Those Who Want to End Abortion Believe They Know the Real Romney. Do the Voters?

As Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney gets closer to election day, his attempts to win over the coveted independent voter block without upsetting his own radical right social conservative base is becoming even more of a tight-wire act.  Luckily, Romney seems to have an ample safety net underneath him, formed by a media willing to take him completely at his word and a party willing to completely ignore his pandering.

That’s the only explanation there can be for how within a matter of days, Romney has been able to convince the media that he has no interest in reducing access to abortion, while at the same time reassure the religious right that he still will be their champion for ending a woman’s right to choose.  After telling the Des Moines Register that, “There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda,” he let his surrogates fly, reminding those who might be concerned about his statements that he is, was, and always will be committed to a “pro-life” presidency.

Of course, the social conservatives believe him. If not, there would have been the thundering rage that only groups like Focus on the Family, the National Right to Life Committee and other anti-choice “family values” coalitions can provide. Sure, there was a small burst of anger from the so-called personhood movement, who claimed Romney was once more showing his true colors. “The U.S. has among the world’s most liberal abortion laws, and Romney seems unwilling to do anything to change that,” stated Jennifer Mason, spokesperson for Personhood USA, said in a public statement. “Governor Romney is insisting on maintaining the status quo of abortion on demand with no exceptions, through all nine months of pregnancy. This latest statement certainly indicates that he is out of touch with the conservative base and is turning his back on America’s women and children.”

Mason may believe Romney has given the anti-choice movement the cold shoulder, but she’s obviously alone. GOP elite swung into immediate action to ensure that their values voters knew that nothing has changed at all. RNC Chair Reince Priebus claimed he has no fear at all of a Romney defection when it comes to blocking a woman’s right to choose. “I see the flap over this Des Moines Register question. But… there’s nothing there there,” Priebus told CNN. “The fact of the matter is is that Mitt Romney has been absolutely, 100% consistent on this issue, that he’s pro-life…What he’s referring to is whether or not there were piles of legislation in the Congress, what specific bills in the Congress in regards to abortion, are you going to be pushing over the next four years.”

Are there no “piles” in the wings waiting to be signed or vetoed?  What about PRENDA, the so-called “race and gender abortion ban” that if passed would exist only as a devise to question women of color about why they are seeking abortions, and to intimidate providers into thinking twice before performing terminations on minorities? Or the Child Interstate Abortion Act, a bill that would make illegal for a teen to go to a different state than she resides in to obtain an abortion, even if that other state has the closest clinic?  Or a 20 week federal “fetal pain” ban, the piece of legislation that Romney promised to the anti-choice Susan B. Anthony List in order to firm up their support? Or even the Human Life Amendment, the “protection from moment of conception to natural death” plank that was reaffirmed in his party’s own platform just a few short weeks ago?

Anti-choice special interest groups have no fear that Romney won’t follow through on his promises to them, knowing that the public face he wears prior to the election is to win votes, not a sign of changing policy.  Once he is elected, they are certain he will give them what they want.  Talking Points Memo contacted Focus on the Family, the National Right to Life Committee and SBA List — one called Romney’s quote a “hiccup,” another said it “rang no alarm bells,” and all three agreed that they were not concerned in the least.

Each believes Romney will be a dedicated anti-choice President, despite what he says to the press. They all believe they know exactly what the real Romney will do when elected.  The question is, do the voters?


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia commons


Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill3 years ago

I don't think that Romney nor any one else can over turn Roe V Wade. The Supreme court has ruled in favor of it. That being said, I can't help but think that the economy is in the shape in part by the fact that millions of future tax payers have been killed by abortions. Also many new inventions and maybe even cures for horrible diseases have not been discovered because of them.

Evelyn M.
Evelyn M.3 years ago

It is so unfortunate that the women's issue has been ignored in these 3 debates. Questions should have been asked for clarification by both the President and former Gov Romney. The women of this country are half the population and we are being ignored. Choice whether to carry a child or not has been legalized by the Supreme Court and so much has been bantered about and attacked by the Republicans. Men have no business deciding that issue unless they are the potential fathers. I would like to have heard directly Mr Romney's personal views rather than his pandering. Education is a key and that subject was barely touched upon in any of the debates. Women unite, vote Democratic

Evelyn M.
Evelyn M.3 years ago

Danielle K, your comments are so right about lack of care and support for the children already born. So much more important than trying to force women to carry pregnancies they do not feel they can afford or care for properly.

