Utah Governor Signs Three Day Waiting Period Before Abortion Law

Yesterday Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert signed into law the state’s proposed 72-hour mandatory waiting period for getting abortion. This makes Utah the second state to attempt to force a woman to wait three days from her first visit to an abortion clinic before terminating a pregnancy.

In addition to forcing women to spend additional dollars by mandating multiple visits to the doctors, the bill does not provide for any sort of exception to the waiting period in the case of fetal abnormality. The American Civil Liberties Union called the lack of such an exception “nothing short of cruel” and something that would “not survive constitutional scrutiny”

But the governor insists this is all for the benefit of Utah women who clearly need the extraordinary attention of the state in making medical decisions. “The governor is an adamant supporter of rights for the unborn and felt the bill appropriately allows a woman facing such a decision time to fully weigh her options, as well as the implications of the decision,” Herbert’s spokesperson said.

This bill is a guarantee legal challenge, and a likely win in court for health advocates. But in the meantime thousands of dollars will be wasted in the legal challenge that could have gone to actually helping women who may need to terminate a pregnancy. Multiply those costs times about 50 and we can start to get a clearer picture of the actual waste of capita these bills are.

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LD B5 years ago

Just cede Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Texas back to Mexico, and let the Mexicans deal with their paleoconservatards.

Jessica H.
Jessica Hoback5 years ago

The Bible is completely pro-abortion. It says that priests should give women abortions if they're accused of cheating on their husbands, that God performs abortions to punish parents, that if a man punches a woman in the stomach and causes her to miscarry it isn't murder, and that fetuses and infants less than one month old have NO VALUE.

It's bad enough that these "religious" nut-jobs are trying to force their beliefs on us, but that they're doing it without actually reading the book they claim tells them that this is wrong... it's just infuriating!

Amanda M.
Amanda M5 years ago

How many women will die as a result of not being able to get an immediate abortion that's necessitated by a medical complication or due to resorting to back-alley or DIY abortions because they don't have the financial means to get away from work, arrange child care for already-born children, find lodging, or pay for the two visits to the clinic that this law will mandate? What part of "UNDUE BURDEN" does this twithead fail to comprehend?

Sue H.
.5 years ago

I am concerned about ectopic pregnancy that could be life threatening here. I wonder if they have considered that too. I guess that is what happens when people who do not have a clue what they are talking about get to make the laws that could mean death to a woman unable to survive three days wait for a lifesaving medical procedure.

James D.
James D5 years ago


Patti T.
P T5 years ago

Sorry.....as I was saying, LEAVE MY VAGINA ALONE BEFORE WE START COMING AFTER YOUR PENIS! (which we should anyhow-since the radical right wingers don't seem to want to address 'male contraceptives' - ie: condoms, viagra & other enhancement drugs, penile implants, etc etc) Now THAT WOULD BE EQUALITY!!!

Patti T.
P T5 years ago

But the governor insists this is all for the benefit of Utah women who clearly need the extraordinary attention of the state in making medical decisions.
Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/utah-governor-signs-three-day-waiting-period-before-abortion-law.html#ixzz1psydTOL9

So what this teapug is saying is that women are dumb as dirt when it comes to major decisions & we need the state authoritive males/females to help us?! And their supporters believe that the DEMS started this war on women? Do these supporters know how to read? Or have they access to TV and/or computers?? They seem to be the ones 'dumb as dirt'!

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

Republicans have lost the ear of every sane woman in America.

Lyn B.
Lyn B5 years ago

I went to look at a map after I read this headline.
I feel sick for my fellow educated, independent, in control of their own health, wellness and sexuality women.
I keep talking about abortion-tourism. I believe strongly that it's more and more likely to quickly become a cottage industry. Furthermore, it looks like getting access to contraception is going to become so hard in those same states, that buying it over the internet will be the only way anyone will be able to get it. Unless those same states make that an illegal action too. Which I'm sure these christo-taliban will do.

At this point I'm beginning to urge all intelligent women to MOVE. I usually preach being pro-active in local and state politics but at some point you have to recognize that you're going to end up trapped in a state that is hostile to you and who and what you are. That is unless you toe the new line made by these extremists.

I know I sound almost as extreme but didn't our mothers, our grandmothers, etc fight for all of these different rights (not just abortion) that are being slowly eroded or hell, just, quickly wiped out in some cases!

Linda T.
Linda T5 years ago

Wow women have a longer waiting period for a legal medical procedure than people buying a gun does. What is wrong with this country?