Top 10 Must-See Occupy Wall Street Videos [Slideshow]

Since the very beginning of the Occupy Wall Street, many supporters have been appalled by the lack of attention paid to it by the mainstream media. Some news outlets have belittled OWS participants for exercising their right to free speech, and made excuses for those who have used violence against peaceful protesters.

Police departments around the country have reciprocated by hindering journalist access to OWS encampments, and arresting or even harming reporters trying to document evictions.

There was a time when these tactics might have actually undermined the movement. But not today.

Thanks to mobile devices and high speed internet, every single person that attends or participates is a journalist. Phones and cameras record rallies, marches, speeches, arrests, and attacks, and publish them on the internet within moments. Some have even video taped their own arrests and tweeted about conditions from inside police vans.

We no longer need to depend on the mainstream media to know what’s really going on. The revolution might not be televised, but you can still watch it happen.

On the following pages are 10 Occupy Wall Street videos that rocked the internet and energized the movement.

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Occupy Wall Street Movement Goes International On Oct. 15th

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Exclusive: Photos From Police Raid On Occupy Oakland

OWS Film Shows Support For Iraq Vet Attacked At Protest

Tahrir Square Protesters Support Occupy Oakland

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Police Clash With OWS Camps In Denver & Austin

Police Arrest Nurse Volunteers At Occupy Chicago

Boston Police Attack Veterans For Peace at OWS

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‘Occupy Wall Street’ Gets Huge Boost From Labor Unions

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Iraq Veterans Announce Support For Occupy Wall Street

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Bloomberg Orders Midnight Raid On Occupy Wall Street

NYPD Forcibly Evict OWS Protesters, Destroy Property [Video]

City Council Members Condemn Occupy Wall Street Eviction

OWS Sustainability Group Demands NYPD Return Stolen Property

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Who Are The 99%? Students Share Opposing Views

Leaked Memo Reveals Wall Street Plot To Undermine OWS

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Former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Hass Beaten At Occupy Berkeley

Shocking Images Show Escalating Violence Against OWS

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Over 150 Economists Sign Letter Of Support For OWS

Occupy Wall Street Confronts President Obama In NH

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Thousands To Gather For Thanksgiving Dinner In Zuccotti Park

Occupy Wall Street Raises Over $50k For Winter Gear

Help OWS Crowdfund Films About Sustainable Communities


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Veselin Varbanov
Veselin Varbanov3 years ago

Is this video to show us that one of the biggest hypocrites is the US Government ? : )

Doreen Agostino
Past Member 4 years ago

3 stages of TRUTH: Ridicule, Violent Opposition, Acceptance. To All Who Inhabit This Earth – End Denial

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V.4 years ago


Doreen Agostino
Past Member 4 years ago


President of the United States: Urgent Request for UN Intervention to Stabilize Fukushima Reactor Unit 4.

John Tambeau
John Tambeau4 years ago

Best vid the boy hugging the police officer very precious. Thanks for sharing. This is the United States equivalent of the Arab Spring.

Doreen Agostino
Past Member 4 years ago

Everything hidden is being revealed. The highest form of morality is to use new information to maintain, enhance inner peace, and regain coherence with the world. THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what's REALLY going on. It follows money upstream - uncovering global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future. Movie at

Doreen Agostino
Past Member 4 years ago

An undefined impulse is connecting people worldwide in peaceful ways. Occupy love 2012.

Doreen Agostino
Past Member 4 years ago

David and Bonnie feel that 'Occupy' expresses a new consciousness emerging - a desire for fundamental change at the deepest levels of our collective being, and that subtle activism goes hand in hand with street activism. This video is a tangible way for us to energize and co-influence a world of greater possibilities for us and our home planet.

Alan B.
Archie B.4 years ago

The police are just like,"acting for the Phareses" of biblical times! Only in this case the Phareses are BIG BUSINESS// BIG INVESTORS // MEGA RICH DUDES! This is all being done in partnership with European mega-rich dudes!

Doreen Agostino
Past Member 4 years ago

Imaginal Cells 2012 Occupy