The Three Deadliest Words in the World: “It’s A Girl”


Written by Juliana Rincon Parra

Between India and China, 200 million girls have gone “missing” as parents abort female fetuses or kill and abandon baby girls. Several documentaries and reports cover this phenomenon, trying to explain the causes for this deadly gender discrimination and figure out what can be done about it.

With the tagline of “The three deadliest words in the world”, the “It’s a Girl” documentary is one which through interviews and on-location filming is figuring out why 200 million girls are “missing” in India and China, and why there has been no effective actions to this problem.

Born to Die is another film investigating the rise in female feticide and infanticide in modern India.

Poh Si Teng for Global Post also has a video on the relationship between ultrasound devices, gender screening and female feticide, and whether the laws banning portable ultrasound will help stop the selective abortions in India:

The BBC’s 2007 investigatory documentary on India’s Missing Girls and people who are trying to turn the tide on a cultural phenomenon that affects all of India’s socio-economic levels: the cult of boys, and the belief that girls are not worth the trouble to raise them. The documentary, split in 3 parts can be found online (1, 2, 3).

One of the organizations trying to make the difference is the Aarti Home in Kadapa, who take in abandoned children, most of whom are girls abandoned because they are girls, and also talking to expectant mothers of female children to encourage them to have and cherish them.

Aarti House hopes to be a home for girls who were already rejected once for being girls and make sure they have a safe haven. At the very beginning of this next video, a young girl talks about the disadvantages and hardships she went through just because she was a female:

World renowned Chinese-American novelist Anchee Min, who writes strong female characters admits in this next video how she didn’t want to have a daughter, and all through her pregnancy, secretly hoped that it would turn out to be a boy, despite ultrasounds and tests because “Who wants to be a girl in China?”

Taiwanese Next Media Animation explores the consequences of the gender imbalance in China brought on by the One Child Policy and a society which values males more than females with the video and song No Girls Born (In China Anymore)

So there are no girls born, in China anymore
I feel so forlorn, with nobody to keep me warm
Confucian culture scorns daughters in favor of sons
So there are no girls born and I’m doomed to be just one

My parents chose me in utero to carry on the family name
But if I can’t find a bride I’ll be carrying nothing but shame
You gotta be tall, educated, and own your own house
miss one out of three, you won’t find a spouse

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Fiona Fahey
Fiona Fahey3 years ago

Why must this happen?

Martha Eberle
Martha Eberle3 years ago

What to say about this abhorrent mindset?!! I will be watching these docus. My two daughters are the greatest joy in my life, and if I had had sons, they too, would have been loved.

As I understand it, Chinese young men are having a terrible time trying to find women of their age, to marry -- there aren't enough around. That policy worked out well!!

Sheila M.
Sheila M.4 years ago

@colleen p. - just exactly what mental illness do you suffer from? TAKE YOUR MEDS!

Christine Stewart

How sad that girls are devalued all over the world. Developing nations must be encouraged to educate their girls so they will be seen as productive, important members of society- not just another mouth to feed until she can be married off as young as possible...

KS Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

April Thompson
April Thompson4 years ago


Ron Grubner
Ron Grubner4 years ago

just a personal view point here but most would agree i am sure.If it ever were psossible.I would hate to be in any society that classes women this way.I would hate to be in any civilistaion that existed with out women.As males,we CANNOT DO WITHOUT THEM. for many many reasons.They are our our "helpmates" and no other relationship can ever match that.That is the way we are created and I would have it no other way....we would be incomplete without them...they are our equals and not inferior.What right does humanity have to think this way? is destroying itself !!!! Accountability will be a terrible thing to face the Creator with this up for judgement.

Samuel W.
Harley W.4 years ago

This is terible. But those who oppose overpopulation probably take some joy in it.

When people do not respect the life of all people then it become possible for them to choose to kill babies and then they are so short sighted that they elimnate the possiblity of grandchildren.

Simon B.
Simon B.4 years ago

These people that throw away Baby girls are Idiots.

If these countries run out of women, Who are the (presumably VERY Homophobic) men going to romance? Certainly not each other.

Who's going to sire the Next Generation? Artificial Wombs? Perhaps, but you'd still need human egg cells to make babies.

Either way, It's a terrible senseless waste of human life, and I don't like it.

Ron Grubner
Ron Grubner4 years ago

I believe culture may play a part but the main incentive to abort girls is financial.Because culture accepts it,it is not considered a major issue.To read and hear of this sort of thing actually happens is astounding and makes one very angry.This is another indication of the depraved attitudes which happen world wide.It is also is another offshute of abortion being accepted.We have not read here but the problem will also include males who are not wanted for some reasons.But then,what is the difference in western countries which also allow abortions of any unwanted child for the same reasons? It may be classed as attacks on females but in reality it is attack on all of society.Women are part of all we are.To victimise one gender for convenience is just plain stupidity.Human nature allows us to become accustomed to any practice which is condoned within society as normal and directly causes offshutes in other directions as well.We can see that worldwide. This practise though is to..." shoot ourselves in the foot" When human life is regarded so callously ,there is clear indication of the direction humanity is heading........ abortion in any form and reason is wrong !!!!