Texans Fights Back Against Attacks On Women’s Health Care

Texas voters have grown tired of Governor Rick Perry’s relentless attack on poor women, most recently displayed in a decision to jeopardize the successful Women’ Health Program.

A recent survey by Public Policy Polling finds only 38% support the decision. Not surprisingly women overwhelmingly oppose the decision by a 57/37 margin. Men do as well, though rejecting it on a 52/40 margin showing that voters understand that attacks on family planning and health care impact everyone in Texas, not just women.

The polling also shows that Texans understand the political nature of the attacks on Planned Parenthood and by in large are rejecting them. 59% of participants oppose Gov. Perry’s efforts to prevent women from using Planned Parenthood as their health care provider. Importantly, those identifying as independent voters also oppose the move by a 51/45 margin.

To help spread the message of voter discontent with these anti-woman, anti-family policies Planned Parenthood helped launch a statewide road trip to fight against the decision to end a successful public health program. The Women’s Health Express will be traveling across Texas until March 13, stopping to rally and call for Gov. Perry and Executive Commissioner Suehs to save the program, which they have set to expire on March 14.

For more information on the Women’s Health Express or how to get involved, check here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Texan or not. These are attacks against American women and they cannot be tolerated unless we are willing to accept a country where vast portions exist as health care wastelands decimated by a theological debate. And I can’t imagine anything less American than that.

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Photo from Robert Scoble via flickr.


Ralph H.
Ralph Henderson4 years ago

Cherish L. - They are not re-fighting the legality of abortion (regardless of your personal views). They are trying to force women to submit to what legally qualifies as rape in order to access what is already legal.
If you want to overturn the legality of abortion, that's a whole different subject (although if they have their way, I'm sure it'll come up) and you should write your representatives...and we'll write to ours.

Ralph H.
Ralph Henderson4 years ago

"....women overwhelmingly oppose the decision by a 57/37 margin." Who are the women who comprise the 37%? Makes me wonder if the poll is valid or if some apes directed their wives on how to answer.
Glad to see men polling at nearly the same numbers in any case "Men do as well, though rejecting it on a 52/40 margin....". Maybe there is hope.
Sounds like a clear majority and politicians need to start representing the people, not their 'church'.
It's so backwards. Politicians are supposed to work to find the will of the people and represent them, not people trying to find a politician who comes as close as possible. Representatives personal feelings should be completely irrelevant in our system.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal4 years ago

Barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen...hell no.

Ryana Rogers
Ryana Rogers4 years ago

Umm nope sorry Cherish still my body and my choice and it will always be they can probe me show me pics of this fetus whatever I dont care I will look in that dr's eye ans say Get rid of it! sounds harsh doesnt it? well I'm sick and tired of these pro fetus fruits acting like a fetus is the most important thing in the world! I will Tell U if and when I do have sex DO USE PROTECTION! but if something would happen I would get pregant u are damn skippy I would abort it most likey cause if I didnt you wonderful loving chrstians would label me a slut because I was preganty and not married ! this sounds harsh I know but I 'm tired of pro- fetus people!

Jane Barton
Jane Barton4 years ago

Joslynne Davidson Joslynne D.
8:56PM PST on Mar 8, 2012

"The amazing thing is that these monkeys are married. What kind of woman supports this absurdity?"

I would imagine a woman who likes small weiners and who can stand a thing like that on top of her without throwing up.

Angela M.
Angela Mogin4 years ago

Is this the same governor who campaigned against "Obamacare," because it would allow the goverrnment to choose what care you received and from whom- the dreaded result of "socialized medicine?" Apparently while seeing more people insured and asking healthy people to buy insurance as well, is an intolerable and unconstitutional assault on American's freedom of choice; denying women coverage because those women might chose to receive their health care from Planned Parenthood is a legitimate exercise of state power. Once again a false concern for the unborn (who can't be hurt if the woman gets a pap smear or a mamogram) is being used as a red herring to justify the state's attack on women's health. How long is this mental midget going to be allowed to sacrifice the lives of women on the altar of a sham concern about abortion? The potential well being of the as yet unconceived are held to be more worthy of protection than the health of living women. If you do not allow women adequate access to the health provider of their choice, how many will die needlessly? The governor should remember that dead women bear no children and women who have to undergo radiation because their cancer was not caught soon enough are usually rendered infertile. Is this his idea of good state policy?

A E G.
Elizabeth G.4 years ago

it's a Miracle...

Joslynne Davidson

Sometimes I wish it were true that there was a God who would punish the wicked. I can't help think that the souls of these people must be pretty shredded-no compassion. Sociopaths.

Joslynne Davidson

The amazing thing is that these monkeys are married. What kind of woman supports this absurdity?

Jane Barton
Jane Barton4 years ago

No, there's a parasite with a potential body in a uterus. And it remains my body, my choice.
It's the law and it's my medical procedure and it's my bizness.