Texas School Rejects 4-Year-Old Daughter Of Lesbian Couple

An Anglican school in Bedford, Texas, has denied admission to the 4-year-old daughter of a lesbian couple who wanted to enroll the girl in preschool.

In a statement, the dean of St.Vincent’s Cathedral School in the Dallas suburb said the school is standing on its principles in “matters of marriage and sex outside of marriage” by rejecting 4-year-old Olivia Harrison. The school said its decision was based on what is considered best for all students and “in conformity with scripture and our own church’s doctrinal standards.”

Jill and Tracy Harrison were married in Canada in 2006. When Jill filled out admission forms to enroll their daughter, Olivia, into the Anglican school, she wrote her name next to the word “mother” on the forms. She crossed out “father” and wrote in “mother” next to Tracy’s name as well.
School officials said they assumed Tracy was a man. But after the couple attended parents’ night, Olivia was denied admission.

Parents’ Reactions

In a swift response, Olivia’s mother, Jill Harrison, announced that this was “fine with her.” Tracy Harrison said she and her partner thought St. Vincent’s could give little Olivia a good education and impact “the basic Bible teachings…follow the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, be kind to your neighbor.” She added “The God that I know and the God that I love will love me and love my children no matter what.”


As someone who was raised in the Christian church, (my father was a Church of England minister), I can absolutely affirm that the behavior of St. Vincent’s Cathedral School is not Christian. Steve Williams wrote here a few weeks ago about novelist Anne Rice’s decision to quit the established Christian church because of how the religion is increasingly being used to push an agenda that is anti-gay, anti-feminist and anti-science. This school seems to fit right in here.

Schism within the Episcopal Church

A bit of background here: the Episcopal Church is facing a split, with some dioceses accepting of gays and lesbians, and some not. In fact, the Episcopal Church selected openly gay Gene Robinson to be a bishop in 2003. The Church of England also accepts gays and lesbians into the church, and actively works  against the fear, discrimination, or condemnation of homosexuals.

However, St. Vincent’s is part of a conservative movement that broke away from the U.S. Episcopal Church in 2008, in part over their positions on gay and lesbian rights. Kenneth Monk, head of the school, put it this way, “We are a church affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America, and it is their policy that we don’t provide services to individuals or families that do not behave properly.”

The Last Word

In response, Tracy Harrison stated, “I am horribly disappointed. In fact, we are in the 21st century and we are still dealing with this issue. We should just move on.” She continued, “It’s hard to believe that a place that’s supposed to take in and teach children about God and the basics of religion would actually discriminate against her because of who we are.”

Her moms have already enrolled Olivia in a secular school where same-sex parents are okay.

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Rose Becke4 years ago


Lin Moy
Lin M5 years ago

I feel for this and other children who may be turned away from more in life because of their parents. Ca't you recall parents who were differant in race were treated the same???? Some people are cruel---don't understand--can't let people be who they are. school is so molding anyway. So many things to conform too that are differant the kids just don't need rejected by people for any reason. Now we see mixing and don't have a stroke so one day perhaps gay families will be accepted the same way too.Good luck to all gay couples in life.

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin5 years ago

As long as they don't get any public money they can do what they like. Just glad the parents decided to enroll their little girl in a pre-school that are way more loving and respectful than the christian variety. Still maintain my stand about the opium, though.

Mick R.
Mick R.5 years ago

While it is wrong for them to deny the little girl, it is within their rights, unless they receive any public (as in government) funding.

Dan B.
Dan Brook5 years ago

I bet they are Republican.

The regressive Republican Party of No is mean-spirited, religiously fanatical, scientifically ignorant, corrupt, hypocritical, xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, evolution and global warming denying, authoritarian, selfish, greedy, lacking compassion, warmongering, and otherwise dangerous.

NEVER vote for Republicans.

Val H.
Val H.5 years ago

"We are a church affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America, and it is their policy that we don't provide services to individuals or families that do not behave properly."

Wonder what Jesus would think about this?

Rachel M H.

Anonymous A: I'm glad you think you are a Christian but I see nothing at all Christ like about you ! Christ is all about LOVE but you don't understand the word. "Come unto me" instead you would leave ! You'd take out your venom on a small child ? She doesn't know what orientation means, yet, however, you'd be giving her one of her the first lessons. Aren't you proud ?

Eli Is Here
.6 years ago

Why anyone would or could "reject" a child is beyond my comprehension!!!

Sarah D.
Sarah D.6 years ago

Yet another reason why my mother didn't raise me on Christian beliefs or allow me to read the bible.

Panayiotis Benas
Panayiotis Benas6 years ago

Ms. Lika S., regarding your comment (Sep 6, 2010 12:32 AM), I would like to emphasize/summarize the following:

a. MAJOR Christian Denominations abide by the "rules" of "ODIUM THEOLOGICUM" and "ODIUM HUMANI GENERIS".

b. According to the "PRINCIPLE OF CELIBACY-CHASTITY" (the other two being the principles of "ABSOLUTE POVERTY: NO MATERIAL POSSESSIONS" and of "OBEDIENCE-SUBMISSION"), the high-ranking priests (BISHOPS etc.) have developed - through the centuries - HOMOPHOBIA and MISOGYNY.

You are stating your argument in a very reasonable way, but the CHURCH OFFICIALS tend to "interpret" the scriptures in the way it SERVES their hidden agenda.


You can read more details in my previous comments:

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Aug 26, 2010 12:32 PM

The most ALARMING phenomenon, though, beyond the DISGRACEFUL BEHAVIOR of the so-called "school", is that THERE IS NO ACTUAL DEBATE GOING ON HERE.