Ultrasounds Done Testifying, Now They’ve Turned to Protesting


Ultrasounds have always been a fantastic tool for manipulation of opinion.á Anti-abortion activists push mandatory ultrasounds prior to abortions as a primary key in hoping to cause a last minute change of heart in pregnant women, saying it could save thousands of “babies” lives, despite the fact that studies frequently have shown almost all women who go to an abortion clinic and receive an ultrasound still go ahead with the abortion.

But mandatory ultrasounds, although a strategic win for the anti-choice faction, has stopped being enough.á Now, fetuses in the womb are expected to pull their own weight in the political arena, too.á Earlier this year, two “fetuses testimonies” were supposed to be provided in the debate in Ohio over whether or not abortion should be legal once a heartbeat could be detected — approximately four weeks post conception.á Only the 15 week old fetus was able to follow through, though, while the nine week fetus was barely audible.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the movement from continuing to use their favorite prop.á This weekend, to launch their “Summer of Mercy 2.0″ anti-abortion rally in front of Dr. Leroy Carhart’s Germantown, Maryland clinic, activists met in a pre-event church where they prayed and watched live ultrasounds projected on a 20×20 foot screen.

And it is, in fact, a prop.á The idolization of the fetus — not the woman carrying it, not the child it will become who needs food, health care, clothing and schooling.áá The baby in the womb has become the perfect focal point for the anti-choice movement.á It needs someone to “protect it” but no financial support, no schooling, no insurance or food or clothing.á It is mostly inert and needs nothing from them except their ceaseless efforts to ensure its mother carries it to term by whatever means it takes.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little fetal theater?

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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Janice Redinger
Janice Redinger5 years ago

This is just another attempt to oppress women. How ridiculous can you get?
There is already a Law in force, protecting women's right to choose. Lets have a season of compassion for those poor dead Dr., nurses and other workers that these ignorant bastards killed in the name of "life". Lets stand outs side of our middle schools and chase them away from the kids, so the school can teach the REAL deal.

Erin C.
Erin C5 years ago

People are so terrible. They really don't care at all what happens to that "child" once it's out of the womb. So, great, it gets to live its life knowing it was a mistake, how much it "ruined" the mother's life, how much she didn't want it? Hooray. That won't cause any permanent emotional scars or anything. Then, when that kid turns to a life of drug use and crime to deal with the damage, those same crazy radical christians will say, "that child's mother was unfit!" Well, duh, that's why she probably shouldn't of had it in the first place. With some people, you just can never win.

P J E.
P J E.5 years ago

How about showing pictures of wounded soldiers next to the pictures of fetuses so women will see where those innocent babies will likely end up posted with names, addresses and email of the protesters so people will know who is corrupting the children.

Alicia N.
Alicia N5 years ago

noted with thanks

Annmari Lundin
Annmari L5 years ago

As I've said before: Pro-choice is Pro-life! A woman's right to chose should not be a question for politicians. It is her choice and noone elses. Whatever reasons she has for a termination is hers. Pro-choice means you chose life. Your own life ahead of an embryo. As long as we allow these extremists/terrorists to show their ugly faces outside clinics, so long are we going to have this meaningless debate. I say it is meaningless because NO ONE has the right to interfere in a woman's choice over her own body! Specially not the ones that sweep up the rug under the programs designed to help underprivileged families and then send those necessary funds to the already rich. Freedom of speech has nothing to do with screaming insults and accusations to women who have chosen life. Their own life.

June Gollatz
June Gollatz5 years ago

I've always said that these people going around protesting a woman's right, how many babies have they adopted? Or even how many do the feed or clothe?

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

Pro choice---prevent unwanted pregnancies so you don't have to choose. It takes a village to raise a child, but I get tired of raising someone else's offspring when Mom or Dad don't behave responsibly and step up to the plate to support their child.