US Life Expectancy at All-Time High of 78 Years

Life expectancy in the US has risen to a new high of 78 years and two months, according to statistics released by the Centers for Disease and Control. The new statistics are for a baby born in 2009 and are based on almost all the death certificates for 2009.

About 2.4 million people died in the United States in 2009, about 36,000 fewer than the year before, says the New York Times reports.  This is the tenth straight year that life expectancy in the US has increased, notes Health Digest, which also notes:

Life expectancy was up two-tenths of a year for males (75.7 years) and up one-tenth of a year for females (80.6 years). Life expectancy for the U.S. white population increased by two-tenths of a year. Life expectancy for black males (70.9 years) and females (77.4 years) was unchanged in 2009. The gap in life expectancy between the white and black populations was 4.3 years in 2009, two-tenths of a year increase from the gap in 2008 of 4.1 years.

Currently, Japan, Hong Kong, Iceland, Switzerland and Sweden have the highest life expectancy rates for males and females on average.

You can read the CDC’s report here (as a PDF file). The report cites the 15 leading causes of death, with #1-7 being diseases of the heart, malignant neoplasms, chronic lower respiratory diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, accidents, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes. 

Also in 2009, the infant mortality rate hit a record low of 6.42 deaths per 1,000 live births. This isa drop of nearly 3 percent from 2008.



Photo by Orin Zebest.


LMj Sunshine

Interesting article and comments, thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Interesting article and comments, thank you.

Fred Hayward
Fred H5 years ago

Julie W, your misuse of the word "misogyny" is showing.

Julie W.
Julie W5 years ago

Fred Hayward: your misogyny is showing!

K s Goh
KS Goh5 years ago

Thanks for the article.

ruth a.
ruth a5 years ago

Oh, great! Now we are not only breeding too much, we are living too long. Don't worry, Mother Earth will exact her revenge... Think Japan...

Marie W.
Marie W5 years ago

Still lower than most of the EU or Japan..

Gloria H.
Gloria H5 years ago

great. Fifteen more years of work until I croak. If I'm lucky. Lucky to croak before my savings run out. That's a lot of Little Friskies meals. Anyone have some good recipes? What goes best- white or red wine?

patti ng
patti ng5 years ago

It wouldnt be so bad if you had health coverage for all those added years.

Fred Hayward
Fred H5 years ago

If the life expectancy of women were 5 years less than, instead of more than, the life expectancy of men, "gender genocide" would be in the news every night. Billions would be spent on programs and research to remedy this scourge.

Most of the differential is due to differences in lifestyle. Contrary to propaganda, however, it is not because men are "stupid," but because traditional male sex roles are lethal, and the politically correct focus on women keeps us from addressing this issue.

The rest of the differential is due to male biological vulnerabilities. But, women also have biological vulnerabilities. The difference is that we spend the time and money to counter women's vulnerabilities. (There are no male counterparts to gynecology and obstetrics — specialties which were developed specifically to deal with women's vulnerabilities.)

The bottom line is that medicine is "male-dominated" only when you looks at it from the doctor's side. It is female-dominated when you look at it from the patient's side.