Update: Anne, Beaten Circus Elephant Will Go To Sanctuary

Anne, the 57 year-old UK circus elephant who was shown being beaten in a shocking video released last month, will get to spend the rest of her life at a wildlife sanctuary.

The elderly and arthritic Asian elephant has been part of the Bobby Roberts Super Circus for more than 50 years, but when a video released by Animal Defenders International showed her being hit 48 times by her caretaker, the circus agreed to sign over custody to Longleat Safari Park.

According to the Daily Mail,

“Anne will move to her new home within a week and will have three experienced elephant keepers, as well as an elephant specialist, on hand to attend to her every need.

She will live with a herd of rhinos in a large purpose-built enclosure that previously housed five elephants but will have a separate area all to herself.

The ailing elephant, Europe’s oldest, will also have the run of an 80-acre enclosure and a series of paddocks and meadows, as well as water pools, if her arthritis allows.”

Moira Roberts who owns the circus with her husband Bobby insist they love Anne “like a child” and would never do anything to hurt her.

The say they are only guilty of poor judgment when they hired Nicolae Nitu, the employee who beat the elephant. Roberts said watching the film and seeing Anne suffer “broke her heart.”

Roberts also told the Daily Mail, “For the last two years, we have asked many places to rehouse her. But we didn’t get any help.”

Jan Creamer, Chief Executive with ADI said in a previous story the excuses given by the Roberts’ were typical of what happens each time the animal rights group exposes cruelty and abuse to circus animals.

The Roberts have come under much criticism since the video was released. They’ve had to increase security at performances and worry the circus may have to close.

Meanwhile Anne is under the care of a veterinarian for her severe arthritis and other health concerns.

She is responding well, but the operations director of Longleat said there is a possibility the elephant may have to be put down if her condition gets worse.

All parties are taking it day by day to see how Anne responds.

Creamer said, “We are extremely glad that Annie’s rescue is underway and that Mr. Roberts has agreed to allow her to be relocated to Longleat.”

ADI is campaigning for a ban on using wild animals in UK circuses. The group was instrumental in getting a ban implemented in Bolivia.

Thanks you to all of our Care2 members who took action and showed their concern for Annie. We are so glad to see that her future looks bright.

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photo from Animal Defenders International


Elizabeth Sowers
Liz Sowers3 years ago

Thanks Nimue P for the info. Glad to her that she'll get to go to a sanctury. Wish she had never had to suffer so much, and there's too many others WHO are still suffering.

Amy Orvin
Amy Orvin3 years ago

So happy for anne, put that other f&*#er in prison where he can kicked dailY!

Nimue Pendragon

Thanks for the star LMjS, right back at you. I'm appalled that these people got off and also that the person who actually assaulted the poor elephant legged it so got no punishment either. No justice for poor Anne. But I am overjoyed that all those kind people donated money for Anne to go to a sanctuary where she is happy for the first time in 50 years. That site has pictures of her, she looks happy to me :)

LMj Sunshine

But glad to hear Anne is happy!

LMj Sunshine

Outraged after reading Nimue P.'s comment-update of events.

Nimue Pendragon

And one last continuation -
The maximum sentence for each charge is a £20,000 fine and six months in jail. A ban on keeping animals could also have been ordered but was not.
The judge discharged Bobby Roberts on condition he does not commit any further offence for three years, and said he took into account that Roberts has ‘lost everything’ as a result of the case and his business is now ‘effectively at an end’.
Anne, aged 60 and Europe’s oldest elephant, is now living at Longleat safari park in Wiltshire after the Daily Mail intervened to find her a new home.
Thanks to the incredible generosity of our readers, who donated £340,000, she has the run of an 80-acre enclosure. She also has access to a series of paddocks, meadows and water pools at the park.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2237469/Guilty-cruelty-fined-Circus-owner-let-Anne-elephant-chained-beaten-walks-free.html#ixzz2EiESZsg9
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Nimue Pendragon

Continued -
Causing Anne unnecessary suffering by requiring her to be chained to the ground by one front and one back leg, failing to prevent a groom from beating her, and failing to meet her needs by ensuring she had enough room to move around in. The beating was inflicted by groom Nicolai Nitu, who is thought to have fled back to his native Romania and has never been traced. At the end of the five-day trial yesterday, District Judge David Chinnery said he was satisfied Anne was chained for an ‘excessive’ period and that caused her to suffer. Bobby Roberts, who had health problems, entered the barn only four times during the three-and-a-half week filming period. Each time Anne was chained but he never asked for her to be untethered – and on one occasion supervised the changing over of the chain from one leg to another. The judge said Roberts witnessed Anne in chains but ‘for reasons which he cannot explain’ did nothing about it. Usually Anne was unchained between 11am and 7pm and allowed to wander around in an area of the barn cordoned off by an electric fence in accordance with good practice guidelines. The judge said Roberts failed to exercise suitable supervision of the groom and it was clear the groom was acting under instructions to keep Anne chained. But he told him: ‘The real cruelty was inflicted by your groom who acted without your knowledge. The maximum sentence for each charge is a £20,000 fine and six months in jail. A ban on

LMj Sunshine

Hope Anne is still free and happy.

Nimue Pendragon

This is from an article in Mail Online 23rd November 2012 -
The former owner of Anne the elephant was yesterday found guilty of animal cruelty – but walked free from court without even being fined. Circus boss Bobby Roberts, 70, was given a conditional discharge for keeping Anne constantly chained in her winter quarters and failing to prevent a groom from beating her with a pitchfork. His wife Moira, 75, was cleared of the same charges after the judge ruled that she was not an owner of Anne and therefore not responsible for her care. The couple ran Bobby Roberts’ Super Circus where Anne’s ordeal was secretly filmed by animal rights group Animal Defenders International. Last night ADI chief executive Jan Creamer said the ‘derisory’ sentence sent out the wrong message to other animal owners and circuses. She said: ‘Despite the considerable suffering caused to Anne the elephant, the sentencing meted out to Mr Roberts is derisory and provides no faith that the Animal Welfare Act can protect animals in circuses. ‘People should be held responsible for the day-to-day experiences of their animals.’ Roberts and his wife left Northampton magistrates court without commenting. Anne was brought over from Sri Lanka in the 1950s and worked for the circus for 50 years. She was diagnosed with arthritis, for which she was being treated, in 2003. Roberts and his wife, of Oundle, Northamptonshire, each denied three charges: Causing Anne unnecessary suffe

LMj Sunshine

Hope Anne is still free and happy.