US Anti-Choice Activists Now Targeting London Clinics

Anti-choice activists in the states have taken their mission of intimidating and shaming women out of seeking abortion oversees, targeting London abortion clinics for protests.

According to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, activists affiliated with the national anti-choice movement 40 Days for Life have been holding vigils outside on of the central London abortion clinics and have even filmed people coming in and out of the building.  Individuals had asked the activists to stop filming but they refused.

Women’s health practitioners have become accustomed to this kind of aggressive harassment of patients, but the scale of the protests is something new for the London clinics.

And the renewed attention comes at a time when the debate over access to abortion is becoming more focused in Britain after several young, socially conservative lawmakers who support restricting abortion access were elected to the House of Commons after the last election.

Activists from 40 Days of Life insist their actions are not to intimidate women. Of course, they can’t explain how filming women coming to and from clinics serves any purpose other than intimidation, but that’s not the point. The point is the evangelical anti-abortion movement has officially jumped its borders and taken its abusive tactics with it. Let’s hope the violence that has followed in the United States does not make its way to Britain as well.

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Photo from TJ Morris via flickr.


LD B4 years ago

Roseanne, simply repeating that others agree with you does not turn your SUBJECTIVE OPINION into objective fact.

And, no, it is NOT a "constitutional" issue. Stop making stuff up.

Roseanne S.

Is it someone's religion that says you are a human being? No! It is biological fact! I am speaking from a scientific perspective - so don't try to say I'm forcing religion or anything else on anyone, thank you! This is NOT a religious issue, it is a human rights issue - for all of humanity, LIFE. Have you noticed that life comes from life? That life CAN ONLY come from life? So please STOP misusing the Bible or any other religious book to further your inaccurate view point. It is unconstitutional to do so. Go and look up the facts of human life before birth on a site that does not belong to an abortion agency and you will find the truth.

LD B5 years ago

Roseanne, simply repeating that others agree with you does not turn your SUBJECTIVE OPINION into objective fact.

Stop trying to force your religious beliefs on others, particularly when there are great numbers who say that their imaginary god is the real one, that yours is a false one.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer5 years ago

Roseanne S
"God breathed life into the first human". If God had to breathe life into Adam to bring him to make him a living being, how can you say that a mass of cells that God has not breathed life into is a living being??? Was Adam alive before God breathed life into him??? If not aren't you and all the others who say life begins in the womb trying to override Gods role in birth in giving the fetus that first breath of life???

The human fetus is a collection of cells in a symbiotic relationship with their host. You could put all the religiosity into that fetus but it still could not survive without that host. A fetus is not viable (capable of life on its own) up to about the 27th week at the earliest and even then there is a good likelihood of serious physical and developmental impairments because of undeveloped lungs. It cannot feel pain until the brain stem and the spinal cord are attached and functioning at about week 24. A fetus is not a viable human being before the 28th week. Religion has no place in medicine or in any patient's doctor's office if that patient does not want it to be there. I think all you people want to do is force your religious beliefs on everyone else.

Roseanne S.

Doesn't everyone deserve a chance at life? Do not these little ones deserve to be loved, to be held and nurtured, to be given a life too? It is people like you ness, who tell these young people they are valued, they are loved. It is beautiful work you are doing in the midst of such sadness. I can only begin to imagine the pain when you loose one to suicide. Their very going tells of their immense value to you and others who love them - it's for them to know this love. You can truly say Ness, "your life is worthwhile, because in your life, you made a difference to a child." I think you probably make a difference in the mother's lives too - good on you!

LD B, if you go to sites like Family Life International. Right to Life, Voice for Life or just Google Life before Birth, you will see evidence there that unborn children are human beings. If we say they are not, then we could say that of anyone. After all, how many human rights atrocities have taken place when people say only those they deem to be human, are human beings?
And if a child before birth isn't a human being, just what sort of being would they be then?
Look up Dr Bernard Nathenson, what he discovered. People don't realise...

Roseanne S.

INess, have you see a film called, "North Country?" It is a real story and deals with the exact situation that you have raised, along with sexual abuse and harassment in the work place. It is truly inspiring. In the story, real, the woman, Josie, through circumstances, is forced into having to tell her son, that he was conceived through rape. It is beautiful when she explains to him, that he had nothing to do with that ugliness and how he was the most precious gift to her out of it. I know about rape, I suffered it as a child and in domestic violence. I know that at times a woman's body acts defensively. The reaction actually shuts down ovulation, because of the trauma. An American doctor discovered this happened. I also know that some women do become pregnant. Not circumstances anyone would want to have a child be included in. I think, that even when abortion can be allowable under these circumstances, is it just yet another violation of that woman's body? I have known of cases where mothers have gone on to have their children and seen them as did Josie, or the children adopted into loving homes. No one can ever be held responsible for the circumstances of their conception. Children born before marriage, were at one time, not afforded the same rights as other people, a gross injustice. Could anyone tell them apart from anyone else? Are they less than anyone else, are they not human beings? of course they are! Why should people conceived through rape be less valued either?

LD B5 years ago

Roseanne said "Can you prove that an unborn child is not a human being?"

Given that it is your assertion that it is, the proper question would then be if you can prove that it is.

Ness Watson
vanessa w5 years ago

Let's say for arguements sake that I get raped and because of your beliefs and views I am not allowed to get a termination of pregnancy.
Now let's add in the stress factor and the fact I may have weird feelings around the whole thing, I may still love the child but his/her father is, no matter what, a misogynist rapist.
Now let's say that my child has grown to the age where it is appropriate to let him/her know about the circumstances of their creation, 'mum, where is my dad. Who is my dad?'
What the hell do you tell a child? Do you tell them their father is a rapist but you love the child anyway or do you not tell them and lie to them their entire life. Don't you think that child deserves to know the truth? How do you think that child will feel knowing they were a creation, not of love as ideally it should be, but of sick violence by a sick twisted misogynist?
It doesn't work that way and it causes a massive amount of grief, depression and hurt for that child. I KNOW this to be FACT having worked with young people for over 13 years as a youth worker. I have come across this situation a few times in that career and the results are: One child committed suicide, one child has severe depression/mental health issues...
So you'd wish that 'life' on a child would you as in my book that makes you just as sick and twisted as the guy that went out and raped a woman.

Roseanne S.

To my peril, I have stood up for defenceless children being abused, as I am now.
I am opposed to violence and abuse of all human beings in any form.
Can you prove that an unborn child is not a human being?

Roseanne S.

Lee, I am NOT spreading lies, I do know the facts because I am a Registered Nurse!
I have no personal agenda. Unless you consider presenting the facts so people do know, or caring about women's pain and suffering, as an agenda.
The law can be changed, biological facts cannot. Have you actually checked out human development and just what abortion is, I have, I've seen it first hand!! I did not say that all women were coerced into abortion, I do know some who were.
It's the facts people are NOT being told about, the truth, that's the problem!
The facts, and isn't that what the law is about, facts!?
Informed consent, now that's supposed to be a legal requirement, is it not? Yes!

Has it got to a stage that people are no longer interested in knowing the truth? the facts?
Or is it that they don't care anymore? perhaps I made the mistake of thinking they did!
Fact is not opinion!
I insult or assault no one, I condemn no one, I am not the one resorting to name calling and personal attacks! I am putting forward the facts, that's all.
I would be unable to give personal information regarding patients to prove this to you, with names etc. Surely as a lawyer you would realise this.
Justice is not the law and what is legal isn't always right. This is what I was saying about the plight of the Jews and black Americans in their sufferings.
Do you think that the law should be able to legislate for moral behaviours in standing against the holocaust, slavery or any other atrocity