Evelyn M.
Evelyn M.3 years ago

Green star Barbara D, your comments were spot on.

Adam C.
Adam C.3 years ago

Slam Mitt on one hand. Greenwash primary advertisers such as Home Depot on the other. Home Depot's Ken Langone is pumping huge cash to Mitt Romney. Et tu Care2?

James Kelly
Mike Kelly3 years ago

(Continued from Below)

Mitt's legacy is Bain Capital, the "Pioneer" in shipping jobs overseas. Bain is busy shipping the 850 American jobs of an Illinois company known as "Sensata" overseas even while Mitt is courting the votes of the working class. The Chinese, under Bain's guidance, flew in the new Chinese workers to be trained by the American workers who were losing their jobs. While the Chinese were in Freeport, Illinois, USA, the factory was required to take down the American Flag.

James Kelly
Mike Kelly3 years ago

Sharon R. "He" (Romney) "was a Republican Governor challenged by an ultra-liberal, Democratic legislature, and people were satisfied with what he got done."

Sharon R. You don't get out much, do you? According to Massachusetts polling Mitt is behind by an average of 18.8 points. The People of Massachusetts know Mitt better than Americans of any other state because Mitt was governor for 4 years. During that time governor Mitt had a velvet rope around his office door so no one could disturb him. He had fake security guys with little earpieces so no on could get close to him. He locked out the elevator in the State House so that no one but His Highness, himself, could use it. His Majesty Mitt, the governor of Massachusetts, did NOT work with the legislature of his state. He vetoed 800 pieces of passed legislation in 4 years. He did not even take the time to learn the legislators' names.

As "Job Creator" for the State he failed as well. Massachusetts was 47th out of 50 in new job creation under the Mittster. One of the 3 states that had lower new jobs numbers than Massachusetts under Mitt was Louisiana under Hurricane Katrina! The only jobs Mitt Romney ever created were in China or India. As governor he made sure that phone calls with questions about state government programs were answered in India.

Mitt's legacy is Bain Capital, the "Pioneer" in shipping jobs overseas. Bain is busy shipping the 850 American jobs of an Illinois company known as "Sensata" overseas even wh

JACarlton Author
jill c.3 years ago

Bonnie V your patronizing self righteousness, arrogance, ridiculous double talk, and holier-than-thou attitude are quite nauseating.

It's great that you can "think" yourself not-pregnant. YAY for you. And again YAY that you have sex with your vagina (is that a new word for you, or did you just think it was going to impress someone with being all grown up? you seemed to relish putting it out there).

But unless you actually have proven methods to share with everyone else, all you're doing is exactly what all the other wrong wing and rethuglicans do... blowing a lot of self-promoting hot air...

Eeeesh I just read another of your posts and threw up in my mouth... a looohht!

janice b.
jan b.3 years ago

I am pro-choice only because I believe women should be free to own their body in a free country. But the idea that our Govt laws should pick and chose which fetus should be allowed to develop is bizzare (for the lack of another description for it)
A fetus not worthy to develop would be one conceived in rape or isn't that hypocritical when they claim life begins at conception and then in their words they will "murder" a fetus they don't believe is worthy of developing. What are we----reverting back to the ancient world of the 1300's ?

janice b.
jan b.3 years ago

Romney's family tree contains six polygamous men with forty-one wives. Bishop Romney and now a High Priest of the highest echelon and the Mormon Takeover of America never did go after the polygamist out west when they were marrying 12 yr old girls to old men with many wives who were on welfare. That would have shown me "character"......not rushing to a Boston Hospital to convince a woman in his stake not to have a medically approved abortion. She later said he didn't view me as a human being.
Sure we elected other Mormons but none as tied to his religion like Romney is. Not only is he doing this for his own ambitions....but for the LDS church as well. Maybe he's a good priest and family man but as a businessman and dealing with the outside world---he's close to evil with greed and full of lies...