Teacher Fired for Facebook Post: Facebook Troubles Part 1

Dr. June Talvitie-Siple, a high school math supervisor in Cohasset, Massachusetts, learned her lesson about Facebook privacy settings the hard way – she lost her job.

 Arrogant and Snobby

Not realizing her status update wasn’t restricted to friends only, Dr. Talvitie-Siple groused about the upcoming school year calling the residents of Cohasset “arrogant and snobby” and adding that she was “so not looking forward to another year at Cohasset schools.”

The school district granted her wish and demanded her resignation.

 Refuses to Apologize

Although Talvitie-Siple takes full responsibility for not realizing her privacy settings allowed anyone to read her page, she refuses to apologize for her remarks, insisting that she was referring to the political situation in the school district, which she says, is “very stressful”.

Cohasset school officials, residents and parents are understandably irritated by the comments and Talvitie-Siple’s lack of contrition.

Talvitie-Siple, who was the math and science supervisor, is no stranger to Facebook faux pas. In February a bout with illness caused her to remark on her page that “Now I remember why I stopped teaching kids. They are all germ bags.”

She claimed later that it was a joke and that her friends were aware she was kidding.

Parents weren’t as amused.

Teachers Face New Policies

Many teachers are starting the new school year with reminders and new policies governing their online time, but this new push for Internet safety for adults, who like to stay employed in these grim economic times, comes too late for Dr. Talvitie-Siple, who plans to look for less stressful employment in the coming weeks.

Should teachers, or employees in general, be able to post online without fear of losing their jobs? Where’s the line between work and private life? Or is there one?

Facebook Privacy Setting by Ann Bibby


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Charles Webb
Charles Webb5 years ago

Teachers are supposed to be roll models for our children. The children are on facebook. 'Nuf said.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

These days almost all employees search the Internet for anything referring to employees or applicants. There are plenty of stories about people with temporary jobs who have been dismissed for posting anything remotely critical or just showing a picture of their tattoos ar playing in a metal band, etc. I never post anything on FB or any other public site that are critical towards a company I work for or apply to. I save those for my personal and anonymous e-mail accounts!

ChanTlalok Rain C.

thanx Ann, God Bless

Hilary E.
Hilary E.6 years ago

O COME ON NOW!!! That's her own personal life. U know I say things like that about my own kid! People need to quit taking things so damn personal and lighted the frick up!

Hannah H.
Hannah H.6 years ago

Serves her right...

Mary A.
Mary A.6 years ago

I could to go fired or without more and better opportunity if I do work comments on FB about the work...