The Weirdest Anti-EPA Campaign Video You’ll Ever See


Written by Stephen Lacey, Climate Progress

Many of the threats made against the Environmental Protection Agency this election season have been pretty bizarre. I mean, really, why would anyone make it a major campaign platform to “padlock the doors” of the agency tasked with keeping our environment clean? It boggles the mind.

But a new campaign video from a North Dakota Republican running for Congress, Bette Grande, has taken this Bizarro-world to a whole new level:

One can imagine Grande picking out a team of producers from her local middle-school AV club and telling them: “Think ‘Tomb Raider 4′ meets ‘Night of the Living Dead’ meets ‘Lord of the Rings’ meets ‘Star Wars’ meets ‘Fox News.’ Can you do that for me?” And voilà, this incredibly strange video was produced.

I have to give whoever made this film credit, they did a damn good job re-creating Michele Bachmann’s dreams.

This post was originally published by Climate Progress.


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Photo: screenshot from Youtube


Dolores M.
Dolores M5 years ago

The EPA is about as useful as the FDA, promoting flouride in water, pesticides which kill bees, downplaying the danger of GMOs, and the list goes on. Bottomline ....the government isn't about the people anymore and hasn't been so for decades!!!

Ernie Miller
william Miller5 years ago

Damn I got to the add to late it has been pulled. I guess they are pissing off the wrong people and losing supporters or something.

Monica D.
Monica D5 years ago

The video has now been removed.

Bruce S.
Bruce S5 years ago

After you sign a petiton above, others then are presented to you


Ted V.
Ted V5 years ago

Psychology calls it projection.

Brian B.
Brian Backman5 years ago

Zeke S. you use a way out example with the crematorium.
I did NOT claim that it is wrong to prevent people from developing their land. What I am saying is that it's wrong to prevent them from doing it, but STILL EXPECT THEM TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT AND PAY FREAKING TAXES ON PROPERTY THEY CAN'T FREAKING TOUCH!
If the EPA forces a landowner to leave the land untouched, then that land should be fairly paid for and taken from the owner, which WOULD be eminent domain. Pay them for it, and let them walk away. Now it's open land owned by town or state or federal govt.
Don't hand me crap about a "straw man argument." It's real. I know, how's about YOU buy up some of that land that cannot be touched and YOU pay the taxes on it and YOU be responsible for liabilities. You should be more than happy to do that. Or maybe you're just more than happy to have someone ELSE do the paying?

Zeke Springer
Ezekiel Springer5 years ago

Previously I asked the question how come Conservative Republicans, who are not associated to Big Business, hate the EPA, "don't they like clean air and water"?

Well one reason why is because of the philosophy of the END TIMES. Many among them, who count themselves in the Evangelical camp, believe this world is inherently corrupt and we should allow it to be destroyed by any means necessary. Then when the slate is wiped clean a new world, created in their image, can come to pass. The EPA gets in the way of that mission.

Zeke Springer
Ezekiel Springer5 years ago

Suze O. please give an example of the control this Administration has given the EPA that it didn't previously already have? Is it the control that Brian B. talks about in his post? If it is understand this: Brian B's example of not being able to build on property the EPA deems protected is rare. Also his example misrepresents the issues.

It shouldn't matter if it's your property or not Brian B. if what you are doing to it is impacting the environment at large then the EPA should prevent you from developing there. Case in point, what if someone who lived next to you and within a residential area decided to build a crematorium on their property and started burning bodies day and night? That would be a problem to you and the overall environment, wouldn't it? I thought it would. The EPA deals in stuff like that sometimes; helping you so that you don't have to smell the stench of burning human remains day and night.

And your statement that the EPA essentially owns your property if they don't let you do whatever you want on it is a very weak straw man argument which falls flat.

Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago

Absolutely ridiculous, but not surprising since the GOP/tea-party monster is comprised of greedy, pro-corporate elitists that are science doubters and climate change deniers that couldn't care less about the environment or anything that doesn't line their pockets.

Zeke Springer
Ezekiel Springer5 years ago

A waste of time and someone's dime.

Why do so many people hate clean air and water? Why do so many people not care that there might be radon seeping into their basements? Why do so many people not care that they live near power lines that might give their children leukemia? Why do so many people not care when big business dump their toxic waste into their backyards?

Leave the EPA alone. Defunding them won't make a dent in the U.S. budget. If someone tells you otherwise they are lying.

They are not the problem. Your apathy and greed is.