The GOP Wants to Recruit More Women, and We Can’t Stop Laughing About it

At least since the 2012 election, the Republican Party has known it has a woman problem. Despite insisting that they have a platform that women should love, women just aren’t flocking to the GOP, and now Republicans are out to fix that.

It’s no secret that, when it comes to women representatives and senators, neither the Democrats or the Republicans is doing that well. (Only 16 of 52 Democratic senators and 58 of 200 Democratic house members are women). In a competition of the sub par, however, the Republicans are clearly losing. The GOP only has four women in the Senate and 20 in the House. Ouch.

So what does a political party teetering on the precipice of irrelevance do? Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!

From National Journal:

“It’s not good enough. It’s not. And it’s not reflective of the electorate,” said Rep. Ann Wagner of Missouri, one of just three Republican women in the freshman class of 2012, who were sworn into the House alongside 17 female Democratic colleagues. “We have a message I think that reaches women, and we need to make sure that we’re actively and aggressively telling that story. And there’s no better way to do it than being a woman who talks about it.”

In response to the growing criticism, GOP groups are working to improve outreach to female candidates to run for Congress. In June, the National Republican Congressional Committee launched Project GROW (for Growing Republican Opportunities for Women) to help the party with its messaging to female voters, instruct male candidates and incumbents on how better to connect with women, and to recruit more female candidates to run for Congress.

I mean, it’s just the messaging, right?

Ah yes, but I shouldn’t mock. It’s admirable that the Republican Party is starting to pull its head out of its bum and go after a demographic they seem to have specifically tried to alienate over the past several years. Maybe this will lead to a softened line on reproductive choice, equal pay and other equality issues.

Or not. According to the National Journal, Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway thinks that any woman who runs on the Republican ticket should stay away from “women’s issues”:

Democratic women, she said, put too much of an emphasis on abortion, while Republican women have the opportunity to take a broader view. “There are very few Democratic women who can begin or finish a sentence without mentioning a ‘woman’s right to choose,’” Conway said, noting that she’s actually had her researchers go through hours of remarks by Democratic members to find a single woman who failed to mention abortion. They haven’t found one yet. “There is a tremendous opening for the ‘whole women,’ if you will, to step up and run for office as a Republican…. What do you do every week, gals–do you fill up the gas tank or do you have an abortion?” she said.

Aaaaahahahahahahahaha!!!! So much to unpack in such a small paragraph. It must have never occurred to Conway that Democratic women speak about reproductive choice so much because it’s constantly under assault by conservatives. It’s not just abortion. We’ve seen fight after fight about birth control under Obamacare. Elected Republicans are not standing up for women’s health, so Democrats have to. Republican-controlled states are restricting access to abortion like never before. Democratic women are constantly talking about abortion because they have to.

The thing about reproductive health that the GOP seems unwilling or unable to understand is that it basically permeates every issue. It affects access to education and employment prospects. Conway claims that women want to talk about the economy and not their uteruses, but what she fails to understand is that reproductive health is an economic issue. It’s hard to hold down a job or go to school and take care of an infant.

The GOP wants “the whole woman,” but they don’t want to address things the whole woman needs, like health care. How many times has the House tried to repeal Obamacare? 40? Equal pay is another example. Apparently, the GOP wants to represent women without actually representing women’s interests.

It should go without saying that, like any large group of people, it’s impossible to paint all women with the same brush. Contrary to what some people seem to believe, however, women are people with brains. Just because someone presents as a woman doesn’t mean that they support women (e.g., Sarah Palin). Without coming around on policy, it’s hard to believe that much progress will be made in bridging the gender gap.

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Jim Ven
Jim V10 months ago

thanks for the article.

Timothy Spurlin
Timothy Spurlin3 years ago

@ Ellen G. Have you failed to notice the war on women waged by the GOP in several red states. The GOP is trying hard to change it's image and failing miserable. When people try to use religion to govern with, it is a bad thing for everyone who doesn't tow the line. So Ellen, if your married, does your husband treat you like the GOP has been treating women? The GOP knows that without trying to rebrand themselves as women friendly, their sunk in the 2014 and beyond elections. The GOP know it needs to pass immigration reform, but the House of Reps is controlled by the GOP, which can't even do that. The Senate passed a bill, all they have to do is bring it to the floor for a vote. The GOP knows that black and latino votes is what buried them in some elections of 2012. So the answer is to suppress the black and latino vote where they can. The GOP has been highjacked by the extreme right and tea baggers. The Whigs were a republican extremist party that died because extremism doesn't work in America. The moderate GOP members will distance themselves from the extremist, and most likely vote with the Dems. Ellen, women's rights have been under attack since America was founded. Black men had voting rights before women, but extremist in the south used racist tactic to stop them from voting until The Civil Rights Act. So women's rights is the issue for the GOP, religion clouds their minds and judgement. Abortion is a political agenda of the GOP, has nothing to do with religion. Abortion

