UK Company Turns “Poo Power” Into Electricity


Sewage flakes, a highly combustible new renewable form of fuel that burns like woodchips, are being used for the first time to generate electricity for Britain’s largest water and sewerage company.

Thames Water has begun producing the flakes by drying sludge (sewage solids) in a purpose-built machine at sewage works in Slough, Berkshire. (Also well known as the setting for the original BBC series “The Office.“) The flakes are then taken by lorry to Crossness sewage works in Bexley, south-east London, where they are burnt off to generate electricity.

16 Percent Of This Year’s Energy From Sewage

Thames Water estimates that 16 percent of its electricity needs will be covered in the current fiscal year by so-called poo power, which is enough to run about 40,000 average family homes.

Until now, the sludge dryer had been used to reduce waste simply to get rid of it more conveniently. The dryer promises to reduce the firm’s carbon emissions by more than 500 ton a year, as well as bringing up to 300,000 a year of operational cost benefits.

First Time In Britain

From The Guardian:

Rupert Kruger, Thames Water’s head of innovation, said: “This is the first time in Britain that a waste dryer has been used to create ready-to-burn fuel from sewage sludge, rather than simply being used as a waste-reducer. This innovative approach demonstrates our clear intent to help move Britain towards becoming a low-carbon economy by unlocking every ounce of renewable energy potential from waste.”

A further 20 sewage works, including Slough, generate electricity by burning biomethane gas from sewage, a process know as combined heat and power.

Perhaps the next hit show from Britain will feature the workers at a sludge dryer in Slough?


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Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.5 years ago


Ruth R.
Ruth R.5 years ago

Excellent ! This is a good way to solve two problems.

Ruth R.
Ruth R.5 years ago

Excellent -- as long as the air quality stays good, and the whole thing stays sanitary.

Joanne Lord Macleod

Something else - I know here in Prince Edward Island ,we also have energy from waste; but I think it's waste materials which are able to be burned for heat . A number of our government buildings ,our hospital and some Churches are ,at least partially, heated in this manner .

Cheryl B.
Cheryl B.5 years ago


Brian Hamilton
Brian Hamilton5 years ago

Wow this is a revolutionary step towards new sources of energy. this would reduce sewage going into rivers lakes streams and oceans and be used to produce energy. This could be a cost effective source instead of gas and oil.

Brian M.
Past Member 5 years ago

This is the best use of this product imaginable. Best of all, as fuels go, there is never a shortage.

Christina B.
Christina B.5 years ago

Sounds interesting, but isn't poo still carbon-based? Which means that burning it will produce gas-house emissions...

I'm just worried that, if people turned to this unending source of energy, the REALLY clean renewable energy sources (wind, sun) will never get the attention they deserve.

Penelope P.
Penelope P.5 years ago

Goodie-Could also be good nightsoil of course

Beth H.
beth Hall5 years ago

They would never run low on fuel.