The Reality Of Banning Abortion At 20 Weeks [Video]


Among the most successful attempts at curbing women’s access to reproductive health care has to be the prevalence of the “20-week” abortion ban. Six states already have bans in place with many more following close behind.

Arizona’s ban needs only one more vote of approval in the House before it goes to Gov. Jan Brewer (R) for signature. Georgia is expected to enact their version as well. Unfortunately if they do, we can expect to hear more tragic stories like the one from Danielle Deaver from Nebraska.

At 22 weeks into her pregnancy Deaver experienced complications. What follows is her family’s story of personal loss and the nightmare created by the politicians in the state of Nebraska. Deaver shared it in a letter to the governor of Arizona in an attempt to prevent other families from suffering like hers.

On Saturday, November 27, my water broke and there was not enough amniotic fluid for my daughter to survive. This was heartbreaking. If there was anything we could have done to save her, we would have.

What happened next should have remained a very private decision between me and my family and my doctors. As the result of a law similar to a bill considered by this state’s Legislature, a decision that should have remained mine and my husband’s at a very difficult time was decided for us — and it was decided by politicians we’d never met….

Though an infection was growing inside me, under the law I wasn’t sick enough to warrant the induction my husband and I wanted….

This is not about politics, it’s about leaving the practice of medicine up to doctors and most importantly, it’s about trusting women to make the best decisions for themselves and their families…. Please right the wrong that Nebraska did to me and stop House Bill 2036. I want my daughter’s life — and the tragic circumstances surrounding her death – to stand for something.

You can see Danielle and her husband Robb discuss their tragedy here:

We can stop other families from having to suffer needlessly like the Deaver’s. We can push back and we can win–we saw it in Idaho. But we can only win if we take action.


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LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you for article.

Phillipa W.
Phillipa W4 years ago

I don't see what cases like these have to do with late-terms abortions in general. Severe complications which would force a parent to have to make this choice usually can't even be diagnosed before 20 weeks at the earliest. Allowing them doesn't force people into choosing them, it simply makes them available. They are not done to spare the parents, they are done to spare the baby from agony

MEGAN N4 years ago

This should never have happened. Medical necessary abortions are a reality even late term and should be taken into account in the wording of any ban on late term abortions. However citing a case where the situation is clearly not what the drafters had in mind when creating the ban is unfair. This was abusiveintrepretation of the law. No one even right to lifers would support this type of abuse. Butin general late term abortions should be out of the question at least in my opinion.

Janice F.
Janice Forester4 years ago

After watching that video I think that these so called "pro lifers" are truely heartless people

Lisa Hess
Lisa Hess4 years ago

This is simply an evasion of privacy of all families. Keep your religion and beliefs in your own life. If you were in her position and the law was the opposite and it said you have to induce labor for your own safety its the law but you wanted to hold out no matter what anyone said about the fetus chances how would you feel. These are family matters and should be private between doctors and families.

Asztalos A.
Asztalos A.4 years ago

This is just one side of the story.Normally when her life is in danger she should receive immediate attention, even is that is an abortion.
On the other hand, 20 weeks is more or less the limit for abortion all over Europe.

Diane L.
Diane L4 years ago

BTW, I normally do not side with anyone who resorts to name calling such as "whore", but in this case, I absolutely, positively DO give a huge DITTO to the person who used it to refer to the two Steve's! Good grief, how can either of you two morons claim to be pro life or say this woman had a choice or there was a possibility of some "miracle"? Yeah, and Moses is going to part the sea and Romney is going to walk thru the waters and hand out gold coins to all the homeless tomorrow.

What is even more scarey than the crap you two "spew" is that you seem to actually believe yourselves.

BTW, Mandi, this woman didn't decide to have an abortion after 5 month because she no longer wanted to be the video.........the fetus was no longer capable of surviving even IF it was carried to term. She pretty much was put thru 10 days of torture for nothing.

Diane L.
Diane L4 years ago

Iona, I don't think she was saying that she thought her baby had any chance, but the point was that she was put thru 10 days of nothing but torture for no reason other than faceless politicians who didn't know her or her situation had enacted a law that changed her and many other lives forever.

She's not saying, nor is anyone else here, I don't believe, that pregnancies past 20 weeks should be aborted just "cuz" the female wants one for any reason. In this case, she didn't meet a life or death situation regarding herself and the fetus was technically still alive. There was no chance it would survive, whether aborted at 20 weeks or if she somehow carried whatever had developed at that point, to term. Why put her thru this?

No man can understand the trauma a woman goes thru when she miscarries, and in situation, it was almost the same thing except Danielle didn't miscarry right away.........she was forced to go thru 10 days of HELL first.

KS Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.