Trump’s DACA ‘Compromise’ Is a Nightmare

Although President Donald Trump claimed during his campaign that he would immediately get rid of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program if elected, he’s more recently softened on the idea, saying he’d be amenable to renewing DACA if it came with other immigration concessions from the left.

On Sunday night, the White House finally released a long list of the requirements it deems necessary in order to compromise on DACA. The list amounts to a conservative fantasy of every anti-immigration tactic it could dream up, suggesting they have no intention of compromising at all.

Here’s what Trump and his staff want to see happen in exchange for allowing Dreamers the opportunity to stay in the United States:

  • Funding to build a border wall
  • Mass and expedited deportations of non-Dreamer undocumented immigrants
  • A formal crackdown on sanctuary cities that don’t enforce Trump’s immigration rules
  • Reducing the number of ways people can legally obtain green cards
  • Over ten thousand new federal hires to work as immigration agents, judges and prosecutors
  • No longer allowing legal immigrants to bring over non-immediate family members

“These priorities are essential to mitigate the legal and economic consequences of any grant of status to DACA recipients,” said Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short. That might be a better excuse, however, if Dreamers weren’t such a boon for the American economy. Collectively, they pay about $30 billion in taxes per year, and they cannot receive welfare.

It wasn’t long ago that Trump supposedly worked out a deal with Democrats to save DACA without all these strings attached. At the time, Trump seemed to relish the attention he got from brokering what looked to be a reasonable bipartisan deal. Alas, either he caved to pressure from his anti-immigrant base or the deal was never serious in the first place.

While Democrats are eager to defend DACA and Dreamers, there’s really no chance that they’d be willing to throw so many other immigrants under the bus by accepting Trump’s list of demands.

In a joint statement from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Democratic leadership respond thusly: “The administration can’t be serious about compromise or helping the Dreamers if they begin with a list that is anathema to the Dreamers, to the immigrant community and to the vast majority of Americans.”

It’s definitely possible that the GOP is putting everything and the kitchen sink on the table so that the Democrats will have to concede more to ultimately meet in the middle. Or it could be that Trump is actually clinging to his original position of getting rid of DACA, and his team wants to force Democrats to have to vote against a proposal to save DACA and blame its demise on them.

The real question we must ask the White House is why DACA is something that requires “compromise” in the first place. Polls have shown that just 15 percent of Americans think that Dreamers should be kicked out of the country. Heck, even 69 percent of Republicans think that Dreamers should be able to stay in the country!

It sounds like the American consensus on this issue is overwhelming and clear; shame on the Trump administration for trying to turn innocent, productive young people who have spent almost their whole lives in this country into bargaining chips for its nefarious agenda. There’s absolutely no reason that sparing Dreamers has to come at the expense of a border wall and mass deportations.

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Kathryn I
Kathryn I8 hours ago

Everything about Trump is a "nightmare." - EVERYTHING!

Cen Sored
Cen S7 days ago

Dividing races by figurative political fences will divide the USA preeminently and permanently, and politically. Trump is a master manipulator monster in this area.

heather g
heather g8 days ago

I second Elaine W's comment - I couldn't even finish reading this article because of the nausea I experience reading about the Twit..

Elaine W
Elaine W8 days ago

Noted and I don't expect anything good from the T- Rump.

Annabel Bedini
Annabel Bedini9 days ago

Brian F
I'm glad to say I agree with every word you say! But the problem of over-population is for the future, the immigrants are with us now. Massive birth control programmes need to be set up world wide but in the meantime we have these hundreds of thousands of people in need, to distribute round the globe. All rich countries should take their share. If only administrations would take your advice!!!!!!

As for housing, I found it was expensive to install my photovoltaic panels but the cost has been paid back by my low electricity bills (I only pay for when I use excess power on rare occasions). The overflow from my well sinks back into the ground to replenish the water table below. I haven't managed compost toilettes yet, but I hope to get there. What I mean is, it's possible for ordinary folk to go green without huge expense or huge problems but people need to be informed. But this has nothing to do with DACA, we are going way off the point!

Brian F
Brian F9 days ago

Annabel Bedini I agree that we can't end all immigration. I think we should end mono culture with it's use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides so that these immigrants who do this back breaking work for low pay in the hot sun, are not being poisoned by these horrible pesticides. I think that we need to use permaculture and polyculture to grow our food naturally without pesticides. I also think we could employ many immigrants working in greenhouses that use hydroponics and no pesticides. An increase of the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour could lift many immigrants out of poverty. Their is a huge problem in all our big cities with homelessness, poverty, and drug addiction. We should set aside land outside cities to house our homeless in tiny net zero homes with composting toilettes, rainwater collection, and solar power systems that produce their own energy. It cost less to do that then to criminalize, incarcerate, and send them to expensive hospital emergency rooms. World overpopulation is a major problem, that effects every nation. It doesn't mean that we end immigration, but I do think we need to cut it down. Their is room in our vast interior to build more houses for added population, but we need to start being smarter, and requiring every home to be net zero, and have rain water collection systems, compost toilettes, and solar panels to produce their own power. These would cost more money, but they are necessary to protect our environment%

Peggy B
Peggy B9 days ago


Winn A
Winn A10 days ago

tRUMP is the nightmare and a cancer on America and it's people.

Annabel Bedini
Annabel Bedini10 days ago

Brian F
You are very eloquent! I agree that over population is an enormous global problem. And I can agree, if all you say is true, that California has big problems with water and pollution. Maybe California should indeed do without extra people coming in. But California is not the whole USA. You know yourself that much of the agricultural work in other states is being done by illegal immigrants, paid practically nothing and with no security. That's where sensible population management should step in. There ARE jobs for immigrants around the nation and these immigrants DO bring benefits once they are allowed to earn decent money and pay their taxes. And with aging popuations all Western nations actually need new young people coming in. I keep using the word 'management' because that's what's needed, not outright bans and deportations.

Brian F
Brian F10 days ago

Another resource, which cannot keep up with an increasing population, is water. The supply of fresh water is limited. The recent California drought exemplifies this problem. Conflicts ensue between farmers, municipalities, environmentalists, and others over water rights. Recently, environmentalists battled with Los Angeles over the diversion of water from Mono lake to the LA basin. The Mono Lake incident and the aqueduct fights highlight some of the conflicts that arise over water. Creating fresh water can be expensive. A swelling population may have to turn to desalinization for their clean water. Oil-rich Saudi Arabia is the only country for which this process has had any success. However, Saudi Arabia does not require the vast amounts of agricultural water that California and other areas need. Another possible solution to the fresh water shortage is towing icebergs from the polar caps. This is just too costly for many areas. In addition to depleting resources, overpopulation increases environmental problems. Pollution is an environmental problem whose magnitude is increased by overpopulation. As more people drive more cars, use more electricity, throw away more trash, and cut down more trees, the environmental problems we experience are greatly increased. The earth could easily sustain a small population of highly polluting people. But as more people such as ourselves pollute, massive problems occur. Pollution is magnified in developing nations. A