The Gift That Keeps On Giving: Kittens Live Stream

These playful youngsters are from the Washington Animal Rescue League. Please enjoy the live stream below!

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Elisa F.
Elisa F.2 years ago

One little sleepy-head :) Very cute. Thanks!

Chris C.
Chris C.3 years ago

I love the way they waddle!

.3 years ago

thank you for sharing,(the cute sweeties)

Barbara D.
Past Member 3 years ago

Everyone's tuckered out and napping!

Jenny Saunders
Jenny Saunders3 years ago

I am trying so hard to see all their names. I see Sugar, Scratch. The Calico one has -Kers on the end. Anyone else see the other two's names?

Karen S.
Karen S.3 years ago

I think Momma has been moved today to let her furry "kids" grow up. So sad in a way but I know they're all being taken care of.

Dale O.

Wonderful, a cutie just jumped in front of the lens and blocked it briefly. A kitten 'hive' of playful activity almost as busy as bees with their play! An adult cat (Mom?) is grey and white and her tail is swishing back and forth repeatedly. She jumped into the bottom of the cat tree enclosure but it did not take long for a kitten to find her!

Kati Patelaki
Kati P.3 years ago


Kelly Davis-steel
Kelly d.3 years ago

awww little cuties xx

Dale O.

Fabulous, kittens playing is very soothing and entertaining.