Veterans Of 4 Wars Support Occupy Wall Street [Videos]

November 11th is Veteran’s Day, a time when the American people honor the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms that made the United States a great country.

One could argue that this Veteran’s Day is different than those in years past. This year, the U.S. is facing an economic crisis of unprecedented proportions. There is greater economic disparity between the ultra wealthy and the middle class than ever before, and if some get their way, that disparity will only continue to grow.

Unlike many veterans of previous wars, young adults today are unlikely to enjoy a higher standard of living than their parents. Meanwhile, Wall Street and its politicians whine about slight tax increases that could help save this country from another Great Depression. Veterans themselves have been marginalized and in many cases ignored by the very government they risked their lives to serve.

Just like past generations, however, Americans have shown that they will not allow this country to be dismantled by the unending greed of the 1%. Young and old have put aside their personal struggles to become part of something greater. The mainstream media may want to typecast the Occupy Wall Street movement as a gang of hippies, welfare moochers, or communists, but this is an insult to the diverse, educated, passionate individuals that have gathered in cities across the country to take a stand against corruption.

Many of these occupiers are military veterans, and today, we honor their bravery by sharing their view of the Occupy Wall Street movement in their own words. I dare you to watch these videos and not be inspired to join them.

WWII Veteran and His Wife of 61 Years

This is a veteran of WWII and his wife of 61 years at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York. He thought that the protest needed a broad base. He was at the oldest end of a broad base represented there.

Korea Vet at Occupy LA

Bill Steyerd, Vietnam Vet and Peace Activist

Joe Carter, Iraq Veteran

In case you’re wondering why everyone is repeating what Joe says, it’s a way to relay what is being said to people further back in the crowd.

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Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan4 years ago

Our goverment is so quick to send people to war, but are so slow to help them when they get back
home, so sad. Thank you Cheney for being a total greedy jerk

Mark Leung
Emma G.4 years ago

Respect for that veteran

Camila K.
Kamila A.4 years ago

That soldier holds up a powerful sign, for those with eyes to see.

Judith Howard
Judith Howard4 years ago

Sad and shameful that these veterans are treated so badly. Yeah, love the public service announcements by the politican's saying how much they love the veterans and how they will get the help that they need. All lip service. There shouldn't be one homeless vet. They gave so much for their country and their country needs to give 10X back.

Judith Howard
Judith Howard4 years ago

Blessings to this veteran. He had some excellent ideas. Wisdom. Nice to see that they are a happy, loving couple. What great smiles!

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer4 years ago

With the marriage of private/public greed you get energy companies writing the regulations or trying to kill the regulations, meant to keep our environment clean and livable for us, our children and our grandchildren. With the marriage of private/public greed you get energy corporations allowed to ignore what little safety and environmental regulations are left so that we get an oil rig explosion that causes an oil leak that goes on for months because the safety plan the oil company had used to get the permit was outdated and written for a totally different environment than they were drilling in, you get mine collapses that kill dozens of miners after those mines were allowed to keep operating with hundreds of safety violations already cited by government inspectors. you get coal-ash mudslides laden with multiple toxic substances coming down on homes and farms and sliding into our lakes and streams. you get mountain top removal that dumps tons of toxins into headwaters of water used for local drinking. With the marriage of private/public greed you get corporations hiding profits offshore instead of reinvesting here for new jobs so that when our troops start returning from the wars started by the 1%, there are no jobs and the government ignores the plight of those vets. These examples of greed are but a few that OWS and the rest of the 99% must address before we can start reclaiming America from the greed that is too prevalent today.

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer4 years ago

While the Wall St greed is a major factor that brought about the OWS struggle it is not the only thing. When you have health and insurance corporations aligned with corrupt politicians against health care reform that would benefit the majority of Americans, you get people standing in the streets with signs saying no to socialized medicime but also on the same sign telling the politicians not to touch their medicare, you get politicians fear mongering lies to people who do not realize their medicare is socialized medicine, politicians lying that end of life counseling is really death panels who will decide who lives or dies. Greed makes getting regulations needed to curb the high cost of insurance premiums that but less coverage under the watchful eyes of insurance beauraucrats that actually do act as death panels when they deny coverage that doctors deem necessary for the patient's health. With the marriage of private/public greed you also get financial reform, needed to stop the practices that lead to the 2008 economic meltdown, so watered down that the Wall St banks are right back to those practices and another economic meltdown is now not a question of if but is now only a question of when. With the marriage of private/public greed you get energy companies writing the regulations or trying to kill the regulations, meant to keep our environment clean and livable for us, our children and our grandchildren. With the marriage of private/public greed you get energy corporation

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer4 years ago

Cheryl S (cont'd)
The Wall St bankers had found out they could make money by bundling these sub-prime mortgages and prime mortgages into finacial securities called derivatives, get the lax ratings companies (Standard & Poor's, etc) to give the securities triple A ratings and sell them to unsuspecting investors around the world. They also found they could make money when these sub-prime mortgages failed by buying the properties back from foreclosure sales and repeating the cycle again and again. The bankers got greedy, they got bonuses based on the security sales, and started pushing sub-prime mortgages more, add a bigger percentage of doomed to fail mortgages into the derivative bundles. All these sub-prime mortgages had created a housing bubble with new houses being built to keep up with the demand. As with any artificially induced bubble in any market there comes a point where supply outpaces demand and the bubble bursts. When the housing bubble burst in 2007 people were left with mortgage priciple balances that were much greater than the value of their houses, as the subprime mortgages started to fail and homeowners could not sell the properties to get out of them, homeowners started walking away and the over heated over-bloated derivative market started to implode it took whole economies down with it around the world. That is the Wall St greed OWS now stands against

Steven Brewer
Steven Brewer4 years ago

Cheryl S
The OWS movement has very little to do with capitalism and nothing to do with communism. It is the greed that has not only overcome our private (business) sector but also our public (government) sector. When you have too much of the government that does the bidding of the corporations, to the detriment of the people they are supposed to represent, for what used to be called bribes but now has been white-washed as campaign contributions, that is greed. When you have Wall St bankers (investment banks) using the peoples money, from the day to day savings part of their banking business, to wildly speculate on our markets, that is greed, is what caused the 2008 recession and is what the the Banking Act of 1933 (more commonly referred to as the Glass-Steagal Act after it's authors) protected America against for over 70 years. Without the confines of the Glass-Steagal Act to control their greed the Wall St Bankers soon found a very lucrative market in the sub-prime market. They found they could make money by writing mortgages to people who were at the bottom edges of home-ownership (sub-prime) and wrote them mortgages that were doomed to fail with ARMs (Adjustable Rate Mortgages) that balloned payments to levels above what the homeowners could afford and with hidden fees that accumulated rapidly sometimes without the homeowners knowledge. The Wall St bankers had found out they could make money by bundling these sub-prime mortgages and prime mortgages into finacial secur

Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence4 years ago

Thank God for our veterans!