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The Importance of Being Vegan

The Importance of Being Vegan
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“If a man earnestly seeks a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from animal food.”

- Leo Tolstoy

Intellectually, most of us agree that inflicting unnecessary harm is unjustified – whether the victims are human or not. Yet somehow, most of the same people who subscribe to this belief are willing to turn a blind eye to such harm when they themselves receive some kind of advantage from it – whether the benefits are in the form of food, possessions, vanity, or amusement.

Sadly, because widespread violence against animals in the form of ‘agriculture’, ‘research’ and even ‘entertainment’, is sanctioned by mainstream society and its legal systems, the majority of people tend to be unwilling to see this brutality for what it is, and to step outside of the pervasive conditioning that makes such atrocities possible.

It’s true that more and more people are beginning to speak out about the many abhorrent abuses that occur within the animal industry, and the movement to ‘improve conditions’ for these animals continues to gain popularity. And yet, each one of the awful practices that animal advocates protest passionately against – intensive confinement, enforced insemination, separation of mother and child, castration, de-horning, tail docking, de-beaking, mulesing, de-toeing, live scalding, force molting – all of these horrific procedures, and many more, exist because an ever-growing number of human consumers continue to create demand for animal products. To an industry that views sentient beings as economic units – money-making machines – it is unavoidable that such violence will be viewed as an acceptable means to the end of delivering products that turn a profit.

In any case, even if every one of the aforementioned practices were abolished, it would still be immoral and inexcusable to use other sentient beings as resources. In today’s world, vegan alternatives are available for every single significant purpose for which we currently use animals*. Increasing numbers of people are embracing veganism as the solution to the problems we experience as individuals and as a society – from our many health crises, to our environmental emergency, to the issue of escalating violence – all of which have us living in some degree of fear for the future.

As this movement for animal emancipation grows in size and strength, a powerful example is being set by the individuals who refuse to take any part in the brutal oppression of innocents that we call ‘the animal industry’. Men and women all over the globe –simply by living as vegans – are demonstrating that there is no moral justification for the harm we inflict on animals.

*NB: Although animal products are used in certain items for which there currently are no consumer alternatives – such as computers and car tires – there are alternatives that could easily be used in their manufacturing.

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11:39PM PDT on Jul 29, 2014

What humanity needs to do is to come of age and end the insanity of hunting and killing animals, we are no longer Neanderthals...further more we need many more Vegan restaurants and shops in malls and shopping centres....Being a Vegan is a joy and a lot healthier, no animal suffers and life may well be longer free of meat consumption heart attacks, strokes, liver kidney failure and so many more problems being a carnivore...billy vincent berman....i too am on Facebook sharing as many petitions as i can and welcome people to use any material on my file and i like too very much the work of and care of care2 and the petitioners....billy vincent berman

12:38AM PDT on Jul 29, 2014

Thank you!

2:54AM PDT on Aug 10, 2013

Hi, Erica..........long time, no read. Welcome back. Yes, I had checked the top box in this discussion a very long time ago, when it was a NEW discussion. Never thought I should have to manually UNCHECK discussions that should just die out, automatically, so was a bit surprised when a new comment made to this article showed up in my C2's IN BOX. Hope you're doing well. Thank you for the support. It IS mind-boggling to contemplate why some think coming into and stirring up the "pot" after such a long time and in such a hostile, negative and insulting manner could impress anyone or "convert" them to their beliefs, isn't it?

2:41AM PDT on Aug 10, 2013

I can't believe this article is still being kept a very angry vegan no less. Diane, you are SO spot on. I mean, geez, I'm a vegetarian and thought Colin's comment was totally inappropriate...AND he is a tad late in getting in on the conversation. He should have participated when people still actually CARED about the discussion. And that goes for Cristina S too.

12:31AM PDT on Aug 5, 2013

"as soon as someone writes an article about Veganism, Meat Troll 1 through 9 come in and start telling everyone why Vegans are so bad and eating meat is The Greatest Thing Ever"............"AS SOON AS"? Colin, you must have missed the fact that this article was posted over 2 YEARS ago. Nobody who disagrees with Angel Flinn is a "meat troll", but since you've just popped in and completely misconstrued and incorrectly interpreted everyone who is NOT vegan, I'd question you as possibly fitting that description. Not a single non-vegan who has posted has called any vegan "bad" or suggested that eating meat is the "greatest thing ever". Geez, Colin, has it taken you TWO years to read this article or any of the comments here, or take you two YEARS to compose your snarky and disrespectful response?.

Read more:

5:25PM PDT on Aug 4, 2013

Once again, as soon as someone writes an article about Veganism, Meat Troll 1 through 9 come in and start telling everyone why Vegans are so bad and eating meat is The Greatest Thing Ever. Well guess what? I got news for you Trolls. Veganism is like a gigantic, rising tide that's starting to cover the world. We Vegans are gonna rise up and sweep out all the old, barbaric ways. And there's nothing you old fossils can do about it. That's because there is more compassion out there than your filthy cruelty and greed can drown.

As for the people who eat meat but DON'T specifically go around rubbing Vegan noses in that fact, guess what? You guys aren't going to get swept under. You guys can come surf the wave WITH us. All it takes is throwing away your old ideas that murdering animals is a good thing, and letting compassion rule over greed, apathy and fear.

Surf's up Meat Trolls!

5:49AM PDT on Jul 8, 2013

I have just been told by one of the members that Angel publishes old stuff and changes the name and publishes it again, and some people don´t seem to like it. As I said to her, my work doesn´t allow me to come round here very often, and I didn´t know anything about this, but still, I don´t think repeating this kind of stuff is bad. The more it´s published and repeated, the more it will be spread, and after all, it´s the truth. Perhaps this Angel person has offended someone or done something wrong, that I don´t know, and if that´s the case, I apologize to Valentina R about my last response, I honestly thought, by her words, that she was against what it´s said in the article, and I couldn´t understand why, and why she was in a site like this, which cares for the animals. With her words, Valentina gave me the impression of being against the principles of vegans. So I´m a bit confused now. Perhaps I got it all wrong, and for that, again, I apologize. There´s so many people critizising vegans that I can´t help being outraged, and answer to negative comments with some degree of anger. I still can´t see anything wrong in the article. But from now on, I will stay out of here, as I cannot log in often enough to be in the loop of what´s happening, and my comments can be out of place. So all the best to everyone, and sorry if I have offenden anybody.

5:30AM PDT on Jul 8, 2013

I wonder why you, Valentina R, are in this site, when you have no regard for any rights but yours, obviously you don´t give a damm about anything but yourself. With people like you, it´s not strange that the world is the nazi camp it is for non-human animals. The article is totally right, and only speaks the truth, in a very civilized way, but of course, you and your selfishness can only laugh about it. A total shame of human being you are. You should be on a "Couldn´t Care Less Carnivore Site".

3:17PM PDT on Jun 27, 2013

Really informative!

4:04AM PDT on Jun 26, 2013

Thanks for sharing!

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