, then they may be forced to make far deeper and more draconian cuts later in the school year.

What is remarkable about this unfortunate situation is the lack of concern or support being exhibited in Congress and that it was totally avoidable. Other than the July 25 hearing by the Senate Appropriations Committee, there has been little visible sign of activity or even recognition that the problem exists. In fact, members of Congress representing such districts seem committed to carrying through with the cuts or even making them bigger.

And who could forget Republican silence on the troops at their convention?

As the possibility of sequestration and these cuts grows greater every day, we must make sure the American public understands just who will be hurt the most by Tea Party politics: the men, women and children serving this country with dedication and honor. Just like this new conservative movement is not at all “pro-life,” they are clearly not true “patriots,” either.

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Yvette T.
Past Member 3 years ago

Ignorance in this case is dangerous. Impeach them or Expel them, I say.

janet T.
janet t.3 years ago

Hate to tell you guys but there have been tea party types who have hated military families as far back as I can remember. We have been accused of being living off the public teat in many ways. When my husband was going to retire after 25 years in the military, we were accused of loafing on our butts and collecting money, but all the military retired I know have gotten jobs after retirement to make ends meet. And military have been accused of not paying school taxes even when we live on the economy, not the base, and they have this program to make up that money. We also have been accused of bringing down the levels of schools when our kids come from other states which they consider inferior. (I am looking at you Virginia state!!)And when I moved to Mississippi when I was in school, they accused me of coming there to change their state laws that prevented african american students from attending their lily white schools. And during all this, we military brats have to keep our mouths shut and not comment on politics. Military kids deserve medals!!!

Amber Martingale
Angela Roquemore4 years ago

@ William and Kat D.": Of course there is! If it weren't for hate, the'ld have nothing to do!

Michael M.
Michael M.4 years ago

Of course t-baggers hate military families: It's something else the Federal Government has to take care of. Something repukes/t-baggers forget since they started two unpaid wars.

William and Kat Dresbach
Katie D.4 years ago

Always something they HATE!!!!

Nils Lunde
PlsNoMessage se4 years ago


Michael G.
Michael T.4 years ago

oh ploppy how sweet of you. kissey kissey. Here's a nice new chewbone for you now go and take it out on the veranda and tear it to pieces with your sharp nasty teeth like you always do.

Paul P.
Paul P.4 years ago

Michael G then U are All TROLLS Here not me. Out of EVERY 20 posts about 17 Spue HATEFULNESS, Name Calling etc. Get out from under my Bridge It isn't and won't
crumble because it is built on a solid rock. Even u Mike have a purpose but I doubt that you will ever be able find it.

Paul P.
Paul P.4 years ago


You live up to Being Gruffty your bridge is still crumbling.
Guess who else is emooooting today Aren't u really Denise?

Michael G.
Michael T.4 years ago

I am glad you found the source material on Ilse and therefore her sons worthy of reading.