COPENHAGEN: Ten Books to Help You Understand the Climate Crisis

EDITOR’S NOTE: Once again we turn to our friends at the Progressive Book Club for tips on how decode the issues arising in Copenhagen.  Just in time for holiday giving, too!

With representatives of nearly 200 countries in attendance, the climate change talks now taking place in Copenhagen mark the largest environmental meeting in history. And while few expect the conference to produce a binding agreement, with the unprecedented attendance of U.S. President Barack Obama, there is cautious optimism that an international framework can be forged to deal with global warming.

That will be no easy task, though, as world leaders look for a way to keep the earth’s temperature from rising by more than 2 degrees Celsius while dealing with a slew of sensitive issues. Those include balancing the burden between developed and developing nations and determining who will pay for sweeping environmental initiatives.

To help you get your head around what’s at stake in Copenhagen over the next week, we’ve compiled a list of ten PBC books that address the many facets of the climate crisis issue.

Our Choice by Al Gore
A comprehensive and essential text on the actions necessary to solve the climate crisis and the emerging technology that can help us get there.

The Global Deal by Nicholas Stern
A renowned economist’s highly relevant insights on how the world can realistically collaborate and adapt to a more sustainable way of life.

The Green Collar Economy by Van Jones
The noted environmental activist’s broad and sensible proposal for how government can invest in environmentally progressive works projects to simultaneously tackle global warming and economic inequality.

The End of Nature by Bill McKibben
Widely considered the first major text on global warming, this reissued classic puts into perspective just how dire the climate crisis is and what we must do to stop it.

Nature’s Second Chance: Restoring the Ecology of Stone Prairie Farm by Steven Apfelbaum
Telling the story of how a depleted Wisconsin corn farm was transformed into a diverse, self-sustaining ecosystem, the ecologist offers a real-life example of how humans might begin to heal a ravaged planet.

Green Metropolis by David Owen
An insightful and unconventional explanation of how compact urban centers provide a model for greener, more sustainable lifestyles.

Fight Global Warming Now by Bill McKibben
An indispensable guide for individuals on how they can act to impact the climate crisis.

Water Consciousness by Tara Lohan
A collection of essays from top environmental writers on the budding global crisis of water shortages, a problem intrinsically tied to global warming.

The Big Green Purse by Diane MacEachern
A practical handbook for female shoppers on how to shift their spending towards more environmentally friendly commodities.

Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins
A bold case for why profit-driven capitalism and environmentally progressive business practices need not be mutually exclusive.

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By Zachary Ahmad, Progressive Book Club


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Leia P.
Leia P.7 years ago

if only i had the time

Carole Tokaruk
Carole Tokaruk7 years ago

I have a few books to recommend to balance the equation....Christopher C Horner in his book "Red Hot Lies", "Green Hell", by Steve Milloy and "Climate Confusion" by Roy Spencer. The financial incentive for individual scientists to speak out on the global warming is on the side of the global warming alarmists.Be correctly informed not mislead!

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Rosemarie M.
Rosemarie M7 years ago

Save your money!

Ray W.
Ray W7 years ago

You gotta be kidding! A book by Al Gore?!!!
Anybody wonder where all the "experts" come from?
Ever wonder who sponsors them?
Ever wonder why, according to them,
the Earth is on a "Rapid" decline?
Huh! Really?
Why are so many of their notions being proved as "Fraud"?
I think people have been 'conditioned' to think the worst, therefore attracting the worst.
Does anyone really believe this new number of scientist, 1700 ,
are really on board?
Who is telling them to " GET on BOARD "