New Plaintiffs in Tennessee Mosque Suit Claim “Emotional Distress” If It’s Built

The attempt to hold up construction over a proposed mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee has gotten new life, as fourteen new plaintiffs sign onto the suit.  The fourteen men and woman joining the suit all live near the proposed site, and are claiming that having an Islamic mosque and community center in their neighborhood would make them unable to enjoy their own land and cause them “extreme emotional distress,” violating their right to happiness.

The new plaintiffs join three current plaintiffs, all of whom have questionable standing to sue, according to defense lawyers involved with the case.

The Daily News Journal reports:

Brandon and Smith filed new motions Tuesday arguing that all 17 plaintiffs have standing when it comes to the proposed ICM building. They contend that Fisher has standing because he’s an African American Christian who’d be discriminated against and subjugated as a second-class citizen under Shariah law and be denied his civil rights; Moore has standing because she’s a Jewish female who’s targeted in a Muslim call to kill Jews in “jihad” in support of Palestine and as a woman whose rights would be subordinate to those of men in Shariah law; and Golczynski, who lost a son killed while serving in the U.S. Marines in a combat in Fallujah, Iraq, by insurgents pursuing jihad as dictated by Shariah law.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys also stand by the other 14 plaintiffs who joined the case because they live near the proposed ICM building.

The document goes on to say that all such Shariah teaching and practices will interfere with the plaintiffs’ use and enjoyment of their land and cause them extreme emotional distress, which discriminates against them and denies them their civil rights to equal protection.

The construction of the mosque and community center has been plagued by issues ever since ground was broken, with attempted arson, vandalism, and even plans to ask the city to stop it via zoning laws. Earlier, plaintiffs tried to sue by stating that the mosque wasn’t a religious institution because Islam isn’t actually a religion.  The Department of Justice rejected that claim.


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Beth S.
Beth S.5 years ago

I can't remember where it was, but I saw something in the news about a man who was upset about the noise every time the mosque near him blasted out the muezzin's call to prayer five times a day. A noise that penetrated the walls of the house. In response during one of the prayer sessions, the man went out to his front lawn and mowed his lawn and yodeled. I think I remember that he was fined heavily after mosque attendees complained.

William Y.
William Y.5 years ago

If emotional stress is all that's needed to get rid of something then I say get rid of the Republican party, those 5 right-wing Supreme court Justices and the Big Corporations. Any time anyone of them says something, it causes me emotional stress.

Christina V.

@Bint A
you really need to get off your computer and socialize with people u have written a novel here and you are very umm lets call you opinion is MY opinion and if you don't agree then thats too bad for you if you think u are a good muslim cause you respond the way you do then u r proving me right about everything... and seriously get some REAL friends you know the three dimensional ones

Armand F.
Armand F.5 years ago

By that illogical thinking the Baptist Church down the road from me interferes with my enjoying my own property because I smoke, listen to rock music, drink coffee, and such. This is foolish thinking on the part of these people. It is just another attempt to mask their bigotry and hatred of Islam, nothing more than that.

joan g.
scarlett g.5 years ago

with all the negative press and publicity on this group AROUND THE WORLD, one would hope they re-consider their efforts and settle in a different area where they 'MIGHT' BE ACCEPTED.............

William Y.
William Y.5 years ago

@ Bernadette P, why don't you take your own advice and stop trying to push your brand of pseudo-Christianity on the rest of us. This is not, and never has been a Christian nation. Try reading the Constitution and tell me many times the word "Christian" is found.

Bernadette P.
Berny p.5 years ago

It is very simple...DONT push your religion on others....USA is a christian nation that you like it or not so IF you want to live near a Mosque and have their problems go and live in an Arab country...but of course you WILL NOT get the same freedom and benefit !
I well understand the way these people feel as I have lived in Arab countries and believe me the word freedom ...especially for women DO NOT come in their vocabulary!

Bernadette P.
Berny p.5 years ago

It is easy to say yes when it IS NOT in your back yard....give an inch and they will take a yard!

wooddragon xx
wooddragon xx5 years ago

Sandra, reading between the lines, I think what Mabolsa is trying say to you is; he is really sorry for all his comments and he does not really mean anything hateful at all. But would you marry him. :0)

Michelle K.
Michelle K.5 years ago

If "Islam" is so great why were countries that were previously Christian were rich and far better off then they are today under Muslim rule? Also interesting a British atheist actually got a suspended jail sentence in county for publishing fliers that said "Islam is great, as long as you aren't a woman or a homosexual.."(of course fraud wasn't among the charges, but that he actually dared to print it!) These fourteen people whom don't want this mosque built near their land are making the point that Islam is actually a political ideology like communism or nazism. Yet anybody whom debates against this ideology is being name called an "Islamaphobe"