Hugh W.
.3 years ago

The sad thing is that Republicans are spending a lot to "rebrand" or "recruit" different genders and nationalities so that they can appeal to more people. If they stood for what people wanted, why would they have to do all of this marketing and pretending to care? They want votes, that is all. They could care less about what could make things better for you or this country as a whole. They want control so they can push their "less government" agenda which means more government control over everything, but just at the state level. It is still government control.

janet T.
janet t3 years ago

I hope every republican woman votes democratic next general election. And I would not be surprised if they did. Women are smarter than those republicans think they are.

Robynne W.
Robynne W3 years ago

Ellen...your comments show that you have no facts or information to speak of. You start off and end with insults. If you actually read the whole article, you didn't understand it. Opinion, not propaganda; abortion is not the priority, women's health and reproductive rights are; the author states dems are not much better than reps.
So do you have anything of substance to add to this discussion - or are you just here to ridicule those who believe differently than you and bash them?

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown3 years ago

Ellen G. - Thank you for illustrating that some of those waging the war on women, ARE women.

Ellen Gaston
Ellen Gaston3 years ago

No you snarky idiot. You left-wing nuts spent millions making up a "war on women." Just like this propaganda piece is trying to perpetuate. I am glad you find it hilarious that so many women buy your liberal bullshit. Abortions may be your priority, but you don't speak for me, so shut your piehole about "war on women" and go let your pervert democrats run amuck while you pretend they respect women more than a republican ever could. I don't need a donkey or elephant to define me or tell me what is best. You are an embarrassment, you Borg.

Amandine S.
Past Member 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing this article.

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N3 years ago


And after all of that - no ticket was issued. The incident happened last December and the women are now filing suit. This is not the first time a search like this has taken place, reported, or become news. Here is the video of another incident where two women are searched and internally probed on the side of the road. One woman yells in pain as the female trooper shoved her hand inside the woman. In this 'search' the troopers did not bother to check the women's socks/shoes.

Video #2

In both videos, you will hear two of the women 'half-laughing/giggling' a bit during the probes. I think most of us realize these women do not find this funny - and those are natural nervous reactions to the humiliation and shock they were experiencing. I admire them for coming forward with their stories. It's hard to wrap my brain around what is happening in Texas, and specifically to women. ...

I've seen the point made that since this has been reported in widely different areas of Texas, it's likely a sort of unofficial policy among officers that's spread more widely than admitted.

But the fact that nothing's been heard of official complaints, and that female officers come when called and that at least one asked for gloves from the male officers suggests to me that the policy stems from, or is at least tolerated by, those higher up, whatever sick jollies the male cops may get from this.

Dorothy N.
Dorothy N3 years ago

You've probably seen this - just one example of how women are regarded and treated in Republican territory, complete with the likely creation of yeast infections or worse spread of possibly incurable disease - hurts when you laugh at their 'outreach', don't it?

Republicans seem obsessed both with bestiality and with forced insertion of various probes into 'lady-bits' - how could we not find this attractive?

Sun Aug 04, 2013
2 More Women Internally Probed On Public Road By Texas Troopers (Video) Trigger Warning

by Leslie Salzillo

What amazes me about this story, is not only is this an illegal, sexually-violating police search, but it happened on a public road, for anyone driving by to see. These two women were pulled over, for allegedly throwing a cigarette out of the car window. They were given full body internal searches. Gloves were not changed between anal and vaginal probes, nor were they changed between women.

Under Texas law, this is considered sexual assaults/rape. Texas Penal Code Sec. 22.011. SEXUAL ASSAULT. (a) A person commits an offense if the person: (1) intentionally or knowingly: (A) causes the penetration of the anus or sexual organ of another person by any means, without that person's consent;

And after all of that - no ticket was issued. The incident happened last December and the women are now filing suit. Th