Trio the Three-Legged Lamb Finds Happiness at Sanctuary

It’s not often that we encounter tales of lambs finding a happy ending, which is why these touching tales always manage to warm our hearts and help reinforce why it is we chose to make conscious, cruelty-free choices.

Trio was born into a world that doesn’t hold much promise for a lamb. The life of lambs is short and they are often slaughtered at around four months old for lamb meat as this is where the majority of profit lies within the sheep industry, with wool coming in a distant second.

Born with a congenital deformity that left her with only three legs (well three and a half actually), Trio’s future wasn’t a hopeful one. Female lambs have one of two endings: they are either sent to slaughter to be used as lamb meat or they are selected to become breeding ewes, where they will be used to unnaturally produce lambs multiple times a year until their bodies can take no more and their production declines, which the industry considers to be around the age of 4, at which time they are shipped off to the slaughterhouse.

Due to Trio’s deformity, she wasn’t going to be used as a breeding ewe because she had what the farmer called ‘bad genes’ and her deformity ran the risk of being passed down to her offspring. As if the condemnation of Trio wasn’t enough, her father Troy was also blamed and they were sentenced to death together. Complete disregard for life is an inherent aspect of animal agriculture, and the owner didn’t even have to think twice before deciding to so easily throw away these precious lives.

Trio’s second chance came when a kindhearted woman heard about a lamb with three legs and wanted to rescue both her and her father. Before long they were whisked away to a place that most farm animals can only dream of.

Trio was one of the lucky ones and she now resides at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary (full disclosure, I am co-founder and president) a safe haven for rescued farm animals in the peaceable valleys of Galicia, Spain, where she will be able to live out her life in freedom. She spends her days snuggling up with her dad Troy, sunbathing and of course getting lots of cuddles from all her human friends!

The fact that Trio only has three legs doesn’t stop her from living a normal life. If anything, she is one of the most active animals at the sanctuary, and is always getting up to mischief. As she gets older, she will need some extra help and support in the form of a prosthetic leg, but for the time being she is a perfect little lamb without a care in the world.

Unfortunately, many little lambs just like Trio don’t have a happy ending.

The sheep industry is cruel and unnecessary, and the suffering and death involved is not just confined to the product in question. For lambs to be able to end up on our plates, an entire chain of lives have to be exploited. From the lambs that are torn from their mothers to the ewes and rams that parent them, there is a lot more going on behind closed doors than one could ever imagine.

When you spend time with farm animals like Trio and share your lives with these gentle, loving and intelligent beings, you open your heart to them. When you hold them in your arms and look into their eyes, you make a connection with them. You see them for what they truly are, as individuals who feel, not as food to satisfy our own personal desires. If you’re feeling disconnected, why not take some time to visit one of your local animal rescue centers where you will get the chance to meet farm animals face to face and hear all about their beautiful and moving stories.


Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper2 years ago


Mary Cromley
.2 years ago

Two precious lives saved.

Anteater Ants
Anteater Ants2 years ago

Mark, Alison is probably a psychopath!

Fi T.
Past Member 2 years ago

They deserve the respect as we are

Nimue Pendragon

All animals should be this fortunate :)

Judith g.
Jidith g3 years ago

If we stop eating animals, there won't be a reason to hurt them!

Mark D.
Mark D.3 years ago

GreatAlison gives a cold blooded account of how she "grows up" in the middle of a torture and killing field and how the terror and blood is all "normal" procedure for her. Guess whatAlison, it's wrong to murder lambs.

Sheri D.
Sheri D3 years ago

They are both extremely lucky. We all need to stop eating them and stop buying anything with wool.

Christine Stewart

I am so glad the sweet lamb and her dad were saved!

Sue H.
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another happy ending, great news