This Beagle Loves His Mama! (Video)

Whoever thinks dogs don’t have feelings has to watch this video! You can hear the sounds of beagle love.

The creator of the video filmed these scenes when his wife came back from a 6 month deployment last fall. The beagle was still a puppy when his wife left, and was a full grown dog by the time she came back.

And this dog is so excited! Check out the video here:!

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Photo Credit: screenshot from Youtube video


Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin4 years ago

Pure love, pure joy, pure happiness! Dogs never forget.

Barbra D.
Barbra Drake4 years ago

I don't think any animal is better or worse than any other. Just like we have people we prefer to be with because their personalities are compatible with ours, so our personalities are sometimes compatible with a specific species. I feel a stronger connection with cats, but I don't think they're better than dogs or horses, or cows or bees. I feel a strong connection with moths too, and June beetles.

Carrie Anne Brown

cute! thanks for sharing :)

Sheri D.
Sheri D.4 years ago

This is such a heartwarming video!

Prentise W.
pre,tpse w.4 years ago

The poll question is interesting, because "all animals" include insects -- I saw a PBS program that said that centipedes live in families and grieve when one of them dies or disappears.

ida w.
ida W.4 years ago

it is nice. but i think cats are better :-P cats give a much more gentler and graceful response :-) i like that golden retreiver who welcome his soldier owner home better.

Jane R.
Jane R.4 years ago

What a beautiful video. It made me shed tears.

Susan O.
Susan O.4 years ago

If this doesn't make you break out the kleenex, you have no heart - - animals are people, too :))))

rene davis
irene davis4 years ago


Pat W.
Pat W.4 years ago