Tsunami Dog Rescued and Reunited with Owner

Out of the rubble of earthquake- and tsunami-devastated Japan comes a happy tale!

On Friday, April 1, while the search continued for survivors, a brown mixed breed dog was found floating on the roof of a house washed out to sea about one mile by the tsunami wave.  It is believed the canine may have been surviving there for the past three weeks. 

It took the Japanese Coast Guard–aided by U.S. rescuers on the scene–several hours to rescue the pup.  Initially, a helicopter lowered a man to the rooftop, but he was unable to coax the shy dog into joining him.  As the helicopter started running low on fuel, the project was turned over to coast guard personnel in a nearby boat. Mission successful!

The initial hope of the helicopter crew was that the dog would lead them to his humans, but none were found among the debris. 

Local news reported on the amazing discovery and then the unexpected happened.  The dog’s owners saw the broadcast and delightfully claimed their beloved dog.  His name is Ban and he is two years old.  The owners wish to remain anonymous.

Watch the beautiful reunion…

After the horrors of experiencing such a natural disaster, this story is giving hope to those searching for their loved ones.  The expectation of finding many alive after three weeks is diminishing.  Ban’s special rescue warms the heart.

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Photo credit: Japan Coast Guard


Teresa H.
Teresa Haller6 years ago

God Bless all who risked their lives to save Ban. It's nice to read some good ending stories.
It was really touching and I hope the Ban and his owners have a long and happy life together.

Noemia Ventura
Noemia Ventura6 years ago

Very, very touching. I think that my heart would have burst of happiness if it was my dog. I thank God that there are still some human being willing to rescue animals from such situations. :-) It is so beautiful. THANK YOU!

Cyn S.
Cynthia Scionti6 years ago

This video was very moving. Bless those rescuers! I don't know who was happier, the owner of the dog or the dog himself. Glad he was rescued!

Carol Janchenko
Carol Janchenko6 years ago

Awwww....... :) Hurrah for the people involved in the rescue, and the miracle that Ban was reunited with this loving guardian.

lynda c.
lynda c6 years ago

Another reason why we should never give up......a true miracle he was saved and even more so that he was re-united with his owner. Wonderful story x

Berenice Guedes d.

This is a wonderful news!

Kelly Stephens
Kelly Stephens6 years ago

very cool :)

Carrie Anne Brown

Glad to read some good news! thanks for sharing this article =]

Loo Samantha
Loo sam6 years ago

thanks for the wonderful article.

Tatiyana Y.

Wonderful story!
Thanks =)